15 Best Women’s Workwear Brands In The Slow Fashion World

Yes, the best women’s workwear brands are usually a bit pricey but they are definitely worth it. If you consider sustainable women’s work clothing as an investment that will have a lasting impact on your wardrobe for years to come, opting for ethical work clothes is actually more affordable in the long run. Recycled and natural fabrics are very durable and don’t show signs of wear and tear, which is extremely important when it comes to workwear.

For example, the fibers of organic cotton are longer and more durable than conventional cotton. Tencel is stronger and more durable than both cotton and linen – you get the point. Lastly, sustainable women’s work clothing brands make sure that their entire supply chain is as transparent as possible, which means that everything from the raw materials to the last stitch is closely monitored. So if you want ethically-made wardrobe staples that stand the test of time, sustainable workwear is the best option for you.

Essential Travel Clothing Brands: The Globetrotter's Guide

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Stylish travel clothing is hard to find but these companies do a great job of combining practicality and femininity too. Whether you’re an avid globetrotter or a newbie nomad this is our essential list of the best travel clothing brands for women!

Best Travel Clothing Brands

Confession: I overpacked all the wrong clothes for 5 years before I finally started traveling carryon only on my long term travels.

I saw other travelers, predominantly male travelers, traveling around the world in a small little backpack, and I was envious of them – they seemed to move so freely without a bunch of baggage. I wanted to be like them. Traveling light.

However, my situation was the exact opposite. I was traveling with way too much stuff and somehow I never felt prepared for the destinations I was visiting. Based on limited packing advice online at the time, I chose clothing that was either too technical, low quality and consequently not practical for long term travels, or just not my style at all. To sum it up, I didn’t feel like my best self.

If you also feel unprepared while traveling, check out my guide to stop overpacking.

Traveling Europe for 2 Weeks Carry-on Only with Anatomie Skyler Pants with Kenya Jacket

In 2011, I set off on a mission to figure out how to choose the best travel clothing without sacrificing my personal style or skimping out on functionality. One year later Travel Fashion Girl was born. The idea was to show female travelers how they could be fully prepared on their travel while also feeling good about their clothes, too.

I made it my personal goal to start packing smarter, traveling lighter, and to bring the right things for my trips.

I eventually discovered that the secret to packing the right clothes for a trip was to choose things that were practical but things that also made me feel good about myself. The ideal trifecta for travel clothes are items that feature form, function, and fashion, too. While the majority of time you don’t need specialty “technical, utilitarian clothing”, travel and outdoor brands do offer so much functionality when traveling. Their fabrics tend to be lightweight, breathable, packable, wrinkle resistant, quick-drying, and so much more than your average garment.

Unfortunately, many times the designs leave alot to be desired for. They can be masculine, childish, or unattractive. The solution is to look for regular garments with technical features and combine those items with a few of the most fashionable travel clothing options available.

What are the best travel clothing brands?

While stylish easy care travel clothes can be hard to find, I’ve found several companies that do a great job of combining practicality and femininity. Here’s my list of the best travel clothing brands for women:

Anatomie Skyler Pants


My all-time favorite travel brand for key staples such as travel pants and jackets is Anatomie. There are three specific products that have been on constant rotation in my wardrobe for almost a DECADE. They’re not the cheapest, but if you average out the cost per wear over the 10 years I’ve been wearing them non-stop, the cost is less than $100/year for 3 quality clothing items I’ve worn repeatedly, average at just $35/each.

Anatomie Kenya Fleece Jacket and Anatomie Andrea Leggings

Anatomie Andrea Contrast Panel Leggings – I just love these pants to death! They’re technically not leggings, and they’re stylish but extremely comfortable. I’ve worn them with tanks, tees, sweaters, flats, sneakers, and ankle boots. I’ve even worn them hiking! They are stretchy and versatile.

