Womenswear shows: 10 summer 2023 trends, between optimism and concern

Womenswear shows: 10 summer 2023 trends, between optimism and concern By

Dominique Muret Translated by

Nicola Mira Published

Oct 10, 2022

Two strong, contrasting trends have been brought to the fore by the fashion weeks presenting the women’s ready-to-wear collections for Spring/Summer 2023. On the one hand, an explosion of vitality and nonchalance was heralded by cheerful colours, uber-sexy lightweight outfits, frills and twirling ribbons, and an eroticised boudoir vibe. On the other, a more sombre mood veined the runway shows held in New York, London, Milan and Paris from September 9 to October 4 2023, characterised by black, next summer’s surprise statement colour, by a whiff of the military, plenty of tailored items and an abundance of wintery fabrics like leather. The war in Ukraine, the energy crisis, the shortage of raw materials and inflation are giving designers many reasons to be concerned.

Dries Van Noten,Spring/Summer 2023 - © PixelFormula

1. Black, summer’s new colour

A degree of pessimism was clearly felt on the runways. While calls for celebration and freedom were predominant, a certain concern for the future did crop up among labels. It translated in the unusual, ubiquitous presence of black in next summer’s collections, very often featured as a total look, sometimes in a 1990s spirit. Several designers, like , at , Avellano and even opened their shows with a long series of all-black looks.

Ujoh, Spring/Summer 2023 - DR

2. Destructured tailoring

Couture style continues to thrive, taking advantage of sportswear’s decline, first detected last winter. Men’s style suits, skirt suits, statement jackets and coats made of beautiful flannels were omnipresent, notably featuring generous, comfy volumes, but always sophisticated and, above all, inventive. Classic items have been reinterpreted, redefined and liberated thanks to a liberal use of the tailor’s scissors. Sleeves are slashed, or disappear completely. Multiple slits crop up on the shoulders, the back, the sides. Sometimes, only the underlying structure of a jacket remains, and the garment is slipped on backwards, creating new shapes and volumes. More generally, designers experimented with layering and asymmetries.

Burberry, Spring/Summer 2023 - © PixelFormula

3. Leather

Another surprise was that designers turned to heavy materials that were entirely unexpected in a summer wardrobe, such as fur (for example at ) and especially leather. The latter was very much the order of the day, whether worn, aged, matte, glossy, varnished vinyl-style, perforated, open-work, studded, lace-trimmed or embroidered. Designers explored every leather variant, from smooth calfskin to velour-like suede, from shearling to reptile leathers. The palette ranged from brown to the ever-present black to colourful permutations as at , , and . There was leather to suit all styles: corsets and lingerie in an SM mood, oversize tasselled biker jackets, pilot jumpsuits and more.

Act N°1, Spring/Summer 2023 - © PixelFormula

4. Cargo trousers

Trousers are officially next summer's essential garment. Preferably baggy, comfortable and equipped with multiple large pockets. They featured in a variety of utility versions, made of sturdy cotton canvas, or khaki mesh at and Victoria/Tomas, camo fabric at , nylon and brightly coloured denim at . Cargo trousers also went romantic, as in ’s delicate satin version or Act N°1’s pink tulle model.

Miu Miu, Spring/Summer 2023 - © PixelFormula

5. Patch and detachable pockets

In the same practical, utilitarian spirit, the patch pockets typical of cargo trousers cropped up on other garments too: on jackets, shirts, sleeves, on chic sheer satin or tulle dresses, in oversize versions on some mini-dresses, as at , on skirts and even on denim bandeau bras at . Not to mention large twin patch pockets on the front of a pair of micro-shorts, a must for summer 2023. Some labels, like Miu Miu and , designed belt or apron-like skirts equipped with pockets, like a bum bag, useful for slipping one’s hands in, while Ann Demeulemeester featured two straightforward satchel pockets slung cross-wise over the chest.

Saint Laurent, Spring/Summer 2023 - © PixelFormula

6. The sheath dress

Torn between a penchant for sensuality and the need to protect themselves by covering their entire body, women will happily opt for slinky longline dresses next summer, as well as maxi skirts brushing the ground. These mermaid-style outfits in sparkling, flowing materials like satin, jersey, silk, wool and even silicone, hug and envelop the silhouette, enhancing women's natural curves with their sinuous lines. Some of the dresses have no slits, hindering the gait. Saint Laurent notably riffed on this theme with its entire, highly praised collection.

