5 most common types of home improvement loans

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1. Home equity loans

Home equity loans, or HELs, use the equity in your property as collateral, This means a lender can legally take possession of your home if you default on your loan.

However, as a secured type of loan, you can qualify for lower rates on HELs since the risks are lower from a lender’s standpoint. Perhaps the trickier part is understanding how equity works and how much money you will get.

Equity refers to the portion of your home that you own based on its market value, less the amount of any liens attached to it. For instance, you have $100,000 in equity if your home value is $400,000 and your remaining mortgage balance is $300,000. As you make more monthly payments, your equity will increase until you own the property completely.

Homeowners can borrow up to 85% of their home equity on average, though some lenders will allow up to 100%. For example, if you have $100,000 in equity, you can expect to borrow around $80,000 to $100,000 but not any higher.

20+ Best Home Improvement and Home Decor Blogs and Websites to Follow

Are you ready to take your home decor to the next level?

When it comes to home renovations or home improvement, it can be difficult to know where to start. Luckily, there are thousands of design blogs ready to give you home decor inspiration.

It doesn’t matter what your personal home decor taste is, there is a blog perfect for your home! We’ve counted the best home improvement blogs online to make sure you get the best inspiration. Read on to find out more!

Best Home Improvement and Home Decor Blogs and Websites

Here are the best home improvement and home decor blogs on the internet right now!

1. Centsational Style – Best Budget Home Improvement Blog

Centsational Style was created by Kate Riley to share her love of DIY, design, and pattern making. Kate has been nurturing her creative blog for over 10 years and the main focus is how to create a home decor in an affordable way.

If you’re looking for budget options or low-cost solutions this is a blog to check out now. Within the blog, you can find Kate’s design projects, style files, art company work, and travel diaries too.

For readers who also like lifestyle posts, this is a great blog to follow as Kate is a self-proclaimed globetrotter too.

If you prefer to watch videos, Kate also has you covered as she frequently shares content on her Youtube channel too.

Find the blog here and on Instagram here.

2. Juniper Home – Best Interior Design Blog

Juniper Home, also formally known as Little Green Book, is a blog created by a former magazine writer and interior designer. Jenny Komenda has a wealth of experience within the home decor industry and uses the blog to share her tips with her community of readers.

Jenny strives to bring her audience the top home decor picks online with her “Shop Our Finds” feature. If you want product recommendations in a clear setting, this is perfect for you!

The Juniper Home Blog also details the stories of any historic houses the team is decorating and rehabbing in Arizona.

You can also own a decore from the blog in their Juniper Print shop. In the shop, you can find homeware goodies like oversized lumbar pillows and unique paintings. This is a dreamy website for any interior design lover.

Find the blog here and on Instagram here.

3. Remodelaholic – Best DIY Home Decor Blog

Remodelaholic keeps readers entertained with their affordable remodels and DIY solutions. The blog is written by Cassity and she focuses on reusing, recycling, and repurposing any home decor she can.

Whether this is through reusing old materials or using building supplies that have already been used in other projects, Remodelaholic will always have a sustainable DIY touch to it – perfect for any DIYer readers.

On the blog, you can see the team’s previous home remodels which show you how far the team has grown. You can also view design inspiration by room, perfect for anyone who has a specific room to get inspiration for.

Remodelaholic also has features on crafts, holiday themes, and project ideas, alongside their shop. This blog has a wealth of information and is great for anyone new to home improvements.

Find the blog here and on Instagram here.

4. Remodelista – Best Minimalist Design Blog

With categories for every remodel in question, Remodelista is a must-read for anyone considering changing their interior. Many of the designs on the blog are minimalist-inspired, but there are some other styles featured too!

The Remodelista blog was created by a group of four friends who realized they had similar design tastes. This friendship evolved into a blog that gives timeless home decor inspiration to anyone who needs it.

On the Remodelista blog, you can find their Remodeling 101 guide which gives beginners all they need to know when they start a project. From “5 Quick Fixes” to “10 Easy Pieces”, there are multiple articles to explain the basics to newbies.

The blog also offers interior design inspiration, their picks for design, design travel inspiration, and gardening inspiration too. There are always new and fresh ideas on the Remodelista blog!

Find the blog here and on Instagram here.

