Street Style Trends To Try For Winter 2023

Emy Venturini wears a beige leather cropped vintage jacket and Emilie Joseph wears a brown fur ... [+] vintage coat in Paris in November 2022. Getty

Winter 2023 is going to be about comfort and oversized statement pieces. Street style trends from November and December 2022 point toward fur and fleece-lined jackets, oversized pants, and gender neutral silhouettes. Bags are small, bright, and often crossbody. Utilitarian cargo pants and vests are also trending. For those who want to push the style envelope a bit further, goth and leather looks will make a statement and thigh high boots can help to keep miniskirts and denim shorts in rotation. For a pop of color, think green or canary yellow paired with more traditional winter black, grey, brown, tan, and olive. Shoes are comfortable chunky oxfords and sneakers — or maybe a pair of sexy tall boots. Here are the street style trends to try for winter 2023.

Try Oversized Cargo Pants And A Small Bold Bag

Karin Teigl in black cargo pants and Prada yellow leather triangle bag on November 25, 2022 in ... [+] Vienna, Austria. Getty Images

The trend of oversized pants isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, providing the opportunity to embrace more gender fluid fashion. A pair of oversized cargo pants can be dressed up with a long jacket and bag. Bags this season are small and can add a splash of color to an otherwise wintery look.

Keep Those Jean Shorts Alive With Nylons And Thigh High Boots

Emy Venturini wears black tights with denim ripped shorts and black suede high boots from Saint ... [+] Laurent Paris on November 12, 2022 in Paris, France. Getty Images

The miniskirt trend of 2022 doesn’t have to end just because it’s getting cold. Tights and thigh high boots pair well with a miniskirt or denim shorts and help to provide a bit of warmth in climates that don’t get too cold. Choosing to wear short denim shorts is likely the bolder of the two options, although a micro miniskirt will always turn heads too.

Go Big With Your Jacket And Embrace Green

Sonia Lyson wears an oversized beige Ducie London teddy coat, Bottega Veneta mini green Jodie bag, ... [+] and green beanie and sweater on November 15, 2022 in Reykjavik, Iceland. Getty Images for Copenhagen Studios

The bigger the jacket, the better in winter 2023. This season is all about comfort and big also makes a powerful statement. While it used to be that a big jacket would be worn over something form-fitting, winter 2023 embraces more gender neutrality with boyfriend jeans (which doesn’t seem like such a gender neutral name) and larger sweaters. As for color, green is popping up all over the place.

Keep Athleisure In Rotation And Try A Cropped Sweatshirt Or Jacket

Frankie, Chloe and Demi Sims are seen on November 29, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. GC Images

One of the few things for which we can thank the pandemic, athleisure appears here to stay. Track suits and sweatpants are on-trend for winter 2023 and modernized with wider silhouettes and cropped sweatshirts. Cropped jackets are also showing up in all climates. Keep your white sneakers out to complete your ahtleisure look.

Embrace Utilitarian Looks

Miami Art Week guest wearing oversized cargo pants and another guest wearing beige utility vest on ... [+] December 01, 2022 in Miami, Florida. Getty Images

Think utility for winter 2023. If it has big pockets and looks like you could go old school camping, it’s probably trendy — at least if done right. The style is casual but can be subtly dressed up with oxfords and a button-down shirt. Flannels and plaids also fit the trend.

Go Goth

Miami Art Week guests wearing all black on December 01, 2022 in Miami, Florida. Getty Images

For those who want to make more of a statement, goth looks are on-trend for winter 2023. Put together an all-black outfit with dark eyeliner and you’re on the right track. Chunky black boots and a black blazer will also do the trick. Mixing in some unexpected skin adds to the shock factor in warmer climates.

Hide In Your Cozy Jacket

Sonia Lyson wears Monki grey fluffy jacket and beige balaclava hat on November 23, 2022 in Berlin, ... [+] Germany. Getty Images

You’ve probably seen those memes of jackets that are ridiculously big. Winter 2023 is all about the big jacket, but not to the point of ridiculousness — just to that subtle edge of so big you want to climb inside and be cozy all day. Texture adds both warmth and visual interest. Mix in a headscarf or the right hat for added warmth and classic glamour.

