The Method: Cleanse Normal-Combination Skin

Practice to Product

Dr. Lancer's gentle, lightly-foaming cleansers are designed to restore the skin's pH balance while sweeping away dead skin cells and debris for healthier-looking skin. Keeping your skin clean with The Method: Cleanse reduces the toxic load on your body caused by environmental stressors that the skin encounters on a daily basis. The prevention of toxin buildup helps to postpone visible signs of aging so skin looks and feels healthy.

All Natural Face Wash, Cleansers & Balms

Natural Face Cleansers, Sponges & Balms

Are you looking for a natural face cleanser that enhances and revitalizes your skin? Then look no further. We have just what you need for perfectly PURE skin that shines with a natural glow. Using only the finest ingredients, each natural cleanser is made with organic ingredients such as cucumber juice, eucalyptus, and green tea.

Did you know? Over the course of the day, your skin builds up several pollutants such as dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. If you don’t use a natural face cleanser to give your skin the care and attention it requires, you may experience increased breakouts, clogged pores, and more.

Using cosmetic products that are not made with natural ingredients can also contribute to clogged pores and even acne. Our products, however, include only the purest, most gentle ingredients from all corners of nature for an unbeatable complexion. From natural face moisturizer to face makeup that nourishes your skin, we have everything you need for a complete, ethical face care routine, including our natural cleansers.

We know that each skin type is different. Because of this, we offer a variety of natural face cleansers and products so you can feel good about what you put on your face. From Cleansing Foam to Cleansing Oil, you can find products that match your preference and skin type to a tee. Plus, we offer a range of application products for ease of use.

Make 100% PURE™ natural face cleansers a constant fixture in your ethical beauty routine. SHOP TODAY!

Facial Mask

Facial Mask

Need an escape from the stress of your busy lifestyle? Pampering yourself with a facial mask can help you to take a break from the grind and do something sweet for your skin at the same time. The luxurious experience of using a facial mask makes these types of skin care products a common part of professional facials performed at spas around the world. While you lie back and relax for a specific number of minutes, the ingredients in a facial mask deeply penetrate the skin, providing nourishment to the middle layers of tissue, which are often not affected by ordinary skin care products. When it comes time to rinse, wipe or peel away the facial mask, some of those ingredients linger, continuing to offer benefits for hours after application. Although taking time out from your day while using a face mask is a wonderful way to treat yourself to a special experience, if your schedule is busy, you can easily use a mask while you do activities around the house. You'll find many facial mask treatments that can meet your skin care needs and suit your lifestyle at Walgreens.

Facial Masks for Every Complexion Type

If you want to get the most benefits possible from using a facial mask, it's important that you find one developed for your skin type. Each beauty mask has an intended purpose, and by finding one made for people with complexions like yours in mind, you're more likely to see improvements in the health of your skin after application. The names of facial mask formulas can provide hints regarding their types. For example, deep-cleansing, detoxifying, clarifying, purifying and oil control masks are often used for addressing skin congestion and the problems that it causes, such as blemishes and enlarged pores. Masks that are labeled as brightening help to improve skin radiance, while polishing masks have exfoliating benefits and remove dead skin. Anti-stress, soothing and cooling masks are typically used to calm redness and inflammation in sensitive or dry skin. Firming and anti-wrinkle masks contain anti-aging ingredients that help to minimize fine lines. There are also natural masks for those who prefer botanical-based products. In addition to studying the titles, read the product descriptions to learn more about what the formulas can do for your complexion.

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