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Ever get that calendar reminder that you have 10 minutes until your next zoom call? When in doubt, I’ll throw on these blue light glasses or beaded headband to look like I attempted to pull myself together for the meeting. They’ll never know my secrets, unless they read this blog - ha!

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The pandemic has changed workplace fashion. What does that mean for you?

The pandemic has changed workplace fashion. What does that mean for you?

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Back in 1999, luxury clothing designer Tom Ford made a prediction about how technology might influence the way people dress in the not-so-near future.

"Life is changing. And we're working more and more at home, more and more from our computer screen, which in the future — I mean, there are several ways this could go," he said in an interview with Charlie Rose. "A lot of people think fashion might just die because we're just at home. You can be working in your underwear and a T-shirt. Who cares? Who's going to see you?"

Did his prediction become your reality during the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, you're not alone.

As many people worked from home during the pandemic lockdown, companies' formal dress codes dissolved and office employees no longer needed to dress up. Slacks were replaced by sweats. People ditched heels. And T-shirts started to dominate.

Now that many of those workers are returning to the office, we seem to be entering a new era of work wear. This has sparked the question: What should I wear to work?

As part of NPR's Work Life series, NPR's Morning Edition spoke with people who are navigating that question. They include 27-year-old Jeremy Gonzalez, who started working on Capitol Hill last November.

"When I first started coming in, even on recess days, I would be wearing a suit and a tie or even my three-piece suit," he said. But after waves of pandemic variants and a fluctuating hybrid schedule, he's now more inclined to wear jeans and a button-down or a polo shirt.

Some others in politics are noticeably dressing down, too.

When the leaders of the Group of Seven nations took their group photo in Germany last month, something peculiar happened: They all ditched their ties. It was believed to have been the first time in 40 years that a G-7 portrait was taken without ties and could be seen as yet another signal that formal dress codes are becoming more relaxed.

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Looser dress codes have found their way into another notoriously formal work culture — Wall Street — where for men, suits have traditionally been the only option.

Now, "the operative word is confusion," says Ken Giddon, whose family runs Rothman's, a men's store in Manhattan. "People really don't know what to do."

With offices opening back up, he has noticed folks are less certain about what to wear.

National The Great Reinvention: People craved change and the pandemic was the motivator The Great Reinvention: People craved change and the pandemic was the motivator Listen · 10:54 10:54

"Do you wear dress slacks to work? Do you wear khakis? Can you wear jeans?" he said. "Nobody really has drawn the line, and nobody really knows what the right answer is."

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His advice is to start with a dress trouser and blazer, assess the vibe of the office and go from there.

Washington Post senior critic-at-large Robin Givhan agrees — err on the dressier side.

"What I've noticed is that there's really a return to sort of fashion with a capital F," she said. "I think people who loved it before, continue to love it. And there's something about creating boundaries again. You have the clothes that you wear out into the world and then you have the clothes that are your playtime clothes, your downtime clothes."

Still, Givhan sees one area where comfort will continue to be a priority.

"I am not seeing a return to the serious dressy heels or constricting footwear," Givhan said. "I'm seeing a lot more flats both in offices and on runways."

Of course, not everyone likes dressing up in formal clothes. And, as Givhan puts it, not everyone wants the same sort of breakdown between their personal and professional selves.

"I think for some people it is really invigorating to be able to bring the entirety of their personality with them wherever they go," she said. "And I think there are other people who were frustrated by the fact that their workday never really seemed to end, that it just sort of blurred into one giant mush of constantly being online."

Just as Tom Ford predicted.

Jeevika Verma produced the radio version of this story and Rachel Treisman edited and produced the web version.

20 best house dresses for women to lounge around in 2022

From nightgown dresses to nap dresses, a clear trend in fashion right now is dresses that mix being comfortable with being stylish. Yet another iteration on the trend: house dresses. Not necessarily a new fashion concept, they’ve continued to rise in popularity these past few years.

“A house dress is the ultimate piece of clothing to work from home,” fashion stylist Leena Alsulaiman says. “It instantly lifts your spirits and takes minimal effort, but you feel put together and comfortable. Plus, ‘dressing up’ has a significant impact on our mental health, which is so important when we are missing our social circles and coping with anxiety about the future’s unpredictability.”

From various styles, fabrics and features, we rounded up our favorite house dresses from the internet, with insight from fashion experts.

House dresses with pockets

$150 at Hill House

Hill House Home The Ellie Nap Dress Hill House Home

We love these Hill House nap dresses. Comfy, cute and available in 11 different colors and prints (plus pockets), you’ll want to live in this dress all summer long.

