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  Anime themed clothes have gained vast popularity globally since they give fans a chance to feel closer to their favorite animation character.

  Whether you plan for a family or group adventure, these fashions bring out a style to suit every age group.

  The millennial will probably enjoy putting on Sailor Moon sweaters while the older people will go for Mickey Mouse themed outfits.

  Due to the high demand, getting your hands on your preferred merchandise has become very challenging.

  Luckily, I have compiled a list of online stores that ship their merchandise to different regions so that you can enjoy some anime clothes.


  If you are looking for various clothing sizes for your family, Atsuko should be your next stop. The store exclusively makes their merch, meaning that you can always find a size that fits you.

  You can even order different arts of the same size and have your order custom made. They offer clothing with diverse anime characters to try and meet the changing needs in the market.

  One unique thing that sets this brand apart is its ability to work hand in hand with anime creators to gain officially licensed titles.

  You can find any style here, from YuYu Hakusho, Katsuki Bakugo to Evangelion, Mikami Satoru t-shirts, hoods, caps, and sweat pants.

  You will also love their easy to navigate online store, where you can effortlessly search your preferred anime character on the listed menu.

  They mainly focus on t-shirts, and they offer numerous designs with very bold graphics and colors. Expect to find outfits with standard colors like black, grey, and other brighter ones like blue, purple, and pink. Thus, you have multiple options to choose from.

  Atsuko t-shirts are one of the best quality in the market today, with minimal chances of shrinking, sagging, or peeling. You can grab a t-shirt from the store for around $28, a strong selling point considering their quality.

  You will enjoy free shipping if you purchase items above $50. Keep watch of their promo codes to save more.

  Atsuko accepts various payment methods, including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Amazon Pay, and Amex. Currently, they only ship to the US.

  Quick overview

  Note: Officially licensed anime products

  The average price for items: $28

  Payment methods: Multiple

  Shipping: the US only

  Crunchyroll Store

  It’s another one-stop anime clothing store that offers an exceptional collection. You may want to try out their One Piece inspired outfits, one of the store’s best-selling items.

  They also provide exclusive lists of other favorites like Nico Robin and Roronoa Zoro. Some collections feature popular manga properties like RWBY, Kanosuba, Mob Psycho 100, and RE: Zero.

  You are sure to find anime-themed hoodies, long sleeves, shorts, jean jackets, and t-shirts in different colors. The store regularly stocks their merch, and they have an excellent selection for any fashionable horror fan. If you need the limited Junji Ito themed outfit, then this is your ideal store.

  One thing that differentiates them from other sellers is their ability to transform anime with some creative, fresh rose-tone ink in addition to the artwork.

  Since they also offer live streaming services, the store often introduces new graphics to match their latest shows.

  Crunchyroll offers international shipping, but you might have to pay custom and import fees based on your location.

  It’s worth noting that they don’t ship to regions like Asia, Russia, South Africa, Iran, and Latin America. You will also enjoy free shipping if you reside in the US for items above $100.

  On average, you can purchase items for around $24.95.

  Quick overview

  Note: Officially licensed anime products

  The average price for items: $25

  Payment methods: Multiple

  Shipping: International with a few country-specific limitations

  Hot Topic

  Hot Topic is another reliable store for anime clothing. It’s your ideal spot, particularly if you are looking for some mainstream anime outfits.

  Hot Topic mainly deals with the sale of licensed band t-shirts targeting a wide range of audiences from teens to adults.

  Though they mostly deal with merchandise that reflects various musical lifestyles Today, the store avails multiple anime clothing designs.

  Be sure to find your pick, especially if you are a diehard Care Bears, Disney Princess, and My Little Pony fan.

  For the classic anime enthusiast, you can get Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball Z themed tees. If you love newfangled styles, try out the Hunter x Hunter, FLCL, or Inuyasha clothing.

  No matter what your anime obsession is, you are sure to find your exact style.

