Why the Fashion Set Is Going All-In on Designing for Home

Of all the reasons why a fashion label might extend their brand into home decor, especially given the sector’s popularity in the last two years, lack of imagination is not one of them. It’s more likely you’ll find that many new collections are rooted in longstanding concepts and deeper sentiments that predate the pandemic by a long shot. However, it took closing shop for these brands to finally get the bandwidth and emotional space required to pivot and restructure.

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Bessie Afnaim Corral and Oliver Corral, the married duo behind soft-luxe label Arjé, agree their vision was never just about designing clothes, despite their nearly decade-long shared history of working as designers for Donna Karan’s Urban Zen collection. Launching Arjé in 2017, the Corrals sold the line without a permanent brick-and-mortar location. Instead, they lured customers to pop-ups they referred to as homes (Summer Home, Winter Home, and so on). Those ephemeral stands went all-in on sensory immersion, drawing people in with music, scent, and interiors that mirrored the season and mood of the clothing inside. Collections often began with a vision of “where the clothes would live,” rather than with the clothes themselves.

“We designed the display rack first, that was the start [of the label],” Bessie says. “It had room for 19 pieces, color coordinated, in height order, and we built the clothing around that.” The emotional attachment to a complete environment made for a fluid transition into Arjé Home, which launched this October. Much of its furniture, ceramics, glassware, and artworks are designed in-house or collaboratively, and they reflect the inviting earth-and-sky palette of an Arjé wardrobe. Designing an interior space for the very people that wear its clothes is foundational to Arjé’s immersive concept—and practically speaking, there are many parallels between the lines.

Style Tips To Elevate Your WFH Look

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Working from home is a cathartic experience. Morning commutes are traded in for later wake-up times and office cubicles are replaced by the comfort of your couch. But while working from home is an experience that many enjoy, it can admittedly put a damper on your daily fashion routine. Between the temptation to roll out of bed at the last possible minute (Ah, 8:59 it’s you again) and the realization that your dog is your only coworker, it’s easy to resort to PJs all day, leading to a dreary style rut.

Many of us didn’t expect to still be working from home at the start of 2022, but if you find yourself missing the joy of dressing for the office, we have some good news: You can still nurture your love of fashion without leaving the house. Looking to reinspire your love of clothing and master WFH chic? Keep reading for our top style tips.

1. Choose office-ready blouses

If you work from home, then you probably use Zoom, Slack, Google Hangout, and Facetime more than you’d care to admit. If you’re someone who spends a good portion of the workday in virtual meetings, then don’t hold back when it comes to tops.

It can be easy to fall into a nonstop rotation of cotton hoodies and crewnecks, but choosing office-worthy tops can give you a serious energy boost during your online meetings. Besides, who doesn’t like being the best-dressed person in the Zoom meeting room? Choose pieces with oversized collars and pleats to instantly feel more put together.

2. Upgrade your loungewear

As tempting as it may be to stay in your pajamas all day, doing so will leave your inner fashion enthusiast feeling lackluster. If you’re planning to have a cozy, meeting-free work day, opt for a fashionable loungewear set instead. A set that is both matching and made from elevated materials such as velour or viscose will help you embrace both coziness and style.

Make sure to stay on top of your loungewear collection to only have pieces that make you feel your best—even if you want to keep the shirt you got in college that has rips in the armpits, retiring it means you’ll stop instinctually reaching for it.

3. Have fun with patterns and prints

As tempting as it can be to reach for shades of beige and black when you aren’t leaving the house, adding an extra pop to your virtual looks can give you a spark of joy that a neutral just can’t.

This year, focus on dressing yourself in eye-catching colors, patterns, and prints. Grab bold prints like checks and houndstooth on days you’re in need of a fashion pick-me-up or a shirt in your favorite color on a day you know you have a lot of Zoom meetings. Bonus: Vibrant prints make for easy conversation starters on virtual calls with coworkers and clients.

4. Embellish with jewelry

A statement necklace or a pair of bold earrings can add a little extra zhuzh to your look for your virtual meetings and give you a boost of confidence that lasts all day. Plus, adding jewelry to your outfit takes absolute minimal effort (we promise) and can mentally help you feel that much more put together and ready for the day.

At this moment, there’s no point in reserving that necklace you love or the hoops you used to wear to the office for special occasions. Instead, make them a part of your daily work-from-home routine to make every day feel a bit more special.

5. Add hair accessories

When you nix the commute from your daily routine, you gain some valuable time back in the morning. Put some of this time to good use and play around with different hair styles, adding accessories that will really pop through your computer screen and—let’s be honest—hide the fact that you’ve been on a no-wash kick for several days straight. Headbands and oversized bows are easy to incorporate and can effortlessly change up your entire ensemble.

The best part? You no longer have to worry if you can pull them off or stress about if they’re office-appropriate. You’re dressing for yourself, so there’s minimal risk in trying new things out—but a lot of possible reward.

6. Choose elevated knits

The beautiful thing about knit clothing is that it is both sensationally comfortable and effortlessly chic. Fill your work-from-home closet with quality sweaters made from natural materials such as cashmere and mohair for a wardrobe that embodies the comfort of working from home without sacrificing professional style.

If you have a sweater that itches every time you put it on or has a stain on the front that you keep wearing because it isn’t visible on Zoom, get rid of it. Gone are the days when work-from-home meant just grabbing any old thing—adding to our confidence is key, which means both comfort and style should be a priority.

7. Upgrade your slippers

You might not be rocking your heels as often as you would like, but there’s no reason you can’t still put effort into your footwear. Treat yourself to a pair of stylish slippers to keep your feet warm and your inner shoe lover content. Since we’re spending so much of our days at home, it’s the perfect time to splurge on the pair that you’ve always had your eye on.

11 Fashion Essentials That Became Trends With Staying Power Through the Year

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Even though 2020's biggest fashion trends shaped up to be, well, cozier than we thought they would upon reviewing the runways, we're glad for them. We ended up discovering the beauty of two- and three-piece lounge sets and slippers that double as shoes — slippers that we now wear almost as often as we wear sneakers, both inside and outside the house.

Most of these essentials also made us feel really good and confident while working from home, whether we're on a Zoom call connecting with coworkers or spending time alone, hunkering down on reports. Just because these staples became must haves in 2020 doesn't mean they're going anywhere, either. In fact, we've got a feeling we'll be bringing them with us far into 2021, so if there's anything you haven't shopped for yet, but have been meaning to try, you haven't missed the boat.

Ahead, you'll find a quick roundup of inspiration photos for how we dressed in 2020 (spoiler alert: oversize hoodies and stylish face masks are, of course, involved), and the hero items we are keeping on rotation for awhile, along with our top picks for getting the look in case there's any item here you haven't tried yet.

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