To authenticate Dior Dway slides start by observing the overall look with its lettering, symmetry, and exquisiteness. Then, observe the pattern carefully from both sides followed by the footbed method. Don't forget to check the font and soles too. Finally, finish by analyzing the sizing method. Follow each step closely to get the most accurate result. If you will still have any concerns about authenticity of your item, please make sure to contact our Dior authentication team.

  How To Legit Check Dior sandals?

  The Overall Look Method

  The Pattern Method

  The Side Method

  The Footbed Method

  The Font Method

  The Sole Method

  The Sizing Method

  Do Dior Dway Slides run true to size?

  Are Dior Dway Slides comfortable

  Where can I get Dior Dway Slides authenticated?

  Dior Dway Slides Authentication: The Overall Look Method

  If we take a look at the counterfeit Dior, we'll notice several issues.

  The very first issue is the lettering; while each letter is written symmetrically on the authentic slide, the counterfeit letters seem to be asymmetrical and squiggly. For example, if we compare "Paris" texts on both of these pictures we'll notice how bold and straight it is in the left picture whereas it has issues with the counterfeit model.

  Letters are tilted on the side and the overall look is destroyed because of it.

  Even though these methods of authenticating Dior Dway slides are the most relevant to today’s counterfeit industry, beware that fake producers progress at insane rates. We notice virtually each month that it is getting harder and harder to differentiate original items from fakes, because replicas are getting pretty good. You should definitely try methods in this guide yourself, but if you spent a lot of money on an item, it may be wise to consider professional authentication.

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  Fake Dior Dway Slides: The Pattern Method

  When it comes to the authentic slides pattern we need to say that the elements on it aren't symmetrical or consistent, whereas the replica tried to create a symmetrical pattern which might not look necessarily bad, but it doesn't look like the original one.

  The white line part in the authentic embroidery is more textured whereas the replica line is pretty flat without that hand-made effect to it.

  How To Spot Fake Dior Dway Slides: The Side Method

  Let's take a look at the embroidery part from the side.

  It is even more visible from the side how embossed the authentic embroidery is and it truly has that textured look that an embroidered piece should have whereas the counterfeit slide seems to be pretty flat and even on the surface, which is certainly different from the anticipated look.

  The replica letters also seem to be much bigger than they are supposed to be.

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  Dior Dway Slides Real Vs Fake: The Footbed Method

  The authentic footbed is more defined and exquisite which will make the slides look appealing while wearing them whereas the replica footbed seems to be less defined and carved, it's just narrower at the bottom and wider at the top.

  The material used for the authentic footbed is smooth and texture-less whereas the counterfeit one is more matte and grainy which might rub your heels while wearing these slides daily.

  The last detail that needs to be pointed out is how rounded the authentic footbed is compared to the replica one.

  Real Vs Fake Chanel Sunset Bag: The Font Method

  There is no doubt that the counterfeit factory had difficulties while replicating the fonts.

  Letters of the original "Christian Dior" are thin, narrow, and exquisite whereas on the replica slides they seem to be much thicker, bolder, and bigger which isn't a good thing. Remember, we are searching for the differences, not what looks good or what doesn't.

  The counterfeit letters need to be thinner, narrower, paler, and more carved out.

  How To Tell If Chanel Sunset Bag Is Fake: The Sole Method

  The star on the counterfeit sole seems to have a much thicker outline than the replica one which also is much smaller with less defined sides.

  The problem also appears in the way the "Made in Italy '' was written as the letters on the authentic sole are super narrow and thin whereas they are bolder, thicker, and deeper in the right picture. These might not look bad but still aren't the same.

  Legit Check Chanel Sunset Bag: The Sizing Method

  We got to our last method for today's guide.

  Analyzing the way the sizing was put on the sole is always a good idea.

  The first difference that we see is how different the letters and numbers are in the right picture. For example, the way "Dior" was written wasn't supposed to be this thick and bold but rather narrow and thin.

  The same can be said about the number "37", while it's small and exquisite, the counterfeit brand decided to make it big and bold. As a result, the details of the replica look cheap.

  Do Dior Dway Slides run true to size?

  If you have narrow or normal-sized feet then getting these slides in your accurate size is a good idea but if you have a wider foot, we recommend getting the model up a 1/2 size.

  Are Dior Dway Slides comfortable?

  They are so comfortable that wearing them makes you feel like you have nothing on. You can walk so much in these without anything bothering you so we recommend purchasing this model.

  Where can I get Dior Dway Slides authenticated?

  Professional help is always served 24/7 at LegitGrails! All you need to do is reach out via live chat and use our legit check services. Check it out: Dior legit check.


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