The 29 Best Face Washes & Cleansers of 2022

Ready to feel more confident when reading your beauty products' ingredient labels? Enter, the Allure Ingredient Index. In this comprehensive guide, you'll find everything you need to know about the most in-demand (and under-the-radar) ingredients in your favorite skin-care products.

Cleansing is hardly the most glamorous step in a skin-care lineup, but in many ways, it's the most important. Whether your skin-care routine consists of a basic wash-and-moisture duo or you indulge in a 10-step ritual that your younger self would probably find very impressive, starting with a fresh canvas is vital. Only after you sweep away all of the dirt, makeup, and excess oil residing on your face, can your skin properly absorb and reap the benefits of all that skin-loving goodness — including, but not limited to, toners, essences, serums, and moisturizers — you layer on afterward.

To make this daily task a little bit more enjoyable, here are 29 refreshingly pampering options at a variety of different price points that do the job seamlessly and wash away without a trace. This elite breed of all-star face cleansers includes Best of Beauty-winning classics and Readers' Choice gems that are gentle as can be, board-certified dermatologist favorites that pack numerous benefits, and some fancy finds for those who want to give your skin a spa-like treatment.

So, what sets this lineup apart from all other cleansers and puts them in a league of their own? The answer lies in the meticulous formulations that combine dirt-eliminating, makeup-melting cleansers with impressively softening hydration that leaves skin refreshingly clean but never over-stripped. The result is a fresh, supple, and glowy complexion that turns an everyday chore into a twice-daily treat.


The term cleanser refers to a product that cleans or removes dirt or other substances. A cleanser could be a detergent, and there are many types of cleansers that are produced with a specific objective or focus. For instance a degreaser or carburetor cleanser used in automotive mechanics for cleaning certain engine and car parts.

Other varieties include the ones used in cosmetology, dermatology or general skin care. In this case, a cleanser is a facial care product that is used to remove make-up, skin care product residue, microbes, dead skin cells, oils, sweat, dirt and other types of daily pollutants from the face. These washing aids help prevent filth-accumulation, infections, pores clogs, irritation and cosmetic issues like dullness from dead skin buildup & excessive skin shine from sebum buildup. This can also aid in preventing or treating certain skin conditions; such as acne. Cleansing is the first step in a skin care regimen and can be used in addition of a toner and moisturizer, following cleansing. Sometimes “double cleansing” before moving on to any other skincare product is encouraged to ensure the full dissolution & removal of residues that might be more resistant to cleansing, such as; waterproof makeup, water-resistant sunscreen, the excess sebum of oily skin-type individuals and air pollution particles. Double cleansing usually involves applying a lipid-soluble cleanser (e.g., cleansing balm, cleansing oil, micellar cleansing water, others...) to dry skin and massaging it around the face for a length of time, then the area may or may not be splashed with water. Any type of aqueous cleanser is then emulsified with water and used as the main cleanser that removes the first cleanser and further cleans the skin. Then the face is finally thoroughly rinsed with water until no filth or product residue remains.

Using a cleanser designated for the facial skin to remove dirt is considered to be a better alternative to bar soap or another form of skin cleanser not specifically formulated for the face for the following reasons:

Bar soap has an alkaline pH (in the area of 9 to 10), and the pH of a healthy skin surface is around 4.7 on average. [1] This means that soap can change the balance present in the skin to favor the overgrowth of some types of bacteria, increasing acne. In order to maintain a healthy pH balance and skin health, your skin must sit on the proper pH level; some individuals who use bar soap choose to use pH-balancing toners after cleaning in attempts to compensate for the alkalinity of their soaps.

This means that soap can change the balance present in the skin to favor the overgrowth of some types of bacteria, increasing acne. In order to maintain a healthy pH balance and skin health, your skin must sit on the proper pH level; some individuals who use bar soap choose to use pH-balancing toners after cleaning in attempts to compensate for the alkalinity of their soaps. Bar cleansers have thickeners that allow them to assume a bar shape. These thickeners can clog pores, which may lead to pimples in susceptible individuals. [ citation needed ]

Using bar soap on the face can remove natural oils from the skin that form a barrier against water loss. This causes the sebaceous glands to subsequently overproduce oil, a condition known as reactive seborrhoea, which will lead to clogged pores.[ citation needed ] In order to prevent drying out the skin, many cleansers incorporate moisturizers.

Facial cleansers [ edit ]

Cream cleansers and mask

Facial cleansers include the following:

Balm cleansers Bar cleansers Clay cleansers Cold cream cleansers Creamy cleansers Exfoliant/Scrub cleansers Foam/Foaming cleansers Gel/Jelly cleansers Lotion cleansers Micellar cleansers Milky cleansers Oil cleansers Powder cleansers Treatment/Medicated cleansers (aloe vera, benzoyl peroxide, carboxylic acids, charcoal, colloidal oatmeal, honey, sulphur, vitamin c, lighteners) Tool cleansers (cotton rounds, konjac sponges, microfiber cloths, mitts, silicone brushes, spinning brushes, sponges, towelettes/wipes)

Cleansers that have active ingredients are more suitable for oily skins to prevent breakouts.[citation needed] But they may overdry and irritate dry skin, this may make the skin appear and feel worse. Dehydrated skin may require a creamy lotion-type cleanser. These are normally too gentle to be effective on oily or even normal skin, but dry skin requires much less cleansing power. It may be a good idea to select a cleanser that is alcohol-free for use on dry, sensitive, or dehydrated skin.

Some cleansers may incorporate fragrance or essential oils. However, for some people, these cleansers may irritate the skin and often provoke allergic responses. People with such sensitivity should find cleansers that are pH-balanced cosmetic balanced, contain fewer irritants, suit many variating skin types, and do not make the skin feel dehydrated directly after cleansing. Tight, uncomfortable skin is often dehydrated and may appear shiny after cleansing, even when no sebum is present. This is due to the taughtening and 'stripping' effect some cleaners can have on the skin. One should discontinue use of a cleanser that upsets the balance of the skin; cleansers should work with the skin not against it. Finding the right cleanser can involve some trial-and-error.

References [ edit ]

Cleanser Definition & Meaning

Sprinkle some cleanser on the floor and let it sit for a while before you start scrubbing.

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