5. The Home Blog – Best For People New to Home Improvement

Founder Adam Jernigan created The Home Blog because he believes having a comforting and organized space is important for everybody.

Who wants to live in clutter and mess anyway? The blog evolved from a guide to clearing your home into inspiration for modern design too. The blog strives to share design inspiration and home organization tips so you can transform your home into somewhere you thrive.

The Home Blog has advice for everyone. This includes college students, first-time homeowners, people who rent, home offices, highrise homes, and more. There’s even advice for moving homes, saving money, improving your shelving, and general interior design tips.

Start reading this wealth of advice today!

Find the blog here and on Twitter here.

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6. Retro Renovation – Best Vintage Home Decor Inspiration

The Retro Renovation website is a haven for anyone who likes the retro design.

If you like mid-century design, this is a must-follow blog. Retro Renovation has been running for over 15 years, giving the team lots of experience in home design and finding the best retro home products.

Now the website focuses on finding the best furniture for retro remodels, but their blog is still active and their past content is still live on the website. With articles covering every room and technique, this is a guide that covers every aspect of home improvement.

The blog also has a feature called “The Museum” where fans can scroll through the history of mid-century design to learn more about the movement. Retro Renovation also stresses the importance of being safe when remodeling as older homes and pieces can be more dangerous to work with.

Find the blog here or on Instagram here.

7. This Old House – Best Experienced Home Improvement Blog

This Old House is perfect for anyone who wants to get into the nitty-gritty of remodeling homes.

While some blogs may focus on interior design and DIY crafts, This Old House delves into the tougher aspects like flooring, pest control, and tools. This is a great blog for builders as it provides tips, tricks, and expert advice on all things home improvement.

The blog has an A-Z feature where you can read through a range of topics to get to know more about renovating homes. Plumbing is covered on this website, as well as tools, so if you’re about to get a house give these informative articles a read first.

You can also watch This Old House on PBS and the team is now in their 42nd season – they really are seasoned professionals!

Find the blog here and on Instagram here.

8. Fine Homebuilding – Best Technical Home Remodeling Blog

With blogs on every topic imaginable, this blog is perfect for anyone who needs to rehab a whole house. From kitchens, roofs, and general remodeling, to decking, design, and safety, the editorial team behind Fine Homebuilding has got you covered.

You can also subscribe to the Fine Homebuilding magazine to get constant remodeling content delivered straight to your door.

If you prefer watching videos, you can also check out the website’s range of clips on various home-building topics. They also have a podcast that has over 300 episodes, perfect for getting home improvement tips on the go.

Find the blog here or on Instagram here.

9. Young House Love – Best Modern Home Decor Blog

The Young House Love blog was created over 14 years ago when couple Sherry and John started to remodel their first home. The creative couple love home improvement and home decor design, so they took their love to the internet and quickly gained followers. These two even DIY’d their own backyard wedding – proving their expertise in the DIY craft industry.

On the website, you can view the owner’s last few homes and how they renovated them. There are many before and afters to scroll through, anyone with spare time should give these a look as they’re seriously impressive! You can also find a variety of DIY and decorating tips, a podcast, and an online shop.

Find the blog here and on Instagram here.

10. Reveal Homestyle – Best DIY Home Remodeling Blog

If you’re looking for a blog that focuses on the repairs and renovations of remodeling rather than the color palettes and design, check out Reveal Homestyle.

This home rehab blog tells readers the tips and tricks for the construction of interior and exterior elements, making sure all processes are explained well and safely. You can also find advice on HVAC and general home improvement ideas too.

Reveal Homestyle also has a few blogs on real estate, smart homes, and the moving process. While this might not be the prettiest blog online, it’s an essential one to checkout to make sure you understand every part of the remodeling process!

Find the blog online here.

11. Merrypad – Best Family Home Improvement Blog

Sometimes it’s nice to read blogs from people who have similar lives to you. If you have kids or a family, try reading the Merrypad blog.

Created by Emily and Pete, this blog chronicle’s the family’s own home remodels and also features tips and advice for readers. Owner Emily used to develop content for DIY Network and HGTV so you’re in good hands with her advice.

Within the website, you can view various before and after projects, see Emily’s professional work, and read a range of articles on all topics imaginable. From beach houses to barns, every home has a solution on this blog.

Emily features articles that contain content for kids like “6 Summer Art Assignments For You And Your Kids”, so if you like lifestyle posts these are available too!