N°21, Spring/Summer 2023 - © PixelFormula

7. Exposed breasts and skin

Last summer, designers veered in an ultra-sexy direction and they remained well on course this season, with derrière-hugging hemlines, slits up to the top of the thighs, and a slew of looks featuring sheer lingerie and alluring bodices, corsets and underwear. Not to mention the ubiquitous cut-outs, cropping up everywhere in the vast majority of garments. Summer 2023 collections are notably focusing on the chest. Off-the-shoulder dresses often give a glimpse of a breast. Bras regularly jut out of dresses, while plunging necklines leave the chest virtually bare. Not to mention bikini tops that are trimmed down to a piece of string, baring the breasts almost completely. Breasts that are often revealed beneath translucent tunics, another of next summer's musts.

Christian Cowan, Spring/Summer 2023 - DR

8. Crinolines and pannier dresses

Eighteenth century magnificence made a first appearance in summer 2020, and has established itself as a strong trend for next summer through voluminous dresses that burgeon from the waist to the feet. Expressing this desire for exuberance, caught between Victorian romanticism and baroque flamboyance, designers presented multi-layered crinolines in tulle, silk, satin and even denim (Christian Cowan, Act N°1, and ), or hoop dresses as at , and Matty Bovan. Sometimes, there is just a hint of puffing out at the sides, as in some looks by and . In several cases, designers revealed their pannier dresses’ structure of cage or hoops, as at Weinsanto (in an asymmetric version), , and Dior, whose inspiration was Catherine de’ Medici, and Noir Kei Ninomiya, inspired instead by Marie-Antoinette.

Molly Goddard, Spring/Summer 2023 - © PixelFormula

9. The wedding dress

Many designers wanted to celebrate the end of the pandemic with sunny, joyful collections focusing on positive feelings. Love was a central theme, symbolised by the heart, which cropped up in the patterns, embroidery and appliqué of several collections, or the word ‘love’, featured for example on a t-shirt by . In this context, wedding dresses made a remarkable runway come-back, often as the show’s closing statement. Some designers focused squarely on bridal wear, like . Others turned the notion of the wedding dress on its head, such as N°21, whose theme was adultery, featuring torn and cobbled-together wedding dresses.

Marni, Spring/Summer 2023 - © PixelFormula

10. Sunset shades

The last hours of daylight on the beach in summer, when the setting sun’s rays turn from pale pink to yellow, orange, then bright red, before darkening into purple indigo and deep blue, have inspired more than one label. From Marni, which dedicated its entire show to this theme, to , Christian Wijnants, Ferragamo, and with its rainbow looks. In general, exotic journeys to faraway destinations, the desire to escape to the sea shore and enjoy a carefree swim have strongly influenced the designers’ colour palette. Once again, they created looks that were mostly monochrome, featuring warm, vibrant colours.

Latest Women’s Fashion that Will Take over the Summer of 2023

During the pandemic, the fashion segment of our economy underwent a complete makeover. We as a fashion customer base underwent a rapid metamorphosis in how we fashioned over the latter two years of the virus outbreak. Since thereafter, formulaic fashion has alternated amongst comfortable garments and elaborate silhouettes. Designers and brands have been establishing consumers with a synthesis of new age design aesthetic by incorporating altered equations with regard to fashionable preferences. Our post-pandemic wardrobe picks have been greatly influenced by extraordinary revivals, gender-fluid fashion, a regenerating body-positivity approach, and much more.

So let’s look at some of the latest women’s fashion that will take over the summer of 2023.

Futuristic Functional Dressing:

The versatile trend is set to be. A wardrobe with several uses and functionality always wins. According to professionals, this spring will see a return of fluid silhouettes and easygoing loungewear. The distinction between casual and occasional attire will be muddled by adorning that one practical element in countless approaches. Ability to integrate pushed on by the pandemic has indeed made silhouettes increasingly dynamic. Silhouettes that allow you to live in, work in, or twirl around one’s home like nothing more than a small bubble. In the event of an unexpected Zoom call, it may be worn over a pair of jeans. It can also be taken for a weekend excursion with a dress.

Regional Prints:

The blend of continental silhouettes with particular regional, classic styles will indeed be visible in India’s wealthy fashion culture, that exhibits its distinctive unique flair. In terminology of where the designs are sourced, this season will be quite natural as that of the Madhya Pradeshi Bagh prints and the Rajasthani Bagru prints.

