Modern Furniture for a Minimalist Style

Minimalism in furniture and interior design has long been a staple of modern spaces. No matter what modern furniture and design trends come in or go out, minimalism is one that has always been prominent.

Particularly as more and more people are living in condos and apartments, minimalism can be a great way to use small spaces and give the appearance of larger rooms. The trend of small houses and RV living will only serve to make this style even more popular!

Choosing the right modern furniture for your minimalist design is key for ensuring your design is cohesive and comfortable. Without the right furniture and decor, a minimalist design can end up looking like an unfinished space!

What is Minimalist Interior Design?

Minimalism in furniture and design mostly refers to the absence of anything impractical or decorative. Everything in a minimalist design is functional, cohesive, and logical.

Some other typical aspects of minimalist furniture and design include:

• Neutral and restrained colours, such as white, black, grey, and brown shades

• Smooth finishing on walls, floors, and countertops

• Large windows, several sources of light

• Multi-functional furniture

• Built in appliances

• Empty space

• Absence of decorative elements

• Sharp lines in furniture

• Absence of print or floral designs on furniture

• No clutter

Using Modern Furniture in Your Minimalist Design


The one rule for sofas in a minimalist design is no patterns. All upholstery should be solid shades. Another important aspect of minimalist modern sofas is a strong design with sharp lines. Sofas should be elegant, not over-designed, and versatile.

Multi-functional sofas, like pull-out couches or sectional sofas, are key for a minimalist design because they provide the maximum function without taking up too much space. Sofas with storage included are also great for minimalism, as they will reduce clutter and storage pieces.

SohoConcept's Laguna Sofa or Simena Sectional Sofa are great examples of minimalist sofas that would fit in a variety of spaces and designs. Their muted shades, clean lines, and functionality allow for a space to feel brighter, bigger, and more comfortable.


In apartments and condominiums or other small spaces, minimalist style dictates that a table isn't even necessary! Using a bar or island in your kitchen with some simple, modern bar stools is all that is required for minimalism in a small space.

If you are decorating a larger business or a house, however, you're still welcome to use a simple table for your dining room. It should be a smooth, clean finish, with straight lines. Often, minimalist kitchens and dining rooms will sport a table with a glossy finish!

The Milano Extendable Table and Niagara Extendable Table are two examples of functional and modern dining room tables that fit into a minimalist design. Their straight lines and ability to easily extend to fit more people for large gatherings means that the rest of the time, your dining room will have plenty of empty space that can be used well.


One of the key differences that separates minimalism from other modern furniture trends is in the chairs. At sohoConcept, we often recommend mixing and matching dining chairs and occasional chairs to keep rooms looking fresh and unique. When it comes to minimalist furniture, however, chairs should always be uniform.

Dining room chairs should be the same style, bar stools should be the same, and occasional chairs should only be used where absolutely necessary (and match your sofa!). Again, using chairs with straight lines, in neutral shades, and that have metal legs is ideal for fitting into a minimalist design.

When choosing whether to have metal or wood bases for your chairs, make sure that your choice compliments the colours and other furniture in your space. Mixing wood and metal isn't typically allowed in a minimalist design!


Decorating a bedroom in a minimalist design with modern furniture can be particularly rewarding, as having less clutter in your bedroom can help you sleep more easily. The soft, neutral shades associated with minimalist design are most popular in bedrooms, as they promote relaxation.

Having good closet space to put away all your clothes and other necessities means that the rest of your room has less furniture and less clutter. A minimalist bedroom could also include a rug, multiple lighting options, and a simple nightstand (with drawers, of course!) so all your needs are met.

sohoConcept Can Help!

If you're looking to de-clutter your home or business, or want to start fresh with a minimalist design, sohoConcept can help! We have modern furniture that fits into minimalist designs and can help you find the colors, materials, and pieces that are right for you.

5 inspiring ideas for an elegant minimal-style living room

5 inspiring ideas for an elegant minimal-style living room

The living room is invariably not only the most lived-in room in a home, but also the space most on show, as it’s where we host visitors and entertain. Often, particularly in modern homes, it is part of an open plan layout that the front door opens directly onto, so furnishing a living room requires particular thought if we want to make it stylish, welcoming and practical.