Find the blog here and on Instagram here.

12. Refresh Restyle – Best Craft Decorating Blog

Created by Debbie, Refresh Restyle offers readers a range of home DIY solutions to change up your home.

Debbie works in a creative way, always looking for a new problem to solve. If you like unorthodox methods of upcycling or DIY interior design, this will be a great source of inspiration for you!

The blog features a DIY section where Debbie shares her furniture makeovers. From couch and sofa makeover guides to creating colorful coffee tables, there’s something for everyone here!

Many of the guides focus on farmhouse style, so if country living is your goal check these out! The Refresh Restyle website also features a VIP Facebook group, a shop, and a helpful crafts section too.

Find the blog here and on Instagram here.

13. DIYShowOff – Best Home Improvement Lifestyle Blog

Based in Butler, north Pittsburgh lives Roeshel. She created the blog DIYShowOff as she’s always had a life-long passion for repurposing furniture, designing interiors, and being creative in general.

Roeshel has a large farmhouse and dedicates her time to renovating it and sharing the process on her blog. This is great if you need inspiration from real houses to start your home improvement journey.

Alongside her tutorials and blogs about home interiors, Roeshel also likes to educate readers on health and wellness. For home improvement fans who also have a passion for lifestyle writing, this is a great combination!

Find out more about natural cleaning products, essential oils, and healthcare vs. sick care.

Find the blog here and on Instagram here.

14. Funky Junk Interiors – Best Upcycling Home Decor Blog

Donna was inspired to create Funky Junk Interiors when she found her love for creating cool furnishings from junk.

At one point in her life, Donna realized she needed to start life over again and this process included furnishing a new home with no funds. After thrifting and finding curbside materials, Donna was able to create unique one-off pieces that inspire thousands of readers.

As the blog grew, Donna was able to quit her job and go full-time with Funky Junk Interiors. On the website, you can find her creations, all project galleries, video guides, stencil sign projects, and also travel diaries.

This blog is a wealth of unique home interior designs, perfect for those who love alternative styles.

Find the blog here or on Instagram here.

15. Apartment Therapy – Best Home Decor Blog on Instagram

The Apartment Therapy blog was created in 2001 as a weekly newsletter for clients of designer Maxwell Ryan. Since then, the project has snowballed into a leading source of tips and home interior design inspiration for readers.

The blog features expert advice from industry professionals, DIY projects, How-To guides, shopping advice, and much more.

The blog features a daily House Tour. These features are submitted by real readers and show real homes, bringing extra inspiration and a chance to show your personal style.

The blog now has a community of an impressive 20 million readers on the website and Instagram page. If you want more inspiration, visit the sister blog Kitchn for some more kitchen remodel ideas.

Find the blog here or on Instagram here.

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16. Home Adore – Best Professional Interior Design Blog

Home Adore is a sophisticated interior design blog, perfect for anyone who also loves architecture and artistic design.

This blog was founded in 2012 and specialized in showing great ideas within home designs. On this blog, you’ll find properties worldwide giving you a wide variety of cultural influences and styles to choose from.

On the blog, you can navigate through architecture, furniture, interior, lighting, and even garden design. Whatever element you want an idea for, you’ll find one here.

Home Adore also features a “Misc” category with helpful articles that have information on moving home, creative furniture design, modern fireplaces, and much more.

You can also visit the blog’s shop for art, kitchenware, and more home essentials.

Find the blog here or on Instagram here.

17. Decor8 – Best Neutral Home Interior Design Blog

Decor8 is a popular minimalist home design blog created in 2006 by Holly Becker. Holly strives to help readers be more creative and daring with their home design so that they can enjoy living in a cozy environment that makes them happy daily.

Holly is an interior design expert, journalist, product designer, lecturer, and author, proving she knows what she’s talking about with the field of home improvement.

Within the Decor8 blog, you can find the ways Holly remodels homes through her personal blogs. Holly’s style is very neutral with an abundance of white, cream, and beige hues.

You can also read about the owner’s travels which often feature galleries and design shows with cutting-edge furniture ideas. If you want to be ahead of interior trends, this is a great blog to check out.

Find the blog here and on Instagram here.

