8 Fashion Brands With Home Lines You Need To Be Shopping

Ever wish you could dress your home just as well as you dress yourself? You’ve spent so much time curating the effortless vibe of your wardrobe, so your house should get the same treatment. Well, you’re in luck, because some of our favorite fashion brands have killer home decor lines that we simply can’t get enough of. From Zara to Hermès, check out the lines that top our current list and why we love them. You can thank us when you’re fully immersed in giving your apartment a complete fall fashion makeover.

Courtesy of Anthropologie


We love Anthropologie for its vintage vibe, and though it's first and foremost an apparel destination, we have to say: We might just adore its home selection even more. Whether you’re in the market for a velvet statement chair, a set of colorful dishes, the next great cookbook or simply a marble dish to hold your jewelry, you can’t beat the selection. What’s more, Anthro recently expanded upon its already enormous selection of merchandise, making it the ultimate destination for everything you'd ever think to buy for your home.

Courtesy of Gucci


Gucci only recently launched its home line, making us feel as though our living spaces can finally master the grandma-chic vibe we've been mixing in our wardrobe for the past few seasons. On the small end, there is everything from heavenly candles to china to metal trays. To tease the new line, the brand is now selling pillows that were famously placed on each guest's seat at the last fashion show. What's more, Gucci is selling larger furniture items like chairs and screens, along with rolls of the most gorgeously printed wallpaper to really take your home to the next level.

Courtesy of H&M


Though not hugely advertised, this affordable fashion brand boasts cool-girl home essentials at prices that will keep your wallet happy. While H&M's selection of merchandise falls just short of furniture, you can still pick up big-ticket items for a fraction of their usual price—think large mirrors, rugs and other statement pieces.

Courtesy of Zara


Another favorite affordable fashion retailer, Zara shows no signs of stopping when it comes to home decor. While there aren't any brick-and-mortar stores in the United States (yet!), they do exist in other countries and Americans are still able to shop the selection online. Much like Zara's ready-to-wear counterpart, the home store is the ultimate destination for clean and modern pieces that come in everything from understated black and white to brighter colors and bold florals.

Courtesy of Tory Burch

Tory Burch

Have you ever walked into a Tory Burch store and thought, I want my home to look exactly like this? Well, the good news is, it can. While there is much to behold, the beauty of this line actually lies in the dishware. Elegant plates, bowls, pitchers, platters, spongeware and hostess gifts rendered in chic patterns and motifs define the space they're in.

Courtesy of Kate Spade

Kate Spade

For a kick of whimsy, look no further than Kate Spade’s home line. From the kitchenware to the dining room dish sets, these pieces could outfit your house from top to bottom. A few years ago, the brand added furniture to its lineup, making it more of a gem than ever.

Courtesy of Missoni


For color lovers and bold-print fanatics, Missoni home decor is for you. Thanks to its expanding lineup, you can infuse a bit of those iconic zigzag stripes into your bedroom with a pillow or two or go all out with the head-turning pattern via furniture, textiles and dishware. Mix and match at will—that's where the magic comes in.

Courtesy of Hermès


There are few things more iconically elegant than Hermès. Perhaps your first introduction to the fashion house's home line was through a small gift, like a picture frame or decorative box. Or maybe you’ve simply had your eye on its classic red-patterned dishware that most of us can only dream about. Regardless, it's a sight to behold. And while we might spend the rest of our life trying to collect everything on our wish list, piece by piece, it will always be a collection that is hard to beat.

Fashion's Obsession With Home Goods Isn't Going Anywhere

Over the summer, Chelsea Hansford, the creative director of Simon Miller, found herself avoiding the trip to her downtown L.A. office, and transforming her own Studio City home into a showroom and design space for her colorful, quirky clothing brand. “We were all spending time with the team there, taking photos of the house. And then on Simon Miller's social media platforms, we started putting [photos] up and the reaction was amazing,” she tells TZR. Hansford decided it was time to expand beyond her fashion business and launch a home collection that complemented her existing ready-to-wear and accessories business. It was a reflection of her clothes, and own home, that customers could bring into their own spaces.

