The ability to take beautiful, mp images com clear pictures at night can be a beneficial experience, but it is not easy in any way, especially when faced with challenges such as inevitable motion blur, low color saturation, and loud noise all affect the final image of quality. For regular users, wearing photographic equipment (like a tripod) for better pictures can be stressful and unwieldy. Therefore, HONOR 9X PRO offers a complete and intelligent packaging solution in one device and AIS Super Night scene mode and 4 optical merging technologies. 1 Get super clear night shots.


  Ultra clear night mode:


  Night photography is subject to certain restrictions. With that in mind, Honor engineers have completely changed the traditional image-processing process of night shots. A special AI algorithm is used to create realistic images supported by AIS Super Night technology. The complex image acquisition process takes just four steps, a few seconds or less:


  Step 1: Learn about the artificial use of artificial intelligence.


  From the moment the shutter button is pressed and the AI function is activated, it is determined whether the user takes a photo manually. Based on machine learning, HONOR 9X PRO uses artificial intelligence for image analysis. Overview plus gravity sensor and gyroscope. By understanding the user's photography habits, HONOR 9X PRO can see if the photo is with tripod or manually with accuracy up to 98% recorded in 0.2 seconds.


  Step 2: Use artificial intelligence for night detection.


  After adjusting the AI exposure configuration based on the information obtained by selecting the current scene, Honor's advanced AI features can analyze details such as ambient light distribution and grip in a brighter environment, smaller hand shake and reduced frames, the exposure time is shorter and requires Low-light carriers with more manual noise, longer exposure time and more images, and by reaching desired and set values, HONOR 9X PRO guarantees a certain level of noise. It suffices to create the perfect image.


  Step 3: The clearest AI processor.


  If there is a handshake while taking a photo, the HONOR 9X PRO AI image processing function filters the blurred image by aligning the visible elements before blending the elements into one image without blurring the remaining image.


  The computer power allows HONOR 9X PRO to process large amounts of data for advanced shooting at high efficiency at night.


  Step 4: Install the image.


  The AI algorithm integrates the approved image into the last image and evaluates and adjusts the brightness of light in each region to ensure that the image does not expose to too much light while maintaining the dark visible areas. When fixing the image, the difference in each pixel is recognized and all errors are corrected. Reduce noise. HONOR 9X PRO constantly repeats this process to create the perfect image that shows subtle detail and vivid color, ensuring the best picture quality during auto recording.


  Optical fusion technology (4 in 1).


  HONOR 9X PRO also features Light Fusion 4 in 1 technology, which gives users ultra clear night images with 12 MP brightness. Innovative Quad Bayer technology improves light absorption and reduces image noise. Unlike the CMOS array of traditional Bayer pixel technology used in typical smartphone cameras, HONOR 9X PRO intelligently combines four pixels in a 1.6 pixel image, effectively enhancing image sensitivity to create the ideal image for any environment. picture.


  In addition, the HONOR 9X PRO phone is equipped with a 48-megapixel full lens main camera that can capture high-quality images together, while the HONOR 9X PRO phone is designed to capture every moment, whether it is against a poorly lit background, the following shots are always horizontal images Wide angle and even still photos. Advanced recordings can capture any situation users face anytime, anywhere.

Maryan Barbara
Maryan Barbara

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