  Hot Topic appeals to most millennial shoppers due to their unique outfits’ style. What the brand has managed to do differently is pivoting its products to cater to different generation’s needs and interests. They have completely kept up with young consumers’ needs.

  You can purchase anything from t-shirts, hoods, sweatpants, or backpacks. On average, you will spend around $30 on anime clothes in this store, and they ship internationally to any country in the world.

  Quick overview

  Note: Unique outfit styles

  The average price for items: $30

  Payment methods: Multiple

  Shipping: International


  It’s a New York-based clothing store where you can find an extensive list of unique anime and Japanese inspired outfits. You may want to try out their Mecha hoodies and tees.

  As a Gundam fan, you will find some unique designs that will take you back to the 90’s mecha era. One of Imouri’s best-selling items is the Karoshi with some dark undertones. You can shop for anime-inspired hats, bags, hoodies, and shirts.

  Imouri avails exceptionally high-quality clothing made from 99% premium cotton and a 1% poly-blend material that guarantees high durability, softness, and the ability to stretch without damage.

  They ship internationally regardless of where you are in the world. The price ranges from $30 to $50. The store continually strives to explore new mediums untouched by other stores.

  Quick overview

  Note: Resides in New York, US

  The average price for items: $30

  Payment methods: Multiple

  Shipping: International, no limitations


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  For most buyers, Amazon is the most reliable online store that you can find just any item.

  Amazon seems somewhat different from the others since it has already created a name for itself as one of the world’s largest stores. You can easily shop Naruto, Nickelodeon, Disney Mulan, and manga anime t-shirts in different sizes and colors.

  You will find multiple patterns to choose from, including the 3D anime designs. Such hoodies and sweatshirts with some digital paintings make perfect outfits for your daily casual wear, theme parties, or anime cosplay.

  With the massive list of items available every day, there are several options to choose from, even if you need a specific design.

  The store deals with most clothes types, including hoods, t-shirts, pants, blouses, shorts, crop tops, in different sizes and colors. Expect to experience diversity, individuality, and creativity from the outfits.

  You will find various t-shirt styles, especially if you appreciate distinct art with a great combination of characterization, graphics, and other imaginative features.

  Amazon ships internationally to numerous regions.

  Quick overview

  Note: Insane volume of selection

  Payment methods: Multiple

  Shipping: Worldwide


  Kaomoji is an online clothes shopping store inspired by anime and Japanese street fashion. It’s your ideal stop if you are looking forward to some streetwear, anime look, and minimalism.

  You may want to try out their hoodies, with the softest materials in the market. Some of them have an embroidery overlap design on the print bringing out a unique style.

  Check out their extensive list of t-shirts with very simplistic designs but excellent quality.

  Most of them seem breathable, and you can comfortably wear the shirts under a jacket or flannel. Still, you can also shop for denim jackets and other creative fashion clothes.

  Some of the anime collections you can select from include; Hataraku Mao-sama, Attack on Titan, Death Parade, and Tokyo Ghoul.

  One remarkable thing about Kaomoji’s is their creative fashion design with endless variations of expressions. The store allows you to pay for your purchases using Visa CreditCard, Mastercard, Paypal, iDeal, or even SOFORT Banking.

  They also deliver worldwide at a fee depending on your location. Kaomoji avails outfit at an average price of $30.

  Quick overview

  Note: Creative fashion design with endless variations of expressions

  The average price for items: $30

  Payment methods: Multiple

  Shipping: Worldwide


  Joom is another fantastic alternative if you are looking for high-quality anime clothes. It’s also an affordable option with processes ranging from $11 to $17.

  You have a chance to request custom made outfits from $31 to $141. You will find a wide range of hoodies in different colors, be it gray, pink, white, beige, purple, black, among others.

  The store regularly stocks high-quality t-shirts from cotton, synthetic, lace, linen, and other materials. You have a variety of items to choose from to suit all needs. Some of the anime designs to look out for are the Monkey D. Luffy, Ice Snow Queen dresses, Otaku, and Kawaii prints.