From $29.99 at Amazon

Merokeety Women's T-Shirt Midi Dress With Pockets Amazon

Fashion designer Olivia Romero says these pockets are helpful since you can carry around your phone, a lip balm, a pack of tissues, headphones and so on. This dress comes in both subtle stripes and solids, and is just the right midi length to take you from warmer weather to winter when paired with tights.

$98 at Athleta

Athleta Presidio Dress

We love the look of this dress that is longer in the back and shorter in the front. With a racerback and pockets deep enough for your phone, we could definitely live in it.

$118 at Madewell

Eyelet Boxy Mini Shirtdress Madewell

Think of this dress as a more pulled-together version of your favorite oversized tee. Perfect for those scorching summer days, it’s adorned with an eyelet design and has a liner to give you more coverage.

From $20.92 at Amazon

Korsis Summer Casual T-Shirt Dress Amazon

Available up to a 3XL, this is pretty much the easiest dress you can imagine, with a swing silhouette, pockets and T-shirt-like material.

$128 at Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty Mellow Midi Dress Sweaty Betty

This layered, jersey dress can be worn untied for a looser look or tied up to give your waist a little more definition.

From $26.99 at Amazon

Yozly Nightshirt Women House Dress Amazon

With pretty button detailing at the neckline and an A-line silhouette, this is a roomy dress with a bit of style.

$118 at Madewell

Madewell Lightspun Button-Front Tank Midi Dress Madewell

The kale color of this button-front midi is great if you’re a little over the all-white summer dresses but don’t want to dive into a flashy and bright color scheme.

From $25 at Amazon

Umgee Lovable High Low Dress Amazon

With a frilly hem and colors like this pretty muted pink and bright red, we love this flowy dress with pockets.

From $19.99 at Amazon

PrettyGarden Loose Off-Shoulder Stretchy Long Jumpsuit Amazon

OK, but what about house jumpsuits? We adore this stretchy jumpsuit with an elastic waist and a neckline that can be worn off-shoulder or not. Plus, it’s even got pockets and is available up to a size 3XL.

$138 at Madewell

Plus Joanna Smocked Midi Dress in Windowpane Madewell

Available in sizes up to 4X, this woven cotton dress will have you feeling like a Greek goddess with a defined waistline and adjustable shoulder ties.

$39.99 From $19.97 at Old Navy

Old Navy Cami Maxi Swing Dress for Women

This cami maxi dress is so easy to just throw on for a grocery store run.

From $31.99 at Amazon

Nemidor Plus-Size Maxi Dress Amazon

Just picture how easy your day will be when you just have to throw on this comfy T-shirt maxi dress, which even comes with pockets. It’s available in sizes up to 26, and we really love this oxblood red color.

$29.99 $17.97 at Old Navy

Old Navy Vintage Mini T-Shirt Shift Dress Old Navy

This T-shirt dress is made out of 100% cotton for a simple and cozy look and is available in sizes up to 4X.

Cotton house dresses

From $26.50 at Amazon

R.Vivimos Long-Sleeve Floral Bohemian Midi Dress Amazon

This cult-favorite Amazon nightgown dress was practically made to be a house dress, with its pretty bohemian patterns, loose silhouette and long, flowy sleeves. Catch us wearing this cotton-blend dress in our living rooms swaying to Fleetwood Mac. Reviewers note it’s definitely oversize, and it’s available in sizes up to 2XL too.

$20 at Target

Universal Thread Women’s Sleeveless Dress

We love the look of this casual sleeveless dress which is available in so many cool prints we might just have to buy more than one.

$198 at Madewell

Madewell Rujuta Sheth Marie Cinch Kaftan Dress Madewell

This 100% viscose dress is light and airy, perfect for the summer. Plus, its flowy and elastic design ensures maximum comfort.

$98 at Nordstrom

Cotton Gauze Long-Sleeve Midi Shirtdress Nordstrom

This lightweight dress makes a great cover-up if you’re hopping between the house and the pool, but is also great if you want to create that easy-going, just-threw-this-on kind of look.

J.Crew Side-Cutout Cotton Poplin Dress J. Crew

Playful and polished, this house dress can easily transition you from slouch mode to host mode in an instant.

$44.99 From $30 at Old Navy

Fit & Flare Sleeveless Cotton-Poplin Smocked-Bodice Midi Dress for Women Old Navy

This fit and flare dress comes in a festive floral print and is available in sizes up to 4XL as well as tall and petite versions.

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