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I’m going to be frank here. Among the few reason I like winter the layering factor and all the cute outwear I get to wear are key. I’m the girl that always thinks “Oh crap, not this shit again!” once faced with the winter wonderland everybody seems to love so much.

And I really, really don’t like winter at all. It’s uncomfortable and so cold you can’t get warm even if you wear a polar bear around your neck at all times. Not to mention the slippery factor – all that ice is a permanent accident waiting to happen. I would fast forward it entirely if possible.

The bright light at the end of the white, freezing tunnel is my long love affair with winter coats, jackets and wraps.

Despite the cold, I do enjoy getting to wear all my jackets, trenches and parkas as much as I want. I do find some small satisfaction in the fact that if I really have to freeze my ass off, I can, at least, do it in style.

Some of my favorite outwear pieces: leather jacket, yellow embossed trench, fabric roses bolero, brown fur and leather jacket

Right about now I feel an itch to add some more outwear pieces to my collection and I start hunting to take the edge off.

First on my list is something sporty chic to either go with casual looks or contrast with really feminine outfits. I like a few models from Lole that I think would make everything better on my daily trips to work when all I can think of is: Why God, why me?

I would also really, really like to have something like this. Looks awesome!!!

I've also been looking for the perfect black and white geometrical print coat. Of course, the greatest find would be a long, bubblegum pink coat to sweeten the cold winter days.

But I do have to give winter credit this year: it didn’t snow yet, the temperature were kind of bearable and hopefully until it shows it’s true face again, because you know it will, I will manage to get my hands on some goodies to make the cold go away.

2021 Year in Review: Pop Culture, Notable Figures, and Fashion Trends

2021 Year in Review: Pop-Culture


Britney Spears used her own voice to express her desire to end the conservatorship which has ruled her life since 2008. Britney’s conservatorship was initially set up because of concerns with her mental health after being admitted to the hospital following the release of two of her most popular songs. Her father, Jamie Spears, was in control of her platform, who initially set up the conservatorship out of a desire to protect her. As part of the conservatorship, Spears was unable to make any individual decisions about her finances or career. In June of this year, at the age of 39, Spears decided to publicly address this issue in court because she wanted to get married and have a baby but was unable to because of the conservatorship. In July, a petition was filed to have Mr. Spears removed from the conservatorship, which brought up the question as to whether or not these life restrictions should still even be used. In November, a judge made the decision to end the conservatorship, after Britney expressed that the conservatorship was abusive and she did not want it anymore. The singer is now celebrating, as she has her life back to herself and in her own control. When the case started, her fans started the campaign of #FreeBritney, which has been a notable system of support from her fans.

Space- Billionaires

Billionaires are out of this world, literally, as they are flying into space on rockets. Some of these billionaires include Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and Elon Musk. Bezos, who is the richest man in the world, traveled to space on July 20 aboard the spaceship called “New Shepard.” Shortly following Bezos, Branson then decided he was going to take a trip to space on his own “Virgin Galactic VSS Unity.” Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, has purchased a ticket to take a trip on Branson’s rocket. According to certain news sources, Musk is also likely capable of being able to fly to space by himself soon. Branson’s flight averages $250,000, which many people have already signed up to go on the trip. Branson thinks that everyone should go to space because of the fun and experiences it brings to many people. Bezos has always had a passion for space exploration and wants to build a space business. Musk started SpaceX in 2002; the business is presented as very successful and has had many launches with a desire to create an impact in space. The “billionaire space race” is in full swing with these three rival billionaires trying to make significant changes in the space industry.

