Children’s Fashion: What are the must-haves to keep your kids wardrobe super stylish and trendy

Folksy and ethnic with a modern twist, clothing inspired by Mother Nature and some serious influence from fashionable celebrity kids here is what's trending in children's fashion.

"Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends." - Kate Spade, American fashion designer

As children, most of us loved sauntering about in outlandish clothes and dressing up for special occasions. While it all seemed a lot of fun back then, children's wear is serious business these days. Kid's fashion scene is huge these days with options to choose from.

Parents are always on the lookout for trendy garments of good quality so that their little ones are always at their fashionable best! Meanwhile, retailers are constantly striving to showcase the latest in children’s clothing, footwear and accessories, given how discerning their customers are today.

So, what is it that little tykes and fashionistas can look forward to wearing. We give you a lowdown on what is in vogue currently.

Gender-neutral fashion: Do not want to limit your child’s choices? Then make a conscious effort to avoid stereotypes while dressing her up. There has been a gradual shift towards gender-neutral fashion for children, with both conscientious parents and designers ditching the typical ‘pink and delicate for girls, and blue and brainy for boys’ approach. Sports-inspired style: You will notice kids’ apparel and accessories that explore sports-inspired styles for both boys and girls; dinosaur and automobile prints for girls; delicate colors and prints for boys; science and math motifs for girls; and embroidery and crochet for both boys and girls. Tribal and folk style: This year, many designers are drawing inspiration from folk traditions, using their own interpretations for a modern twist. The influence can come from all over the world — think African, Aztec, Native American and the Indian tribal communities. So, beads, feathers, pom-poms, intricate thread work, tribal-influenced floral embroidery and geometric patterns are going to be hot in children’s fashion. Metallic tones: While gold and silver-toned clothing and shoes are the rage these days, pretty colors with a metallic sheen are trending in children’s fashion too. Shiny biker jackets in pink and mauve, sparkly sandals, gold buckles on dresses and pants, and silver or rose-gold bags and backpacks, are bound to make your little one sparkle! Nature-inspired fashion: Think your little fashionista will look gorgeous in a leopard-print dress? Or want to pick up that t-shirt made of organic cotton for your little boy? Well, the fashion pundits will nod their heads in approval. Around the world, with increasing awareness about our deteriorating environment and the urgent need for conservation, this sentiment is percolating to the fashion scene as well. So, designers are moving towards natural and organic fabrics. In 2019, the focus is on using environment-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, khadi, organic wool, jute and fabric made with bamboo for children’s apparel and accessories. In terms of prints and patterns, flowers, foliage and earthly colors are popular. Denim: Denim can never go out of style for anyone, be it children or adults. It is timeless and always fashionable. All over the world fashionistas are obsessed with denim wear. Today, when it comes to your mini-me, denim is not restricted to just jackets and jeans, but also cute denim shoes, comfortable dresses and even, denim earrings!

Celebrity children who are a major fashion influence:

Celebrity kids are mini style-icons and on fleek almost all the time — giving major fashion goals to all the mini divas and heartthrobs out there. So, let's draw some inspiration from these little trendsetters who are rocking the kiddie fashion scene. But who are the celeb kids to keenly watch out for? Here are a few:

Taimur Ali Khan (Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s son) Aradhya Bachchan (Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan’s daughter) Misha Kapoor (Shahid and Mira Kapoor’s daughter) North West (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter) Prince George (Prince William and Kate Middleton’s eldest son)

Tips to dress up your child for different occasions:

When it comes to children, no matter how trendy the dress is, it should be comfortable for them and appropriate for the occasion. A light summer frock on a winter morning is sure to make your daughter freeze. And a heavy layered party dress may not be the right choice for a beach outing. Dressing them according to the season and occasion puts the child at ease while still being in style.

Beach: Comfort is key, so dress your child in light, airy and comfortable clothes in pastel hues and breathable fabrics like linen and cotton.

Colorful onesies for toddlers; shorts and sundresses in playful prints for girls; and shorts in animal and cartoon prints for boys are the trend. Don’t forget those funky neon-colored slippers and caps!

Casual: Take a leaf out of little North West’s fashion book and dress your little one in funky tights and slacks paired with cute tops and matching caps. When the weather is chill, throw a pastel-shaded knit coat over her shoulder for a casual chic look.

Boys can wear gingham prints, t-shirts with sailboat or crown motifs, and light cotton shorts or pants. Canvas shoes and backpacks in modern prints are also popular for children.

Party: Detailing such as ruffles, buckles, lace, laser-cut fabrics and shiny accessories are the rage this year and apt for party time. Get your little one ready for party fun, with gold and silver-colored shoes, flouncy dresses, embroidered denim and tailored pants.

Weddings: In India, festive occasions and weddings call for heavy ethnic pieces and lots of bling. But for children, keeping it comfortable yet trendy, is important. Cotton kurtas with sleeveless jackets in rustic, earthy tones and bandhgalas will make the boys look fetching this wedding season. Girls can go for lehengas in flowy materials with one-shouldered or cold-shouldered tops. Ready-to-wear dhotis and sarees for children also look incredibly cute. Pair these with colorful jhootis.

Here are some more patterns, materials and styles that are set to trend Biker-inspired clothing and accessories. Abstract prints and patterns influenced by technology and gadgets. Unusual color combinations such as rust and pink, mauve and orange, mint and yellow. Geometric and jacquard patterns. Nylon and georgette material.

