5 Foundations You Can Apply Without Touching Your Face

With mounting safety concerns surrounding the spread of the coronavirus, people are taking hand hygiene a bit more seriously these days.

Hand sanitizer, soap, and plastic gloves have become a hot commodity, and makeup that doesn’t require you to touch your face may be next. That’s why there’s no better time than now to get acquainted with foundation spray.

Foundation spray is essentially a foundation that you spray onto a makeup brush, or directly onto your skin for airbrush coverage. And the best part is you can perfect your complexion without using your hands.

So for those of you looking for ways to germ-proof your beauty routine, here are five foundation sprays to add to your arsenal.

18 Best Foundation for Mature Skin 2022, According to Experts

Just as skin-care habits change over a lifetime, so should your makeup lineup—and finding the best foundation for mature skin is a great place to start. That’s because all skin types can undergo a lot of changes over time. “The concerns we have with mature skin are often dark spots, loss of elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, and dryness,” says celebrity makeup artist Sabrina Bedrani, who counts Michelle Yeoh and Sandra Bullock among her clients. Not only does skin become drier, but time (and sun damage) contributes to collagen loss and pigmentation—it’s important to look for specific foundation features to address all of the above.

For starters, you’ll want to “find a foundation that is not too thick or too dry, as those tend to stay in fine lines and can make you look older,” says Bedrani. With few exceptions, for example, matte finishes are not your friend; opt for liquid or creamy stick foundations that impart a dewy finish.

Celebrity makeup artist Autumn Moultrie, who works with Viola Davis, emphasizes the need for a formula that's nourishing too. “Mature skin needs a lightweight foundation that has reflective qualities and is hydrating,” she says. “Reflective qualities in a foundation deflect wrinkles and add a glow—that, sadly, is lost over time because of a diminished cell turnover rate.” She recommends blending your foundation with a moisturizer, whether the foundation is a hydrating formula or not, and applying it while skin is still slightly damp from either cleansing or sunscreen.

Whether you’re into buildable coverage or need a formula with broad-spectrum SPF, we’ve got you covered. To help you find the best foundation for mature skin that works for you, we rounded up Moultrie’s and Bedrani’s top picks—alongside our favorites, including a few that topped the Glamour 2022 Beauty Awards.

Find your perfect foundation and shade from MAKETHEMAKE

MAKETHEMAKE has a unique range of foundations with added skin care benefits. Developed by skin therapists and chemists with impressive expertise and knowledge, they have formulas and shades that match all skin types and tones. Find the formula and shade that is right for you below.


MAKETHEMAKE has five foundations in its range. Each foundation has a name that reveals its skin care content along with a texture that gives a radiant finish. All products are fully loaded with clinically proven active ingredients with the aim of extending your skin care routine with skin-caring makeup as the last step.

Foundation for your skin

Squalane Melting Foundation, SPF 30 – Is a silky powder foundation with protective SPF30 and nourishing Squalane. It literally melts into the skin and gives a natural, radiant finish.

Omega Stick Foundation – Is a stick foundation that provides light to medium coverage. The soft cream texture moisturises, strengthens the skin barrier and adds a nice glow.

Squalane Soft Compact Foundation – Gives a matte, soft and moisturised finish. A pressed powder with buildable coverage that can also be used as a setting powder.

Vitamin B Flawless Filter Foundation – Contains Vitamin B, Niacinamide and Panthenol which gives a silky matte and moisturised finish. This higher coverage formula is great for long days and nights out.

Bakuchiol Second Skin Foundation – Has the texture of a serum and gives a natural coverage. Contains nature's alternative to Vitamin A, Bakuchiol.

Find the right shade for you

These three tips will help you find the right shade for your skin tone:

Learn what skin tone you have - Do you have a cool, warm or neutral undertones? A quick tip is to look at your wrists. If you have blue veins, you have cool undertones while greener veins have a slightly warmer undertone. A person with a neutral tone may have both blue and green veins, so they have a balance of both cool and warm undertones. Skin that looks slightly in the yellow is referred to as warm while a pink undertone is cool.

Swatch and mix - Test your new base where it will actually be applied for the perfect colour match, such as on the jaw line or neck. Your perfect shade should not be visible on the skin, it should blend in and almost disappear. In some cases, a mix of two shades may be the best option for you.

The light makes a difference - For the best outcome, test your shade in daylight. Different lights affect how shades look on the skin, but daylight is most reliable!

Get help from our skin therapists who can guide you to the right foundation and even help you pick the best shade.

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