Or Go Big With Your Vest

Sonia Lyson wearing Storets green puffer vest on November 23, 2022 in Berlin, Germany. Getty Images

Oversized vests fit the big jacket trend, too. Think puffy, warm, and larger than you’d typically buy. Mix in a seasonal green or other bold color to accentuate the look. And, don’t forget your crossbody bag before you hit the town in style.

12 Dress Trends That Will Define Your 2023 Style

12 Dress Trends That Will Define Your 2023 Style

A lot of people are afraid of dresses and tend to opt for the jeans and top combo even though a dress is often the easiest thing they could put on. If you tend to feel intimated by wearing a dress and usually only put one on for a special occasion, let us show you just how easy rocking a dress on an everyday basis can be.

Yes, dresses can look ultra-glam and sophisticated, but the right style of dress can also be rocked with a pair of sneakers and a hoodie — not to mention that some dresses are so comfy you will want to ditch pants forever. And once you realize that wearing a dress often means you only put one piece of clothing on and you're ready, there's no turning back. If you don't know where to start, here are the styles of dresses that will be big in 2023!

Fashion trends will be everywhere in 2023, from cyber girl to angelic textures

What do fringed dresses and jackets, tulle sleeves, 2000s rom coms and video games have in common? They’re all fashion trends that will be taking up space in your closet come 2023 if Pinterest’s trend report has any say.

Each year, Pinterest puts together a guide to the biggest emerging trends they’re seeing on the horizon, from those that build upon existing favourites (hello, Y2K resurgence) to those that seemingly came out of nowhere and are now ready to take over, trickling down from the runways to your local store or finding footing on TikTok or Instagram.

Whether your personal style is ethereal and romantic or sleek and edgy, you’ll find something to spark your sartorial flame and get you ready for the new year. Check out seven fashion trends to keep on your radar for your next shopping trip.

Fashion trends you will see in 2023

Fringed dresses

Call it the Dolly Parton effect. Indulge your inner rodeo star or free-spirited Woodstock attendee with fringed textures on dresses and jackets alike. While suede and leather fringe is the classic go-to, rhinestone fringe adds irresistible sparkle, especially when paired with a denim jacket. Fringe is fun on sleeves, skirt hems and even on wedding dresses—another emerging trend Pinterest noted for the coming year.

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Think pink

Barbiecore will only get bigger and better, especially when the highly anticipated Barbie movie hits theatres in July. The doll with the never-ending closet continues to inspire fashion trendsetters, specifically with pink miniskirt ensembles that would make Elle Woods jealous. When you’re planning your spring and summer wardrobe, take a cue from Barbie and her crew and think (bright) pink!

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Gamer girl vibes

Think 3023, not 2023. Cyber chic will be all the rage, with video games and galactic glamour influencing our outfits. Even if you’re not a gamer, you can channel the techie look with futuristic glasses, loose-fitting jeans, and lots of black and silver and shiny chrome textures to give off that Rihanna in Ocean’s 8 allure.

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Dystopian & avant garde inspiration

Sci-fi influence will also be felt via more dystopian, avant garde looks inspired by movies like Dune and Mad Max. Think of lots of drapey layers (Rick Owens would approve) or sleek catsuits with boots and long jackets. If it feels like something Katniss Everdeen would wear to battle at the Capitol, it’s probably on trend for 2023.

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Angelic texture

If dystopian chic isn’t your thing, look to the heavens for 2023’s fashion trends update on the romantic cottagecore trend. Instead of floral prints, think lace, ruffles, tulle and shimmer—soft, delicate and otherworldly textures that make you feel ethereal. Tulle sleeves, ruffled shirts and glimmering fabrics will have a moment in the spotlight; you can lean in and pile on the frills, or toughen them up with boots and a leather jacket.

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