18. IKEA Hackers – Best Cheap Interior Design Blog

IKEA is great for budget solutions and home furniture, but have you ever wondered if you could do more with your IKEA furnishings? If you answered yes, make sure you visit the blog IKEA Hackers ASAP!

This blog shows alternative ways to style IKEA products without spending a fortune doing so, perfect if you’re styling your home on a budget but want it to look different from the showrooms!

As this blog has been around since 2006 there is a whole range of different posts. On the blog, you can find the “Best Of” page which helps to streamline your experience. From here you can select your year and find the most popular hacks from each time period.

This is a handy way to get ideas fast without having to trawl through lots of posts. If you can’t get enough of these ideas you can follow the team on Instagram or sign up for their newsletter for weekly updates too.

Find the blog here and on Instagram here.

19. Design Sponge – Best Home Improvement Archive Blog

Design Sponge was an iconic home improvement blog for 15 years. In 2009 the team called it quits, ending an era of fabulous home interior designs and DIY projects.

However, before you skip this entry, Design Sponge is still live online and their wealth of content is still available to access! Though the team isn’t posting weekly updates on the blog anymore, they’re still worth looking at for their variety of designs and many home projects.

They also still post daily to their Instagram page with over 800,000 followers.

In the Design Sponge DIY section, readers will find lists of their “Top DIY Projects of All Time” which focus on different crafts and bring you the best of the best. These lists are perfect for anyone who doesn’t have much time and wants to get the tried and tested best ideas now.

You can also find old food and drink content, travel ideas, life and business ideas, books, and shopping on the Design Sponge page too.

Find the blog here and on Instagram here.

20. Ask The Builder – Best Renovation Advice for Builders Blog

Ask The Builder is run by Tim Carter, an industry professional, who loves to help others with their home remodeling problems. Tim has decades of experience in this field and his blog is one of the longest-lasting and oldest home improvement blogs on the internet.

Thousands of users trust Tim’s advice through his informative blogs and how-to Youtube videos. Ask The Builder was even one of the first 50 paid Youtube partners – proving how long he’s been trusted.

Through hard work and dedication, the Ask The Builder blog became the most-quoted home improvement blog online and Tim was dubbed one of the “Top 50 Remodelers In The USA” by the Remodeling Magazine.

If you want reliable, high-quality home improvement advice – this is the blog to start reading. Or, you can listen to Tim’s podcast, view his before and after projects, or ask him questions in his Q&A sessions.

Find the blog here or on Youtube here.

21. The Family Handyman – Best Home Improvement Tips And Tricks Blog

If you want easy-to-follow home DIY tips, The Family Handyman is a good blog to check out.

This blog specializes in complete and accurate how-to articles to help readers remodel their homes without the need to call in a specialist.

The blog grew so large that they started publishing Family Handyman magazines, to give monthly tips to all readers interested in home improvement techniques.

On the website, you can find a range of categories to help all areas of home improvement. In the “New Homeowners” category the editorial team gives clear advice on each step of the homeownership process.

You can also find DIY workshops and on-demand classes led by experts in the field too. This is a great blog for anyone who wants to start improving their home as soon as possible with online course help.

Find the blog here.

22. All Sorts Of – Best Fashion and Home Decor Blog

Established by interior designer Amber Lewis, All Sorts Of is a home decor blog that focuses on fashionable interior design.

Amber also owns Amber Interiors, a design studio that focuses on California-inspired home interiors. Alongside design, you can also find lifestyle and entrepreneur posts on the All Sort Of blog – perfect for anyone with an interest in self-development too.

Amber keeps the All Sorts Of blog updated with collections for every season. If you like to change your home every few months, this is a blog that will give you great ideas.

Amber has collaborated with brands like Anthropologie to showcase ways you can decorate your home in a fashionable, laidback style. This blog is great for those with boho tastes, as Amber focuses on interior design with a laidback style.

You can also visit the Amber Interiors shop via the blog for curated furniture and homeware recommendations.

Find the blog here and on Instagram here.

23. Small Stuff Counts – Best Female Home Improvement Blog

Established by Emily, Small Stuff Counts teaches readers how to create an organized and thriving home.

Emily created the blog in 2013 and has focused on DIY projects and cute interior decor projects ever since. When she’s not renovating her home, Emily works a full-time marketing job.