Alec Baldwin shooting cinematographer

On Thursday, Nov. 21, on a ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a fiction movie called “Rust” was being filmed when a serious incident occurred on set with Alec Baldwin. A cinematographer named Halyna Hutchins was shot and killed with a prop gun that was present on set. The shot was fired by Alec Baldwin, who also injured the director present. These serious matters are under investigation with an emphasis on the protocols of props being handled on set. Some members of the crew complained and walked off from their jobs. Baldwin has not been charged with anything, though lawsuits have been formed, and the case is under investigation. No authorities know how the prop gun was loaded, and Baldwin expresses that he did not pull the trigger. When the gun was handed to Baldwin, he was told that there were no live rounds present in the gun, and the assistant director did not know any live rounds were in the gun either. This situation now questions many different protocol warnings on set. With COVID-19 restrictions in place on set, detectives are trying to seek further evidence left anywhere on set but it has been harder to locate any other evidence. This case is different from others because something went completely wrong with this type of ammunition being on set. The production of the movie has been stopped and the accidental shooting is still under investigation.

Kanye ≠ Kim – Keeping Up with the Kardashians

“Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” a reality and popular TV show regarding the lives of the Kardashians family has announced that this season will be their last. The show has aired on E! since 2007. The family was saddened when Kris Jenner announced to the crew that this will be their last season. The family has recently announced that they have made a deal with Hulu regarding continuing the show, yet it is still unknown if this production will be the same as “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Some believe it was more of a decision to transfer their show to a more popular platform rather than a decision to end the show entirely. Furthermore in Kardashian news, stars Kim and Kanye recently faced some personal issues. With the $2 billion name they created, star Kim Kardashian and music artist Kanye West’s relationship issues have led to divorce. Their relationship started to have troubles when Kanye was at an interview for TMZ and made certain political comments that were offensive. He used these comments in a song and referenced his wife in the lyrics as well saying that she is going to lose it. Early on in the pandemic in 2019, the couple had many struggles regarding other situations, which were also filmed for the TV show. Throughout the pandemic, the couple did not spend Thanksgiving or Christmas together. Kim made a decision to file for divorce on Feb. 19.

JLo and ARod

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, also known as JLo and ARod, announced that they decided to call off their engagement in the spring of 2021. They appeared to be the perfect couple to many after getting engaged in March of 2019. According to sources close to JLo, an essential reason for the breakup was trust. Before they decided to split, there were a few rumors going around that ARod was getting too close to Madison LeCroy from the show “Southern Charm.” When rumors started to spread about LeCroy, fans immediately connected them to ARod. LeCroy denied the rumors but did say that she does talk to ARod at times. JLo and ARod released a TMZ statement saying that these rumors were not accurate and that they were working things out. At the time rumors about JLo were also spreading, as her ex Ben Affleck was sending her emails while she was filming in the Dominican Republic. It has been reported that their relationship seemed to be building a little before the breakup. JLo and ARod announced to the public that they were better off as friends and that they will continue to support each other. Meanwhile, it appears that JLo’s relationship with Ben Affleck is continuing to develop.

Gallery | 1 Photos Jon Tyson via Unsplash "Naomi Osaka" by pbepmaop98 is licensed under CC BY 2.0 "File:Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.jpg" by Mark Jones is licensed under CC BY 2.0 "Ginástica Artística - Final individual feminino - Simone Biles/EUA - Medalha de Ouro" by Secretaria Especial do Esporte is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

2021 Year in Review: Notable Figures

Simone Biles

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics were held during the Summer of 2021 as a result of COVID-19. One stand-out athlete that many tuned in to watch was decorated gymnast Simone Biles. But, this year, Biles did not compete in all of her events. She pulled out of the all-around gymnastics competition, even as a contender for the gold. Biles put her mental health first and opted out of some events, inspiring people around the world to focus on mental health. Her large presence as a world-class athlete brought attention to mental health in athletes, students and others.

Amanda Gorman

At 23 years old, Amanda Gorman became the first-ever National Youth Poet Laureate named by Urban Word, the organization running the Youth Poet Laureate program. At the start of 2021, Gorman became the youngest inaugural poet, speaking at President Joe Biden’s inauguration. Gorman’s words inspire change and focus on topics like oppression, feminism and race. She is a very decorated author, graduating from Harvard University, and has written three books in addition to her guest articles at many major news sources.

Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka emerged as a star tennis player when she won the U.S. Open in 2018. She has won four grand slam titles and has been ranked as one of the top female tennis players in the world. This year, she took an indefinite break from tennis. She cited mental health as her reason for her break, openly discussing her depression. Similar to gymnast Simone Biles, Osaka has spoken out about mental health and created a safer environment for many athletes and their mental health.

Elliot Page

Elliot Page became very well known this year through his advocacy for transgender and LGBTQ+ rights. Beginning at the end of last year and moving into 2021, Page announced that he is transgender and changed his name from Ellen to Elliot. Most popularly known for their performances in “Juno” and “The Umbrella Academy” Page has struggled to find his place in society as a transgender person in the acting world. Through his struggles, he has advocated for transgender rights and publicized the importance of living authentically and finding your identity. He has brought to light the fear in announcing his identity as a transgender actor, forging a path for queer actors and celebrities.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

In March of this year, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they were splitting from the royal family. In an interview with pop culture icon Oprah Winfrey, they said their reasons for leaving was a “lack of support and lack of understanding.” The former Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very community-driven. Markle is an advocate for female empowerment, and Prince Harry is continuing to support her. Their split from the crown took many by surprise but has not changed their role model character and personality.

Gallery | 1 Photos Mike Maguire via Wikimedia Commons Kim & Kanye: Jtorquy, CC BY-SA 4.0 "File:Reebok freestyle cropped.jpg - Wikimedia Commons"/> File:Flannels 5.jpg - Wikimedia Commons" Bazaar Thrift Store Organization - Free photo on Pixabay

2021 Year in Review: Fashion Trends

Flare Pants

Flare pants have made a comeback in 2021. They have become more and more popular, with flare being incorporated into many pant styles, including bell-bottom jeans, dress pants and yoga pants. Taking inspiration from the 70s, flare pants are flattering on any body type and have gained popularity through yoga pants, a new comfortable style. Flare pants have been endorsed on popular social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram by popular content creators and influencers.


Post-pandemic style greatly influenced 2021 fashion trends. This is partially where the popularity of Y2K styles stemmed from. Once people felt comfortable leaving their homes again, they kept the comfortable outfits that were quarantine staples. Styles inspired by 2000s looks were very prominent, including candy-colored sweatpants and sweatshirts that are becoming increasingly popular and accepted as casual outfits. Y2K can be an easy and cheap way to feel comfortable and fashionable at the same time, with many wearing bedazzled pieces and bright colors.


As many people are boycotting fast-fashion retailers like Shein, thrift stores have become increasingly popular in the past year. Along with online thrift stores such as ThredUp, physical thrift stores are also on the rise. While some shop at thrift stores to save money, others enjoy the thrill of the hunt for stylish items. Thrifting is an alternative to mainline retailers and can provide lower prices for very gently used items while also helping customers shop more sustainably and be more environmentally conscious.


As many styles from the past made a comeback in 2021, the popular 90s flannel became a staple. Flannels are dubbed a timeless piece of clothing and can be paired with many different items of clothing, creating multiple styles and adding to its versatility. This year, flannels became even more popular as retailers introduced new fits, colors, and patterns, putting new twists on the closet staple. Flannels can be a part of many different styles and aesthetics, making them even more popular and worn by more people than ever.

Chunky shoes

“Dad Shoes” as well as other platform shoes have become a trend in 2021. They bring many a nostalgic feeling and are versatile staple pieces. Many style chunky shoes with athletic outfits, but platform shoes, especially boots such as Doc Martin’s, can be dressed up and paired with skirts or dresses. Chunky shoes, similar to other staple pieces, have made a comeback due to new renditions of an original style. Some chunkier sneakers are super bold and creative, involving new patterns and designs. As many brand-name shoe companies continue to make chunkier style shoes, “Dad Shoes” and platform shoes continue to grow in popularity.

