If you are looking for an idyl ic getaway for your next vacation then a Red River Gorge cabin rental is an ideal choice. Here you wil find rustic cabin rentals tucked up in the mountain cliffs, nestled within the dense, wooded forest, surrounded by the beautiful Red River Gorge backdrop and perched high on the beautiful waters of several majestic lakes. There is no better way to take in al of the natural wonders that this area has to offer. The wildlife and plants are amazing, and the cabins are built with comfortable, high-tech furnishings so you can feel as at home as if you were staying in a five star hotel. If you enjoy hiking, fishing, rafting and other outdoor adventures, you wil love spending your vacation in these cozy cabins.

The cabins themselves are gorgeous and truly showcases the natural beauty that this area has to offer. Some of the most popular destinations to explore include the White River State Park, Old Man's Cave National Recreation Area, Red River Gorge National Scenic Trail, St. Lewis and Sedgwick National Forests. Each of these destinations boasts their own unique history, scenic overlooks, waterfal s and other attractions that make them an unforgettable experience. Some of the attractions include the spectacular views from the top of the Grandfather Mountain and Red River Gorge cliffs, the beautiful Wapiti River where you can catch a trout, take a nature walk or enjoy viewing the numerous sandstone arches and geysers that create the Red River Gorge landscape, or take part in one of the exciting water activities such as kayaking, rafting or waterski ng.

Cabins that are strategical y located near the many streams and rivers offer guests a wonderful way to relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that these cabins offer. They are designed to be a little bit removed from the modern world and provide for an authentic mountain getaway experience. The best part about staying in a cabin rental is that they give guests almost unlimited flexibility when it comes to their travel arrangements. Whether you're looking to explore Red River Gorge National Forests, take a hike along the famous West ridge of the Grandfather Mountain, go mountain biking on one of the many trails, take a raft to catch a glimpse of the West ridge, or participate in one of the exciting water activities, there are a wide variety of lodges and cabin rentals tucked away right in this outdoor paradise.

Among the most popular destinations to explore when going on an enjoyable vacation are the breathtaking overlooks found in the Red River Gorge National Forests. One of the most wel -

known ones is the Medicine Cabin, which is known for its amazing views of the Red River Gorge. Another favorite is the St. Lewis Campsite, which has its own view of the West Ridge of the Grandfather Mountain. Other popular campsites include Big Yel ow, Davenport and Mountain Pine; al of which offer hiking, canoeing, fishing and a variety of other outdoor adventures.

Campers can even choose to stay at a cabin rental in nearby Gatlinburg, Tennessee, which wil al ow them to visit the world famous West ridge of the Grandfather Mountain.

For more exhilarating pursuits, consider taking a rock climbing trip to the renowned St. Paul's Cathedral and the surrounding forested cliffs. Or, if you prefer a more quiet exploration, try the Kentucky Mountain Club's 10 miles of hiking and biking trails, set in beautiful Ash Cave National

Park. Be sure to bring your camera so you can take photos of some of the most spectacular scenery in Kentucky. You'l also want to wear comfortable shoes, because exploring the rocky trails wil require you to walk on uneven ground and expose your feet to plenty of rocks, roots and other obstacles.

Not only is hiking and climbing available year-round, but it is possible to do them anytime of the year as wel . If you'd rather explore the Red River Gorge on your own, explore the many Class V

rated cabins in Kentucky that are catered to nature lovers. These rustic cabins are surrounded by spectacular scenery and surrounded by the red and black lava rocks of the Red River Gorge.

A stay at one of these cabins gives you the opportunity to hike along the many footpaths, swim in the lovely streams and bask in the sun while listening to the natural sounds of the Red River.

An al -time favorite for both hikers and nature lovers is the Shady Hol ow Camping & RV Park.

This park is located near the confluence of the Red and Blue Rivers and offers some of the best camping opportunities in Kentucky. The Shady Hol ow Camping & RV Park offers a wide variety of attractions, including the historic Clarksvil e Underground Railroad and the Shady Hol ow Lodge, a rustic campground with a cabin, hot tubs, fireplaces and large wood burning stoves.

With an al -natural bridge just a few miles from the Shady Hol ow campground, travelers can enjoy the thril of riding the free trail or the chal enging walkway to the Shady Hol ow cave.

Whitewater rafting is another fun activity that is available at the Shady Hol ow Camp Resort. The Shady Hol ow river provides some of the best rapids in southern Kentucky. The Fal s of White Ash, a water cascade that comes down three stories and is over two miles long, is one of the most dramatic fal s in the country. A one mile stretch of river leads Whitewater rafting enthusiasts to the top of the fal s and to the chance of seeing the unbelievable shadow rip across the water. Lifts from the river also provide easy access to kayaking, fishing and other activities.


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