The crazy popularity of Kylie Jenner's lip kits should have told us that there was no way a follow-up wasn't coming, and—announcement time—it's here! Kylie is teaming up with SinfulColors on three collections of limited-edition nail polishes, the first of which is hitting shelves early next month, as reported by WWD. The gel-like formula will be packaged under the name King Kylie and will retail at $2.99; the first range will have 20 colors.

"I love getting my nails done and nails in general. I wanted to do something innovative and accessible to my young fans," she explained, surely nodding to the drugstore placement. "The colors are great for all skin tones too."


Beyond being about the love of a good mani, it's a savvy business move for all parties. Industry insiders project that the collab could result in as much as $15 million in revenue, making the company's choice to link up with Jenner a genius move.

"We didn't want to just put a face on the product. We desired someone with the insight into the category and someone who is a big influencer with millennials," SinfulColors' head of marketing, Blake Decker, told WWD. "We decided to dream high, dream big."


The brand was lucky to link up with Jenner as the girl is b-u-s-y. Beyond launching new shades of her lip kit last week, she just revealed her new clothing line with sister Kylie. Even with her free time at a premium, it's still kind of obvious that she's about to conquer the nail polish aisle.

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