Anatomie Kenya Jacket – This lightweight and chic looking jacket goes with so many pieces, I’ve worn it with jeans or over my favorite travel dress. It’s gone with me to the city everywhere from London to Paris, Basel to Los Angeles, San Diego to Quebec City. I also wore it with shorts and trainers to explore Arizona’s national parks. It’s now a staple in all my airplane outfits, too.

Anatomie Skyler Pants – I’ve worn the best-selling Skyler travel pants to sightsee in European cities, to go on light hikes, to workout in the gym, as part of my plane outfit, for business conferences, and to play in the snow. I even wore them 7 days in a row while on a remote scuba diving trip to Raja Ampat, Indonesia. They’re durable, versatile, yet lovely-looking pant! They’re not for everyone but for those that do love them, they REALLY LOVE THEM. They really are the best travel pants for women.

As a bonus, TFG readers get an exclusive 15% discount on full priced items with the code TFG15. SHOP HERE! (The discount is applied to your ENTIRE order and is automatically calculated at checkout.)

Shop Sizes XS-XXL: Amazon | Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer

As I started researching hiking clothing for my various trips to national parks over the past year, I discovered Eddie Bauer, and this brand has quickly become one of my favorites for travel and every day, too. I became a fan of their button down tops immediately, including the Ripstop Shirt and the Departure 2.0 Long Sleeve. They’re both versatile enough to be paired with denim shorts, worn as a beach cover up, and tucked into my favorite jeans.

Find out why TFG readers constantly choose Eddie Bauer shirts for travel in this review!

Eddie Bauer Shirt worn with the best-selling Wallaroo Victoria Sun Hat

They also have cute outerwear like my Charly Waterproof Rain Jacket (highly recommend!) and their ultra lightweight and breathable summer dresses such as their famous Departure Dress Collection. Not only do they have awesome sales but they also offer a range of clothing sizes including regular, tall, petite, and plus sizes, too.

Read this review to learn why we and our readers rave about Eddie Bauer’s waterproof jackets, particularly the Charly Jacket.

Shop Sizes XS-3X: Amazon | Columbia | Moosejaw | REI


Columbia is one of the most popular outdoor clothing brands for TFG readers. They particularly love their extensive selection of travel pants including the Columbia Saturday Trail Straight Leg Pant and the best selling Arcadia Rain Jacket. Our readers are also big fans of their easy to wear dresses, especially the Freezer Dress Collection available in a range of lengths.

Columbia Carson Pass 2 Waterproof Winter Jacket

I like Columbia for their insanely warm yet affordable outerwear options. If I’m traveling in the winter, I need to know I’ll stay dry and warm so I can spend all-day sightseeing regardless of the elements. The Carson Pass 2 is one of my all-time favorite winter jackets for home and travel. Read my full review! Not only do their easy care travel clothes work well on the road but they’re also functional, light, wrinkle-resistant, and quick dry, too. As a bonus, Columbia offers affordable price points and a wide variety of sizes such as regular, petite, tall, and plus.

Shop Sizes XS-XL: Amazon

Ice Breaker

Recommended by travelers worldwide, Icebreaker has clothing for both women and men that specializes in merino wool garments that can be worn constantly and are said not to “smell”. If you’re traveling in cold weather, thermals are the secret to packing light and Icebreaker offers some of the best! (Trust me, I keep buying less expensive brands then I end up spending more money because I always come back to Icebreaker.)

Icebreaker Tee, Outdoor Research Sun Cap, and Ray Ban Sunglasses

However, merino wool isn’t just good for the winter. You can also use it for hot weather, too. I love their classic Icebreaker Tee, which can be worn casually to hike and camp or even tucked into a skirt and dressed up with jewelry and cute sandals. Many female travelers also recommend dresses such as the Yanni T-Shirt or Tank Dress. Their price points are high but for the minimalist adventurer, these are a must!

The Chrysalis Cardi Convertible Dress


Encircled is a Canadian company that specializes in sustainable, stylish versatile garments for travel and everyday wear. You probably know them for their popular Chrysalis Cardi or other convertible travel dresses.

Read my Chrysalis Cardi Dress review!