And so, in the midst of the pandemic, CaSa was born, a collection of vintage and new products, sourced and created by Hansford’s friends, or produced using excess fabrics from Simon Miller’s core line. “I want it to be more than just ‘Simon Miller is producing some home goods,’” she explains of her decision to include a wide range of curated pieces. “I really want the whole lifestyle element of the house to be shoppable.”

Courtesy Simon Miller

Hansford is one of a number of smaller brands that are thoughtfully shifting their focus into the home space over the last year. As a reaction to the reality of working, exercising, and relaxing all at home, consumers are looking for ways to translate their style into their living spaces. In Hansford’s case, it meant not only being able to use excess fabric and leather, but also offering products at a lower price than her ready-to-wear items and accessories. “I hope that people who long to get a Blackout Platform from us that’s $490 but aren't able to can get a piece of Simon Miller through CaSa,” she explains. “They can get a $40 set of napkins or cool leather coasters for $45 and really have a piece of the brand but not necessarily have to splurge.”

Courtesy Mounser

In addition to the incentive for designers to expand their customer base and widen their price point, for some, it has also served as a creative outlet to explore new areas. “The onset of the pandemic came off of fashion month which was meant to be a time for doing a big bulk of business, and things went very very quiet which was...unnerving,” says Amanda Assad, a jewelry designer whose brand Mounser expanded to also include art in 2020. “I threw myself into painting and artistic experimentation as a means of soothing the feeling of uncertainty. I thought, I'll always have my creativity, at least that can never be taken away, so lets just focus on that.”

Jenni Lee of Comme Si with Ed Be and Jared Blake of Lichen. Courtesy Comme Si

For Comme Si, tapping the home goods market took a different approach. The brand, which is best known for its luxury socks, teamed up with the NYC-based interior design incubator Lichen for its very first collaboration — a collection of socks along with a co-produced zine and sock laundry bag. "I think people are having to think about form and function in a new way,” explains Comme Si founder Jenni Lee. “In the home, there's more focus on creating a space that works for prolonged working and living. You need furniture that functions well in your space, but also fits into your aesthetic.” She adds that it’s the same concept with fashion. “We’re realizing that we don’t need as much ‘stuff’ as we think we do."

(+) Rosie Assoulin Fall/Winter 2015. Catwalking/Catwalking/Getty Images (+) Alexander McQueen Resort 2013. Courtesy Alexander McQueen INFO 1/2

The concept of personal style has always embodied more than just what is worn on the body, but also how one chooses to curate their space. Fashion designers have long looked to architecture, art, and the home as a source of inspiration for their work. Louis Vuitton and artist Jeff Koons debuted a Masters bag collection in 2017 depicting famous works of art on leather bags. Alexander McQueen’s 2013 Resort collection referenced the golden paintings of Gustav Klimnt. Rosie Assoulin’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection was inspired by an Italian cemetery designed by Carlo Scarpa. And major fashion houses like Missoni have long had arms of their business that extend into home goods. You might even remember Virgil Abloh's buzzy collaboration with Ikea in 2019.

But that was all pre-pandemic. With many shoppers confined to their homes over the last year, the rate at which retailers and brands are expanding the breadth of their business is especially notable. “Our audience is more interested in exploring a curated but expansive world of products from established and emerging brands, extending beyond fashion into every aspect of their lifestyle,” Krishna Nikhil, chief merchandising officer for SSENSE explained in a press release announcing the retailer’s expansion into home goods in Dec. 2020. Around that same time, beloved Brooklyn store Sincerely, Tommy launched Raini Home. And just this month, pajama brand Sleeper launched a small collection of home goods centered around nighttime routines and accessories label SVNR announced an expansion into the decorative sphere as well. Like their customers, designers are considering more about how the clothes that they make relate to the spaces that fashion exists in.

"As I saw the [online] reaction, it was like ‘now’s the time to make the whole lifestyle experience shoppable' explains Hansford of how natural the transition proved to be. "Really, I think [it] makes people understand the brand even more."

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