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We all know Swatch, Lindt, Nestle or Ricola. But today we want to invite you to discover these 11 amazing children brands from Switzerland.

Switzerland is an outdoor country with beautiful nature everywhere you look. Mountains of snow, blue lakes and picturesque villages as well as urban cities. And the Swiss love to dress their children traditional and functional and they love wool.

Nothing wrong with that of course. However the young and fresh children’s fashion scene is dedicating their creativity to give these evergreens a little make over.

With new materials, sustainable productions and a modern design.

Today we have 11 brands from the country of chocolate that include some new start ups as well as brands that are over 100 years old and are still important today. Let’s have a look:


The name frilo swiss made stands for high quality baby knitwear since 1927. In the foothills of the Alps the garments have been manufactured by over three generations. Precious natural fibres, such as 100% merino wool or fine cotton are used for this delicate clothing line.


A young brand that was founded in 2015. And where all products are exclusively made in Switzerland. Jooseph only works with selected, natural materials from a sustainable production.

All in all – cool styles with our environment and your little ones future in mind!


L’Asticot is all about comfort, quality and sustainability. With strong and original designs and cuts that are creative and slim fitting.

This Swiss brand distinguishes itself for its use of only organic raw materials and for being a product that is 100% free of toxins. Again L’asticot’s clothing and accessories are both beautiful and practical and are meant to grow with your child and last longer.

Lea & Jojo

Another young brand. Animated by the desire to see the world through the eyes of children. Who should be able to safely discover the extent of our planet’s beauty. Lea & Jojo offers a collection of children’s raincoats that combine quality, ecological awareness, social ethics and safety. The shell and lining fabrics are 100% recycled certified GRS and BLUESIGN. Also their rib is 100% Biological Cotton GOTS certified. Furthermore there are no PHTALATES,PVC,PFAO’S/PFO’S,AZO DYIES,NONYPHENOL ETHOXYLATES whatsoever.

And all other components like zippers, snaps, cords, labels etc are produced by factories certified with OEKO TEX 100.

Impressive! To sum up: The coats are not only sustainable, they are also really fun!

Little Indi

The brand Little Indi is young, creative and full of idealism. Textile designer Julia Kreienbühl founded the label in 2012. Everything is made out of 100% organic cotton. Equally important – the patterns and colours are beautiful and perfect for everyday childhood.

Mimi + Bart

This new brand was born next to a sandpit on a late afternoon in October 2017. MIMI + BART wants to inspire change through fashion. In essence by expanding consciousness towards environmental causes and the need for more sustainable lifestyles. Giving a modern generation of parents a fashion label that fulfills their wish to grow kids that are joyful ambassadors of change.

The gender-free collections are made from certified organic materials and produced with great attention to sustainability.


Molli is another institution that celebrated its 130th anniversary in 2016. A luxury knitwear manufacturer that offers a clothing line for newborns from birth to 12 months. Everything is knitted from extra-fine pure new wool with ribbed and picot finishes. Effortlessly chic, delicate and featherweight knits. Molli uses the most carefully selected, highest quality yarns and works with family workshops in France and in Italy.

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The namuk children’s outdoor label arose from a passion for perfect products, the attention to detail and lots of heart. And the wish to add a new angle to the outdoor wear scene for children. As a Swiss company the brand is committed to the highest quality and continuous innovation. Ranging from the choice of the best materials to the child-friendly design of the features. Namuk specifically cares about using sustainable materials and production processes, as well as fair production conditions.

Philip Plein

A complete change of style, but German-born fashion designer Philipp Plein is based in Switzerland with its line of unique creations.

The garments are fun, luxurious and with lots of attention to craftsmanship. The kids lines are always very sporty, rock and edgy. Think denim embellished with gold details, black and white t-shirts and lots of Plein’s exclusive and famous prints. In short – an urban, luxury street style.

Where is Marlo

Where is Marlo? Marlo is a citizen of the world and is capable of living anywhere. By following his dreams and forging his own path based on the experiences and people he encounters along the way. And he is the inspiration for a timeless clothing line that is using Eco-friendly materials. Shapes, patterns and colours are the true signature of the brand.

By the way: With a recycling rate of over 50%, Switzerland is among the leading countries for collecting waste material and the numbers even exceed 80% for PET.

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