The Chrysalis Cardi with Comfort Sandals (similar)

Most recently, their travel clothing line has expanded to include shirts, blouses, pants, jumpsuits, skirts, jackets, and more! Some of their other best selling pieces are their Dressy Sweatpant Jogger, Evolve Top, and the Long Sleeve Revolve Dress.

Shop Sizes S-XL: Amazon | Moosejaw | Backcountry

Toad and Co.

For casual travel basics and vacation-ready dresses, Toad and Co. offers pretty and functional clothing with fabrics that are oh-so comfortable.

I had a chance to work with them last year and was inspired by their commitment to creating clothing that doesn’t hurt the environment. Check out my review of their winter travel clothes and summer travel dresses!

TFG Readers get 10% off on the Toad&Co website with the discount code: TRAVELWISE. Their clothing is also available on Amazon!

Shop Sizes 00-18 Petite, Short and Tall: Amazon | Prana | Moosejaw | Backcountry


Prana was first introduced as yoga wear but it has since expanded into a line of travel clothing including their ultra-cute yet practical travel dresses. So it makes sense they also make some of the greatest t-shirts including their popular Foundation Short Sleeve V Neck Top

They offer globetrotting clothes with a range of sizing, inseams, and moderate price points. Their best selling Halle pants are available in different variations, and for a pair of convertible hiking pants that you’re likely to love, try their popular Monarch pants. Here’s a full review!

Shop: Eileen Fisher | Nordstrom

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher has been a long time favorite of the TFG readers, particularly those that are looking for functional yet elegant basics in longer lengths and wider designs. While I didn’t own any of the brand’s clothing despite how much the readers raved about them for travel, I finally got hooked when I bought their linen tunic shirts on sale!

Eileen Fisher Linen Shirt with Wallaroo Sun Hat

Like the Eddie Bauer button-down mentioned before, I discovered this Eileen Fisher linen shirt and fell in love with it for hot and humid destinations! It’s SO versatile, chic, and the best part, the linen keeps me nice and cool. I wear it as a blouse tucked into my denim, worn as a tunic over jeans or leggings, and as a beach cover up dress.

Shop Sizes XXS-XXL: Uniqlo


This Japanese brand is especially noteworthy for their AIRism and HeatTECH collections, which are available at a low price point. AIRism fabric is light, breathable, and quick-drying. Their tanks, camis, and tees are the perfect absorbent, anti-odor underlayer. They take up almost no space, are easy to hand-wash, and dry quickly. There are also AIRism bras, panties, and leggings. HEATTECH innerwear has heat-retaining properties and is great to wear as a base layer in cold climates. One of TFG’s writers likes wearing her HEATTECH tights under jeans during winter travel and another loves their lighter layers. Read her review here!

Shop Sizes XS-XXL (Short, Petite and Long): Betabrand


Betabrand is best known for their dressy yoga pants, which can take you from the plane to the office followed by some sightseeing and happy hour with a quick yoga session in between! While the fabric is thicker than most traditional travel clothes, it’s their comfort and versatility that makes Betabrand pants a good option for travel. In addition, their Canopy dress is also popular for female travelers looking for longer hemlines, wrinkle-resistant fabrics, and a classic cut you can wear anywhere! Betabrand has a vast size selection including XS-3X Plus and 4 inseam choices: regular, short petite, petite, and tall.

Non-Travel Clothing Companies that Are Amazing for Travel

In addition to travel apparel brands, there are certain regular brands that are absolutely amazing for travel, too. (Check out this video for a recap of all my favorite clothes for travel – our readers love them, too!) J Crew Tippi Merino Wool Sweater – One of my winter staples, their merino wool sweater is super versatile, keeps me warm in chilly weather, and doesn’t leave me sweating if it warms up a little. I can pack more than one into packing cubes and rotate them with several outfits.

J Crew Stretch 365 t-shirt – I love a comfy t-shirt and J.Crew makes an amazing one that’s very soft and adaptable for different environments. I can layer it up, wear it solo, and pair it with any conceivable bottoms. They are crucial for my capsule wardrobe!