Whereas in the past, living rooms would often be crammed full of furniture and accessories, the increase in minimal design trends over the past few years has seen a move away from that look. Modern living rooms tend to be sparsely furnished with a focus on functionality and muted, neutral colour palettes. Simplicity and minimalism are the key words, with simple, clean lines the order of the day and anything over-complicated to be avoided.

Today we take a look at how to achieve the perfect modern living room look, and we share 5 examples of elegant, minimal décors.

50 Stylish Minimalist Living Room Ideas You Can Try Out In 2022

When you hear the word ‘minimalist design,’ what are the first things that pop into your head? White walls, muted shades, and a few bare minimum furniture pieces? But, did you know, minimalism does not actually have to be boring? When done in the right way, this design theme lends a serene look to even the most mundane spaces. So, if you are planning on trying out this design theme, here are 50 minimalist living room design ideas that’ll help you create a chic, calm and clutter-free space in a hassle-free way. Check them out below.

1. Use Muted Colors

Image Source: Google

Muted colors or pastel shades is one of the most used color palettes when it comes to designing minimalist spaces. So, while you are designing a minimalist living room, make sure to choose subtle colors and you will have completed the first step successfully.

2. Stay Grounded

Image Source: Google

Furniture pieces that are of low height can be a great addition to a minimally designed living room. You can go for low-seated sofas or this down-to-earth center table. If you are looking to make the space more fun, add a few catchy decor pieces and a few plants and you’ll be good to go.

3. Choose Your Items Wisely

Image Source: Google

In a minimalist living room, since you can only have the items you need, it is better to choose them wisely. For instance, in this case, the lamp, the center table, two side tables, the clock and the plant are the things that grab our attention. And these are also the only things in the space. Scanty decor is the key to achieving a minimal design and this should always be on your mind.

4. Stick To A Monochrome Palette

Image Source: Google

A monochrome palette is always a safe bet when it comes to minimalist design. A clean and well-organized space will keep things interesting without creating chaos. Add a metal finish mirror and some lampshades for an even stylish setup.

5. Add A Pop of Color

Image Source: Google

If you are going with all white or all grey interiors, you can definitely spice things up a bit by adding a bright, vibrant and colorful furniture piece. If you are redoing your space and already have a neutral colored furniture set, you can quirk things up by upholstering it.

6. Where Rustic Meets Minimalistic

Image Source: Google

Minimalism is all about white. Sure. But it is not just restricted to white. You can easily design a minimalist living room that feels cozy by using warm browns or beiges (and like in this case olive colored furniture).

7. Sleek, Subtle and Serene

The unintrusive pop of color from the warm pink sofa in this Indian home is the perfect example of how to pair brighter shades with neutral ones to design a minimalist room. And the plants on the other hand, add a tranquil serenity of zen, thus giving the space a cozier look and feel.

8. Artsy and Quiet

Image Source: Google

A chic way to add personality to a minimalist living room is to hang art. Though it doesn’t take up much surface space, the right piece of art can truly be transformative. If you are a fan of unique and eye-catching art pieces, click here.

9. Pared-Down Look

Image Source: Google

Who said a pared-down look cannot look good? Well, whoever did needs to take a look at this living room. Keep only the things that you cannot make do with and store the rest away from the eyes. If it feels clinical, you can add a few more plants or a few decor pieces and that ought to do the job.

10. Play With Size And Scale

Image Source: Google

When it comes to minimalist design, size and scale are very important. If your living room is as big as this, you can add multiple furniture pieces to fill up the space and give it a warm and cozy look. Don’t be afraid to play with the size of the furniture pieces either! You can add in a huge sofa and pair it with single sofas as well.

11. Take Advantage of Natural Light

Image Source: Google

If you have an ample amount of sunlight coming in, don’t be afraid to utilize it. Go with large scale windows with clear glass and let the sunlight come in and light up your living room.

12. Go For A Textured Accent Wall

Image by Evolve India

Give the style quotient of your minimalist living room a boost with an accent wall designed using textured concrete. These new-age finishes are always a great choice when it comes to designing subtle, elegant and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

13. Invest In Quality Items

When it comes to minimalist design, less is always more. Since you’ll have fewer things to decorate your space with, invest in things that are high on quality. For example, an exquisite center table or a comfortable couch, things that serve the purpose and also add to the look.