The Small Stuff Counts blog has a large female following and is great for any woman who wants to dip their toes into the world of home improvements. Emily also focuses on moms who want to organize their homes while also raising kids.

Many of the tutorials and projects on the blog are affordable and low-budget solutions. This is great for any readers who want to change their home decor without spending a fortune in the process.

The blog features resources, home tours, home management, an archive of Emily’s projects, and an Ebook too! Everything you need to start your home improvement journey.

Find the blog here or on Instagram here.


What home improvements add the most value in 2021?

If you’re looking to add some value to your home you may want to know the most important improvement techniques for 2021. Professional home improvement sites suggest that garage door replacement, minor kitchen remodels, and wood deck additions are the top three processes to focus on this year.

What things add the most value to a home?

Maybe you want to add general value to your home and not just renovations that are popular this year. If this is the case, property developers suggest converting your cellar, making your garage a living space, extending your kitchen, and loft conversions are the key renovations to focus on.

Which home improvements return the greatest value at resale?

When it comes to generating more value in a resale, experts estimate that a cellar conversion can add up to 30% potential value. Though there are other ways to generate more value through home improvements, this renovation technique is one of the least complex methods to generate more profit.

What brings down property value?

Factors that reduce property value include deferred maintenance, poor material quality, bad neighbors, neighborhood foreclosures, and more. Some factors that bring down property value can be changed and come can’t. If you want to improve your value, focus on fixing up your home and maintaining it. Repaint all the walls and tidy your yard!

What is the most popular home decor style right now?

If you want to keep your home interior on-trend, focus on these 2021 styles. Popular styles at the moment include maximalism, clashing cheques and stripes, sculptural shapes, bold primary colors, and wall murals. It seems 2021 is about being bold and playing with clashing patterns, show your daring side through your home!

Where do I start in home decorating?

When you want to start improving your home, take things one step at a time. There are so many areas to focus on, it can become overwhelming quickly. Many experts suggest that you should go room by room and don’t set a strict time schedule.

Where can I find the best home decor accessories?

To find the best design accessories, you first need to know what style you’re looking for! Browse some interior design idea blogs and see what catches your eye. Often many home decor blogs will curate lists to guide users to the best home decor shops. Remodelista often posts their favorite picks for home accessories, these are always worth checking out.

What is popular in home decor?

There are a variety of home decor trends this year, especially as we’ve spent more time inside. Key popular trends are more use of color, sustainable furniture, lighter wooden materials, and traditional-looking furniture that gives a welcoming aesthetic to homes.

Home is where the heart is, so it’s so important to make your space as comforting as possible. As we spend more time at home with work from home becoming the new normal, it’s important to feel good where we live. Hopefully, these blogs can give you some inspiration for future projects in your home.

Do you like Home Decor blogs? If you feel inspired and you want to start your own Home Decor blog, you could read this guide on How to start a blog and follow the steps.

How Did Home Improvement Surge During This Pandemic?

Homeowners are now looking to improve their bathroom's appeal. Some of the noticeable trends during the Covid pandemic include:

1. Installing Bathroom Cabinets for Extra Storage

Cabinetry is an essential feature in decluttering and saving space. It makes your bathroom more spacious and appealing.

The cabinets help you store things like hair gel, dryer, and other toiletries. You also use the cabinet to store spare towels so that when you want them, you're sure to access them immediately.

A modern trend in bathroom cabinets during the Covid pandemic is the floating cabinet idea. These cabinets add to the personality of your bathroom.

Since they are installed on the wall, they seem to be floating. This cabinet style continues to gain popularity due to its attractiveness and uniqueness.

You can also make this part of your bathroom renovation projects. It offers a fantastic way to add a unique style to your bathroom.

The best part is that you don't need to remodel the whole bathroom. The floating cabinet also makes your bathroom space more welcoming. These are the reasons behind people's motivation to improve their homes during the stay-at-home season.

2. Adding Freestanding Tubs

Maybe you're also one of those renovating their bathrooms, and you want to know more about installing freestanding tubs. These are standalone bathtubs that you can position anywhere within your bathroom area.

A standalone tub benefits you in many ways. First, it makes your bathroom look gorgeous. Second, it's designed for you to enjoy a soothing bath with the freestanding soaking tub.

The tub is also favorable for anyone, whether you want a modern or vintage style. Some come as freestanding tubs with showers.