Michael Stars Draped Top – Part of a capsule is the ability to rewear clothes again and again. I love the Michael Stars Drape top for this very reason. I feel comfortable and confident in it, which is all that matters in any piece of clothing. It doesn’t have clingy fabric, is super soft, and honestly feels like a cozy pair of PJs, which is why I wear it all the time!

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings – This brand has a reputation for selling shapewear and while they do have those products, their regular clothes are in a whole different category! Leggings are popular for travel overall, but I love these because they’re comfy, yet stylish and versatile—able to be worn dressed down or up. I seriously wear them everywhere, as a part of a plane outfit, all the way to sightseeing, or dinner out.

Tory Burch Minnie Flats – Readers raved about these for years so it was my turn to check them out. I now ADORE Tory Burch Minnie Flats! They’re foldable, I didn’t have a huge break-in period, and they felt like slippers as I transited through airports. They’re part of my new airplane outfit!

Here’s a quick summary on the best travel clothing brands:

BRAND / MODEL FEATURES PRICE Anatomie Skyler Pants Function, and fashion, stylish and versatile, super lightweight, BEST SELLING Buy it here! Eddie Bauer Ripstop Shirt They’re both versatile enough to be paired with denim shorts, worn as a beach cover up, and tucked into my favorite jeans. Buy it here! Columbia Freezer Dress Our readers are also big fans of their easy to wear dresses, especially the Freezer Dress Collection available in a range of lengths. Buy it here! Icebreaker Yanni Dress Recommended by travelers worldwide, Icebreaker has clothing for both women and men that specializes in merino wool garments that can be worn constantly and are said not to “smell”. Buy it here! Encircled The Chrysalis Cardi Stylish versatile garments, can be styled 8+ ways. Effortlessly transform. Buy it here! Toad&Co Womens Sunkissed Maxi Dress Pretty and functional clothing, comfortable fabric, eco friendly Buy it here! Prana Briann Pants Their best selling Halle pants are available in different variations, while the Briann pants are as functional as they are fashionable, too. Buy it here! Eileen Fisher Linen Shirt It’s SO versatile, chic, and the best part, the linen keeps me nice and cool. I wear it as a blouse tucked into my denim, worn as a tunic over jeans or leggings, and as a beach cover up dress. Buy it here! Uniqlo Airism Sleeveless Top Fabric is light, breathable, and quick-drying, perfect absorbent, anti-odor underlayer Buy it here! Betabrand Straight Leg Dress Yoga Pants While the fabric is thicker than most traditional travel clothes, it's their comfort and versatility that makes Betabrand pants a good option for travel. Buy it here!

Do you really need “travel” clothing?

For most types of travel, you won’t ever need specialty travel clothing. You just have to follow some simple guidelines to shop your own closet. (Download my free guide here.) On the other hand, there are some trips that require clothing with more technical fabrics and construction such as active adventures, long-term travel, or round-the-world trips.

If you’re going on vacation, certain types of travel clothing can also help you pack lighter and more efficiently, too. Many times, the fabrics in the clothing are breathable, quick dry, compact, and lightweight. Others offer clever ways to get more use from your clothing such as reversible features or multi-way styles.

The challenge is that most of the brands that create functional clothing forget to think about the needs of the woman wearing the clothing. Sometimes I think they forget the woman part entirely and just make smaller versions of mens clothes.

Over the years, I’ve tried just about every brand out there, in search of the trifecta of fashion, form, and function and I’ve found that some work far better than others. That’s why you’ll hear so much about certain brands repeatedly on the blog – they’re just so good in comparison to the rest. And that’s also why you never read about certain other brands – I’m not a fan of gimmicks and I know you aren’t either.

Want to pack light, find out how packing cubes can maximize the space in your bag here!

What do you think are the best travel apparel brands for women? Share them with us in the comments!

For more travel clothes and packing tips, please read:


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Best online shops for women over 40

Here is a list of some of the best online shops for women over 40 to buy fabulous fashion, shoes, jewelry and beauty products online. Many offer free shipping and free returns, but always check store conditions before ordering. Happy shopping!