  Joom ships all products worldwide freely, but you might get subjected to customs duties and other import taxes based on your location. Watch out for the fantastic offers and discounts offered in the store, and it might save you a substantial amount of money in the long run.

  The unique thing about Joom is that it’s a mobile-first platform that allows quick transactions through a mobile app.

  Quick overview

  Note: Mobile-first platform

  The average price for items: $20

  Payment methods: Multiple

  Shipping: Worldwide

  Design By Humans

  If you are looking for character-themed t-shirts, tank tops, and sweatshirts with imaginative creatures, funniest comic or monster art prints, check out Design by Humans.

  What makes the store stand out from the others is that they allow you to upload designs that you want to be printed on your hoodies or t-shirts.

  They offer a wide selection of outfits to help you celebrate your favorite brand in style. You can get licensed tees from Nickelodeon, Nintendo, Pixel, and Jaws.

  Grab Star Wars shirts or Marvel hoodies to hone your spidey sense. Design by Humans offers international shipping and other enticing coupons and promo codes.

  You can buy a regular print shirt at $18 and around $24 for all-over prints.

  Quick overview

  Note: Most designs created by artists and fans of anime

  The average price for items: $20

  Payment methods: Multiple

  Shipping: International


  Redbubble store offers a variety of anime t-shirts in varying sizes and styles. You can choose your favorite type: v-neck, baseball, long or short sleeve, crew neck, relaxed fit, light, mild to heavy fabric.

  Popular brands to look out for include BNA Michiru, Yuto designs, Vaporwave, and Brand New Animal styles.

  Redbubble avails men and women t-shirts from ethically sourced and ultra-soft cotton. For the ladies, try out the elegant scoop-necked, capped sleeves, t-shirts, or curved hem designs.

  The store connects with numerous artists and anime passionate fans worldwide to develop some distinctive clothing styles. It’s a clean, user-friendly, and safe site so, be sure to get some personalized, quality, and original outfits.

  The store offers standard and express delivery in most countries worldwide. However, it doesn’t ship merch to Iran, Cuba, Sudan, North Korea, Syria, and Crimea.

  If they don’t deliver to your area, you can still have your items forwarded to third party package forwarding services for shipping. You can purchase custom made anime clothing for around $20.

  Quick overview

  Note: From artists and designers to happy customers

  The average price for items: $20

  Payment methods: Multiple

  Shipping: International with a few country-specific limitations


  Animelife is another incredible apparel store that offers numerous designs and styles with a more modern and streetwear vibe.

  The iconic and popular collection of dad, driver hats, and caps makes the store very unique. Check out their latest addition, the Naruto Caps, and Dragon Ball Tucker hats that have gained popularity among famous soccer players.

  Some of the new releases that might interest you are the Demon Slayer Tanjiro and Intense Eye hoodies and sweatpants. Others include the Hunter × Hunter T-shirts, hoodies, Haikyuu Spike sweatshirts, and Demon Slayer track jackets.

  The store also avails some long-sleeved shirts with your favorite anime characters like Dragon Ball Z Master Roshi, Kid Goku Flying Nimbus, and One Piece pirates Monkey D. Luffy.

  You will receive sig up discounts as a new buyer from their site and keep watch of other giveaways in the store.

  You can use Visa, Paypal, Mastercard, or Discover card to pay for your purchases in Animelife.

  The store also offers free worldwide shipping, but you may receive your packages at different time intervals due to customs and long-distance travel.

  Quick overview

  Note: Famous anime characters included

  The average price for items: $30

  Payment methods: Multiple

  Shipping: Worldwide


  The above guide offers a detailed review of some of the best stores where you can purchase anime clothes and explore the industry’s best treasures.

  You can find any character or design that you know of, and the outfits come at a reasonable price. While you can purchase all your clothes from a single platform (like Amazon), it would be wise to compare other alternatives sites too.

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