14. Include A Statement Decor Piece

Image Source: Google

… in this case, the lights. They certainly grab the attention and also help in pulling the space together.

15. Focus On Functionality

Image Source: Google

Not only does this beautifully designed pink and beige living room promote a soothing sense with its color combination, but it also uses low snug furniture with high cabinets for a dynamic twist. Every style element in this space serves a clear function while also keeping to a neutral color scheme.

16. Refine With Style

The showstoppers in this living room are clearly the center tables. While the chevron design of one of them adds an element of fun, the geometric design of the other one adds a feature of comfort with its clean lines. Not to forget the two unique lampshades that also help in quirking up the decor of this minimalist living room.

17. Bring In The Green

Image Source: Google

One of the best ways to design a minimal living room is to incorporate a few plants. Whether you choose to include a planter in the corner of the room or on the shelves and tables, a little bit of green can help you go a long way in terms of minimalist decorating.

18. Design Your Own Happy Place

Image Source: Google

Minimalism does not mean having to give up everything. If there is a special pillow, blanket, or chair you love which doesn’t perfectly fit into your design, it’s okay to keep it. Make sure you design a space that fits your needs is all.

19. Soften With Textures

Especially if your living room has wooden floors, it’s good to soften it with a rug. And while you are at it, you can also quirk up the look of your sofas with some textured upholstery. Such elements can not only keep the noise down but it also reduces the starkness that goes hand in hand with minimalism.

20. Install Shelving

Image Source: Google

One easy way to get more storage space while designing a minimal themed space is to install shelves. You can install floating shelves or DIY shelves to store your books and other decor pieces there. Another cool way to store your stuff is in baskets that you can keep just beside your sofa and reach out easily whenever you need.

21. White Walls And Wooden Decor Are The Perfect Match

Image Source: Google

This color duo helps to add a sense of warmth and coziness and also helps you design a space that is aesthetic, elegant and minimal.

22. Include A Feature Wall

An accent wall can instantly uplift the look and feel of your space without you having to put in much effort. Besides, it also ensures that your minimalist living room does not feel stark and empty.

23. Add An Oomph With Dark Colors

Image Source: Google

Yes, you can include dark colors in your minimal design theme. We love how in this living room the designers have used the classic combination of black, grey and white to lend a chic and contemporary look to the space.

24. Have Some Fun With Bright Colors

Image Source: Google

If you feel that minimal spaces look cold and clinical but yet want to try it out, try adding some bright, pastel shades to your decor and see them work their magic.

25. You Can Never Go Wrong With Black And White

Image Source: Google

Well, there is a reason why these two colors when paired up form the classic duo. So, don’t be afraid to include it in your design palette as well.

26. Clean And Crisp

Image Source: Google

When it comes to minimalist design, the cleaner, the better. Take some inspiration from this extra clean and spaced out setting and design a corner for yourself that reflects classy and cozy perfectly.

27. Swap The Knick-Knacks For Some Greenery

Image Source: Google

Well, we have been designing our space with decor pieces for too long. And now it’s time to try something new. Replace your decor pieces with plants and see how your home feels like a bright and happy summer day all year round.

28. Embrace The Hamptons Style

Image Source: Google

If you have a wonderful view of the sea, the Hamptons style can be a safe bet for you. Design your space with light blue or grey hues paired with some white furnishings and allow the natural light to light up your space while you sit back and sip on your favorite drink.

29. Have Fun With Accents

Image Source: Google

You can change the mood of any space from boring to fun with just a few colors. For example, adding some bright shades of blue, like in this setting, fill the room with a youthful spirit that can lift up anyone’s mood after a long tiring day at work.

30. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Weird

Image Source: Google

Since your minimalist living room will not have many items to flaunt, you can cover up for it with decor pieces of unique shapes. From the shape of the lamp shade to that of the chair and the weird steel sculpture, everything in this setting complement each other while also helping in pulling the space together.

31. Go Industrial

Yes, you can also design an industrial space while also keeping it minimal using concrete. And while you are at it, add in some colorful seating and some greenery and design a cohesive space.