If you like to improve your style and want to make sure you are buying the right clothes, I highly recommend 40+Style’s style course.


Nordstrom: One of the most popular shops for 40+ women offering a wide variety of excellent clothing and a great selection of both affordable and designer brands

JCrew: lots of good basics

Banana Republic: a good mix of basics and fashionable clothes both for the office and casual

Ann Taylor: lots of clothes for the workplace and casual pursuits

Anthropology: beautiful clothes with a more colorful and artistic vibe

Asos: Very trendy clothing that is often very affordable. Although the focus is more on young women, there is still plenty for us as well.

Mango: Very affordable and modern clothing with a young and hip vibe

Shopbop: a great online shop that delivers worldwide. Many of the major brands are represented here.

Net-a-Porter: very chic online fashion store with lots of designer labels

Farfetch: fabulous shop that curates top brands from boutiques around the world

Saks Fifth Avenue: large clothing selection from a large number of designers

Macy’s: lots of beautiful fashion from the US

Club Monacco: chic and sporty clothing for the sophisticated woman

Amazon: has a wide range of clothing, shoes and bags and many different brands (and well-known) brands

Clothing targeting women over 40

Eileen Fisher: flattering and comfortable clothing with great silhouettes in top quality fabrics.

Stella Carakasi: a great selection of casual chic original clothes that will flatter many women over 40. Enter the coupon code 40PLUS15 for an extra 10% off all orders and receive free shipping in the US! One use per customer.

Not Your Daughters Jeans: some of the best jeans and pants for 40+ women

Chico’s: a wide selection of clothes in a variety of styles

Loft: although this shop does not specifically target 40+ women, it’s frequently mentioned as a favorite store in the 40+Style community

Clothing targeting Plus Size women

Eileen Fisher Plus: a great selection of clothes for plus-size women

Nordstrom: a very extensive collection for plus size women!

Asos Curve: the same trendy fashion but in larger sizes

Evans: specializes in clothing for bigger sizes

I created a special page for shops for plus size women here with many more shops and brands.

High end designers

The Outnet: Get high profile brands like Valentino at greatly discounted prices

Gucci : One of the most luxurious fashion brands has its own online store

Michael Kors: online store of this American designer with lots of great clothes, shoes and accessories. Many surprisingly affordable.

Armani: designs one of the most elegant clothing, perfect for women over 40! Through his various brands he offers clothing for every budget.

Tory Burch: this online store stocks a huge variety of dresses and skirts and the perfect knee height length. Also has fabulous bags and shoes.

Best shops in England

Best shops in mainland Europe

Best shops in Australia


Warby Parker: affordable glasses that you can first try out at home. Take their quiz and get your glasses frames free for you to try.

Another store to consider is EyeBuyDirect. A large selection of prescription glasses and sunglasses at affordable prices.

Sport clothing

Adidas: I absolute love Stella McCartney’s line of sportswear for Adidas

Danskin: beautiful training, dance and yoga wear

Shoes and bags

Zappos: one of the best shoe stores on the web. They stock a lot of shoes with arch support too. Visit this page to see recommendations from readers for the best arch support shoes.

Nordstrom: large variety of shoes from brands like Ecco, Calvin Klein, Clarks, Nine West and Anne Klein.

Aldo: lots of shoe designs from the brand. From flats, heels, sneakers and boots.

Jewellery and Accessories

Beauty & Health

Dermstore: one of my favorite online beauty stores. Great for cosmoceutical brands like Skinceuticals.

StrawberryNet: a great site for all major beauty brands, both makeup, skincare and perfumes. They offer free shipping worldwide!

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics: My cosmetics of choice for makeup, BB cream and lipstick.

LifeExtension: the best online shop for supplements and vitamins

My favorite products

You can find all my favorite products in our own 40+Style Shop!

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Purchasing actions from these links may result in affiliate comission for 40+Style

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