Beautyheaven went to a sneak preview of Becoming Jane last night and is still gazing wistfully into the middle distance this morning. In the creatively-licensed biopic, Anne Hathaway plays the young Jane Austen as she captures the heart of a charming cad, selflessly gives this true love up, and, forsaking all others, eventually becomes the pre-feminist authoress of Pride & Prejudice . It's all terribly tragi-romantic, strung together by sigh-worthy moments about polite manners, beautiful costumery and, for us, Anne Hathaway's petals and cream complexion.

Apparently some staunch Austenites sniffed at Anne's casting as the quintessential English Rose, but we think the American was amazing not least because she completely looked the part. With never-seen-the-sun skin, a ladylike flush in her cheeks and rosy lips, she was exactly the romantic heroine of our imaginations. And is the best ad for sun avoidance ever we're even thinking about bringing parasols back.

For now though, we'll work on complexion porefection with the suitably English Rescue & Remedy range from Crabtree & Evelyn . These prettily pink products were made to quietly refine the skin into soft loveliness. We're starting with the elegant pampering of Remedy Soothing & Comforting Complex and the flower-infused Routine Day Cream with SPF 15 . As for an Anne Hathaway complexion, we'll just remain modestly (a lady is always modest!) hopeful.

Maryan Barbara
Maryan Barbara

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