Do you know that you can also install a small freestanding tub in a small bathroom? The most beautiful part is that you have the freedom to choose from a unique variety of sizes and shapes.

One standard shape is the freestanding rectangular tub.

With such freedom, you can customize your bathroom's design to what you like and what you can easily maintain.

3. Complimenting Bathroom Cabinets with Freestanding Bathtubs

Most of us would love to choose bathtub designs that match our bathroom cabinets, right?

Homeowners are becoming more creative by positioning their bathtubs strategically.

For example, bathtubs between cabinets can make your bathroom look more appealing. This can work especially for the farmhouse style.

Furthermore, depending on the design you choose, each tub comes with unique styles and benefits. It's no wonder the freestanding tubs have become popular in the current years.

You can choose bathtub styles and colors that match your bathroom cabinets. This adds to your bathroom's attractiveness.

Let's look at some of the commonly sought-after bathroom free standing tubs and how you can benefit from them. You'll also see how you can match your bathtub designs with the bathroom cabinets.

Copper freestanding tubs

Copper stand tubs are gorgeous, hand-crafted designs that come in various distinctive styles, shapes, and textures.

If you have wooden bathroom cabinets that contain varnish, you can acquire a copper bathtub that closely resembles that. Most importantly, the copper's capacity to conduct heat enables you to maintain a steady water temperature.

Copper is also associated with numerous health benefits. This is because it naturally resists mold and bacteria, hence keeping you safe from diseases linked to substances like mold.

Cast iron freestanding tubs

There are several reasons why people are choosing the cast iron freestanding bathtubs. First, they're extremely heavy and durable. They are made exactly how they were made centuries ago. Hence, they can last you many generations to come.

These tubs consist of iron with porcelain enamel coating. As a result, they are easy to clean and hard to scratch.

As mentioned earlier, cast iron tubs can retain heat excellently, hence ideal for more extended soaking. However, you need to ensure that your bathroom cabinet is far from the bathtub. With frequent and extensive soaking in hot water, the steam might ruin the cabinet's finish.

Furthermore, some space between the cabinets and the tubs allows for easier cleaning around the bathroom areas. This will help you maintain neat bathroom spaces.

Fortunately, if you already have your tub close to the cabinet, you don't have to worry about the steam ruining your cabinet's finishing. This is because the freestanding bathtubs can be adjusted at any time.

Acrylic freestanding tubs

Acrylic tubs are the most common choice for freestanding bathtubs today. They come with a large variety of both traditional and modern freestanding tub designs.

They are pretty lightweight, making them easier to move around, and install. You can even carry the tub up the stairs quickly.

You also don't have to reinforce your floor when installing on an upper level. This sets apart the freestanding acrylic tubs compared to the heavier materials like resin and cast iron.

Most importantly, those with smaller bathrooms are not limited from installing beautiful bathtubs. You can have both the cabinet and tub in your bathroom. How?

This design comes in smaller fitting sizes; hence it can work well as a freestanding tub in a small bathroom.

So, if you're remodeling a smaller bathroom and you want to install both cabinets and freestanding tubs, you can find such designs that save space.

4. Extra Bathroom Accessories

Do you know that you can change the seemingly minor things in your bathroom and make a huge impact? For example, mirrors increase the style in your bathroom areas, and you don't have to spend much on them.

Homeowners are now taking time to install vintage mirrors. They're doing this to add a touch of class to their bathrooms. But, others are also going for modern mirrors, depending on personal preference.

Other bathroom accessories that most people consider include:

New shower cubicles

Shower caddies

Towel racks

Laundry hampers.

5. Repainting the Bathroom Walls and Accessories

Most of us are now focusing on repainting our bathroom walls for a brighter feel. Other areas include repainting the bathroom cabinets.

Some of the trending colors include all-white bathrooms. Others are trying out bolder appeal-like metallic shades of silver or gold.

6. Changing the Bathroom Countertops

During this Covid pandemic, most homeowners are changing their bathroom countertops. One popular material used is modular granite.

Most people like this design because it's bigger than tile and smaller than the slab. Many are also going for ceramic tiles, which is an excellent economical option. They also come in color varieties.

7. Renovating the Bathroom Flooring

Most of us now enjoy the patterned and rough-tiled bathroom floors. Others are simply adding some color to their bathroom floors.

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