Whatever the trend, keeping things simple and not overdoing it is important. You must keep in mind that your child should be comfortable and feel free when it comes to clothing. After all, the style or look should reflect your child’s unique personality. Happy dressing up!

Stylish Kids Clothes in 2021: Recent Trends

Caring parents strive to give their children not only their love and warmth but everything that the child desires. Let the baby feel the happiest. From the very first years of life, kids become little fashionistas because parents are actively replenishing not only the collection of their toys but also their wardrobe.

That is why the kid’s fashion industry is developing no less actively than adult fashion. When such a vast number of beautiful children’s trends appear in stores, mothers cannot bypass sites like The Trendy Toddlers without buying several new products for their child. Which clothing deserves the attention of little fashionistas in 2021, and what will kids wear in the coming seasons?

What Are the Must-haves?

Fashionable colors, beautiful prints, and original patterns on things — the whole style of clothes for children is confidently and dynamically developing from season to season. The must-have of kid’s fashion is the family look. It assumes almost identical sets of clothes or similar elements for mom and daughter, dad and son, or all family members as a whole. For the fashion-conscious family, these could be tshirts with patterns, designs, or prints boasting cooler and more mature styles than the twee designs you find at the supermarket. Distressed jeans and Converse All-Stars are another great way to make a statement.

Super ideas of the family look styles demonstrate magnificent thematic or festive sets of clothes, outerwear for the whole family, which cheer up not only children and parents but also everyone around.

Adult Looks

Many people associate children’s clothing with cartoon characters, children’s shades, carefree shapes, and styles. However, nowadays, outfits for babies look like adults’ but in smaller versions. Kid’s fashion will bring many bright shades to the stylish wardrobe, in particular:




bright red,




green shades.

Unisex Trends

At the same time, the boundaries of colors between things for boys and girls are erased. Fashion designers are increasingly offering unisex options. The tendency is the same as in the fashion of adults.

Natural Textiles are Always in Demand

Designers try to make things for children as natural as possible, although the modern world of fashion is unlikely to do without synthetics, even in children’s fashion. The most comfortable and stylish clothing options for children do not hinder their active movements.


Today, fashionable clothes for children are not only a thoughtful combination of wardrobe elements but also correctly selected accessories, a purse, glasses, belt, hats, shoes, etc. You can use kids tennis shoes as well because they are very stylish. Also their midsole cushioning offer loads of comfort and support under your kids feet.

What Will Be in Trend in 2021?

Environmentally friendly, simple, and comfortable clothes for children in minimalist style solutions or casual and oversized style for little fashionistas are welcomed. Often, children’s clothing combines different styles, which also looks very interesting and unusual in sets. What else?

A lot of jersey, tulle, cotton, metallic fabrics, and textiles with sequins, velvet.

The color scheme for kids combined pastel shades and radically bright and impressive.

Popular prints include stripes, checks, floral and abstract, geometric.

Clothes with asymmetry, pleats, quilted things, ruffles, cutouts.

Follow the recent trends to know which outfits your little one will need for the upcoming seasons.

Children’s Fashion Trends: 2019 Edition

Who said children couldn’t be fashionable? Allowing them to develop a taste for being stylish and up to date with the latest trends can play a huge role in their personal development. Later in life, it can boost their self-esteem and confidence levels. Because your children might be a little too young to understand fashion and how to combine different clothing articles for a smooth appearance, you can start dressing them to the latest trends. Below are some kid’s fashion trends you should consider for them this year.

Loud Colours and Natural Fabrics

As of lately, kid’s clothing brands have taken colors up a notch. Even brands who usually gamble on dark colors are turning their attention to intense reds and electric blues. All primary colors have found their ways into the latest collections. And that brings a lot of optimism and solar attitude into your children’s life!

Pre-washed clothing articles and colors are another big trend in 2019. We have seen them in the summer-spring collections of a series of brands and are here to stay a while. Light blue and pink have been integrated into all items, from pants to footwear, and T-shirts. Pastels are popular another year in a row, according to

In terms of fabrics, go for natural fibers. Natural cotton and linen make great choices, especially during the hot summer days.


Ruffles are everywhere, not only in kids’ apparel. All brands adapt their elements to follow this trend and, let us tell you; everything looks adorable. Search the web for similar details. In girls’ fashion, search for them in sleeves, dresses, and even accessories. If something has ruffles, buy it!


Prints have become more prominent and louder! Smiley faces, funny messages, and rainbows, these bring kid’s apparel to the next level. The bigger they are, the smarter their message is, and the more colorful they are, the better they are. Most apparel houses have invested a lot in creating intricate and appealing designs for these elements, and they have succeeded to create some of the best print designs out there.


Embroideries are created with the same goal as ruffles in mind. Designers turn regular articles into intricate and stunning ones with some embroidery added. They go for flowers, leaves, and other natural elements. Next time when you go shopping for kids’ clothes, keep this in mind. And remember, boys can also wear embroidery!

Sporty Apparel

You’re never too young or too old to dress sporty. Athletic aesthetics are again hot for people of all ages. Plus, they’re incredibly comfy. Go for sneakers, T-shirts, light wear fabrics, elements coming from sports. They will be such a great addition to your kid’s wardrobe!

These are some of the hottest fashion trends you have to make sure your kid follows this year. All these elements are easy to find, adapt, and change depending on the context your child finds themselves in. Besides, all these are comfortable elements, which will help your kid overcome summer’s hottest months. Check out online stores and see what you can find!

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