How skateboarding has influenced fashion and pop-culture

How skateboarding has influenced fashion and pop-culture

We’ve all heard the deafening noise of 50mm wheels on asphalt and seen the clusters of teens sporting baggy pants, landing tricks, and thinking they are above the law. But as the appeal of skateboarding and its culture grow worldwide, one can realize that skating is no longer merely a realm of misfits who wear needlessly oversized pants. Having spread from its roots as a small counter-culture activity, skateboarding has now permeated society, leaving a surprisingly large footprint on global pop culture and fashion.

Music, one of the most notable categories of pop-culture, has to have been affected by skateboarding in order for this argument to have substance. To illustrate this is, skateboarding’s participation in the creation of a new genre known as ‘skate punk.’ While skateboarding was considered an anarchic form of self-expression practiced by a small band of outcasts, it exploded on the west coast of America in the late 70s and 80s which coincided with the emergence of US punk rock. The similar anti-establishment ideology prompted this time period to be a breeding ground for new forms of expression and lead to the creation of the aforementioned ‘skate punk’ genre.

One can notice these ‘skate punk’ songs all throughout skate videos created in the late 70’s and 80’s. A notable example would be Santa Cruz Skateboarding’s use of the skate punk group MinuteMen and their song “Paranoid Chant” in the legendary 1989 video “Streets on Fire.” Throughout the late 80’s and 90’s, the use of music in skateboarding shifted to less aggressive genres, with some even adopting more classical genres such as jazz. One of these adopters is the skateboarding legend Guy Mariano who shocked the skateboarding world by using the jazz icon Herbie Hancock’s song “Watermelon Man” in his 1996 video titled “Mouse.” This use of more classical genres enabled an entire generation to discover a new type of music made 40 years prior, thus shaping the musical taste of countless people. In the late 90’s, Hip Hop and skateboarding shared a close bond, with both embodying anti-establishment views. Skaters pulled out music from the discography of legendary Hip Hop artists such as Nas or Mobb Deep. As Hip Hop became one of the most popular genres of the 90’s, this marked the second time skateboarding directly led to the growth of a musical genre and is another example of how skate culture influenced popular culture.

Ever since the death of skinny jeans in the early 2010’s, the rise of streetwear has dominated the scene, leading to a frenzy of new popular fashion modeled on the attire and aesthetic of skaters. Skateboarding attire consists mainly of comfortable and functional clothing with an emphasis on durability due to the repeated rough landings taken by skaters. Wearing a skate brand makes an individual feel a part of this subculture that prides itself on being different and free from authority. They ignore the face value of comfortable and durable clothes, and see it as something more underground and exclusive which drives up the allure; just take a look at how skate wear has started to sell out on major retailer platforms such as Urban Outfitters which normally have a massive supply. As such, the skater attitude has proven to be infinitely seductive to brands looking to commandeer the spirit for their own gains. And one of the reasons that skate wear has become mainstream is undoubtedly due to branding.

But the supremacy of the brands on the scene today stems from their authenticity. And amongst a clan of heavy hitters, there are two main giants who stand shoulders above the rest: Supreme and Stussy. Both come from skateboarding backgrounds - Supreme started in 1994 as a skate shop on Lafayette St. in New York City and eventually transitioned into selling clothing, while Stussy was founded in the late 80’s by Shawn Stussy. These brands lifted different elements of pop-culture into their clothing. For example, Stussy’s interlocked S logo originated from the world famous Chanel interlocked C logo. The marriage of influences allowed the brands to create something new and energetic, gaining a dedicated and international following within only a few years. Seeing this large demand, these brands did not hesitate to capitalise off it and drive up the hype of their products by limiting inventory. The web store inventory sells out in a matter of seconds, lines with day-long waiting times circling around the block, and even violence over the coveted clothing are all proof that skate style has evolved into a global phenomenon.

Skateboarding, once a small counter culture activity, is now as prominent in pop culture as Pulp Fiction or Michael Jordan. The industry has clearly emerged from its grassroots origins and left an important mark on society. Indeed, as the cult of the skater develops into a contemporary culture, it will be interesting to see how society will cope with such fervent and sustained admiration.

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