Following a number of holiday product launches spanning the weekend of Black Friday through Cyber Monday, Allbirds is now preparing to release its first slipper, keeping shoppers interested as the holiday gift-purchasing timeline decreases. In lieu of discounts for the busy shopping days, the company decided to instead release limited-edition collections to drive consumer interest and demand.

The Certified B Corporation and Forest Stewardship Council –certified company led by Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger relies on more-natural materials to create its products. Its wool is ZQ -certified merino that is sourced from reputable partners who treat their animals in an ethical manner. In its products, the company also uses Tencel Lyocell and sustainably sourced SweetFoam, the company’s proprietary, sugarcane-based, sustainable alternative to foam from Brazil that it uses to make the soles of its footwear.

On Nov. 29, the company released its limited-edition Tree Runners, and, on Dec. 2, Allbirds introduced new shades of its original Wool Runner. For the Tree Runner launch, Allbirds designed the shoes with colorful hues and funky patterns such as the blue Pebble, pink Lava and brown Fungi. Its Wool Runner hues were dessert inspired with colors named Peach Cobbler, Birthday Cake and Berry Pie.

Now, the San Francisco–headquartered company that is known for its ethical and ecologically sound approach to footwear manufacturing, is launching its Allbird Wool Dwellers on Dec. 9.

Relying on an open-heel design, the Allbird Wool Dwellers are manufactured in a light gray and a deep blue with neon-green accents, a hue the company refers to as Garden Blue. Manufactured in Korea using the merino wool and SweetFoam sole, the slippers are unisex. Its S–L sizes fit a women’s size 5–11, while L–2X are based on men’s 9–14.

With a retail price point of $65, the new slipper product will be released exclusively at the San Francisco and New York Allbirds locations.

Maryan Barbara
Maryan Barbara

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