32. Creating Separations In A Small Open Plan

White, beige and gold furniture and decorations in living room

If you are working with a small space, creating distinctive separations between the different sections of the living areas can help you maximize square footage.

33. Simple and Sharp

Image Source: Google

Minimal and perfect. This interior design setting proves that it is not the quantity of stuff in a room but the quality of pieces that make an impact.

34. Think Along Finer Lines

Image Source: Google

The small grey sofa, a uniquely designed lampshade, comfortable chairs and the scenic background – all of these items coalesce and provide the living room a bit more substance.

35. Stand Out With Stripes

Image Source: Google

Designing for men? Think more of classic and less of colors. Try a black and white stripes pattern for the furnishings, crisp white walls and a unique chandelier.

36. Play With Colors

Image Source: Google

Colors can play a pivotal role when it comes to minimalist home decor. This bright white living room is designed with delightful pops of color that help maintain the design theme while also adding a lively touch to the room.

37. Ultra Airy And Ultra Green

The open balcony and the greenery all around sets #livingroomgoals like none other. The best part? Definitely the swing – a quiet place to relax after a long day.

38. Embrace The Outdoors

Image Source: Google

Some of the most successful minimalist rooms include an eclectic mix of the indoors with the outdoors. This living area blends mid century accent furniture with an inviting, modern upholstered sofa, all while highlighting its openness to nature. The carefully chosen pieces within this space give you an opportunity to relax and enjoy the main focus: a clear view of the tranquil nature.

39. Work With Warmth

Image Source: Google

Wooden furniture paired with wooden floors – what more do you need to design a warm and inviting space?

40. Go Linear

Image Source: Google

The clean lines across this living room make us feel relaxed just by looking at it. The detailed symmetry of the divisions in the cabinet along with the linear design of the sofa upholstery create a soothing atmosphere, perfect for unwinding on a Sunday afternoon.

41. Display Your Art Collection

Image Source: Google

A great way to uplift the look of your minimalist living room is to put art pieces on display. It adds a sense of depth to your space thus giving it an interesting look.

42. Go All Out

Image by Evolve India

Here’s proof that minimalism does not necessarily mean stark white interiors, again. Design a bold accent wall and pair it up with warm colored sofas. Still not satisfied? Add a unique lampshade and let the lights light up your space.

43. Layer It Up With A Great Mirror

Image Source: Google

A giant life-size mirror is always a great addition to a minimalist living room. Pair it up with an out-of-the-box light fixture and you will have the perfect corner for all your #mirrorselfies.

44. Find That Perfect Cozy Corner

Image by Evolve India

Living room space too small? Not a problem. Design a textured accent wall and add a comfortable seating at the corner. And there you’ll have your go-to cozy corner for binge-watching Netflix series or for reading your favorite book.

45. Pair Neutral With Bold

This combination of a pastel pink with a greyish black surely gives this otherwise cold and clinical space a warm and inviting feeling.

46. Be Bright With All White

Image Source: Google

If you are a lover of all white living rooms, this design idea is for you. While the bookshelf and the light fixtures are of a darker color, the rest of the living room is draped in white giving it a frosty and exciting look. The natural light, on the other hand, peeps in to add to the space a soothing, serene feeling.

47. Add Minimal Modern Touches

Image Source: Google

Once you have decided on the color scheme of your space, start deciding the design elements that you would like to incorporate in your space. Here, modern low-height sofas complement the glass center table, thus giving this living room a modern and minimal look.

48. Create A Focal Point

Image by Evolve India

When designing a minimalist living room, it’s good to have a focal point. Maybe it’s an accent wall or a unique center table. Or maybe it’s a low-hanging lamp shade. Whatever it is, arrange your living room around this focal point to balance out the room and have a cohesive living space.

49. Look To The Light

Image Source: Google

There is no better design element than natural light, and if you have ample of it, design your space in a way to make complete use of it.

50. Stay Neutral

Image Source: Google

Regardless of how much decor you have, the color of each piece can make a difference. Opt for neutral shades in all aspects of the room – from the walls to the seating, decorations, plants, and coffee table. Smaller accent pieces, like free-standing lampshades and small decor pieces on the shelves, bring contrast to this soothing living area.

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