Free Fashion:

The advancement of designing is undoubtedly not around categorizing clothing as per sexual identity, especially in light of discussions about unisex closets and gender-fluid apparel. The fashion industry has grown more progressive and conscious as a result of worldwide stars like Harry Styles and others flourishing. Shirts, in our opinion, are indeed the ideal illustration of gender-neutral style. We anticipate seeing many printed shirts worn with skirts or as dresses this season’s spring and summer.

In free fashion you can choose any style which help you to stand out in a crowd, you can use quoted T shirts like queen and king t shirts, Love t shirts for couples , it is one of the best free fashion idea.

Bold colour combos:

We do not however just want two contradictory colour combinations; we would like to have the entire rainbow. Combining numerous different unpredicted colours to construct a colour collision is the most effective way to establish making your styles stick out. Bold colour configurations are the means to go even if you’re going for just an athleisure look or a party.

Sarees with a Pinch of Twist:

Present era, Ruffle Sarees, Belted Sarees, The Saree-Kurta Duo, The Denim Adorned Saree, and so on are among the latest fashion trends in ethnic wear that remain bold yet sophisticated with a tint of legacy. Western top attire with Indian heritage prints and others have captured all the variations for our striking saree feels, with a diverse array of blouse designs such as halter neck, beaded and pearled straps, tube blouses, and so forth. Those very same components of outerwear represent the globalization of societies as the fashion industry incorporates us with the latest trends in fashion from all over the world.

Academia Styles:

Inspired by sociocultural media sentimentality for students and fashion, this choice of clothing emphasizes education, learning, reading, and writing, thus the ‘Academic’ tap. The aesthetic is broken down into three sub styles: Dark, Light, and Grey Academia. Each sub style has its own attributes; for comparison purposes, Dark Academia is inspired by classic Greek arts, composing, and architectural styles, but is heavily laced with Gothic attributes and conceptual frameworks of death. Individuals can opt for the Dark Academia look by wearing heavy knitwear in dark tones inspired by ancient, Hogwarts-worthy libraries. Couples can wear a dark Couple T shirts, Light Academia, for just a ‘lighter’ take on its Goth-leaning compatriot, creates a visual style with a soothing positivity.

Sequin & Shimmer:

Sequin pieces have all been flooding the market, and you can glitter any period of the calendar year. Sequins certainly assist to commemorate the season in style, whether you’re wearing a show-stopping dress or a sleek two-piece. The secret, however, is to retain accessories to a minimal level. If you’re wearing a statement piece, don’t go overboard with jewelry or prints. Allow the garments to speak for themselves.

Luxe Leather:

The trend exemplifies the latest spirit of a certain times of female liberation, in which women are uncompromisingly allowing oneself to be seen, voiced, and noticed in contexts we’ve never witnessed before.. This phenomenon, which extends far further than the moto jacket, revolves around incorporating leather within all aspects of one’s wardrobe. Assume cool components and raised combat boots with trousers, blazers, crop tops, and dresses.

Faux Fur:

The apparel manufacturing companies developed faux fur fabric that is both animal-friendly and far more affordable than real fur. The single most important thing concerning fur coats is their adaptability; merely make certain to choose a covering in a quintessential colour. In other phrases, often things are determined by the wrap itself. Choose something elegant and organic in colour. Vivid and brightly coloured fur pieces will eventually become outdated, whereas natural coloured styles will never go out of aesthetic. Wear black, white, brown, or grey apparel and accessories.

Sheer Moments:

In a long series of phenomenal shows, frantic news cycles, celebrity front seats, and a plethora of trend messages, sheer fashion monopolized the trend communication. We adore the concept of ‘deconstructed grandeur,’ in which sheer panels reveal corsetry and bustier fabrication in unique ways. Luxury fashion houses have further chosen to take to see-through quantities. Regardless of the season, you’re bound to come across a see-through work of art. What began as a seasonal trend in the Spring/Summer has become an irreversible fashion statement. According to Klarna, a global shopping service, the acquisition of sheer garments has increased by 103% within the preceding year, confirming that the cultural shift has taken root off the runway and then into our everyday outfits.

How to wear a blazer in 2023

How to wear a blazer in 2023? Possibly in a trendy and modern way, without detracting from the classic and timeless charm of this item of clothing that we all – or almost all – have in our closet?

I thought I’d inaugurate a series of posts dedicated to the classics – those timeless pieces that often make up the backbone of our wardrobe. I’m speaking of those pieces that appear in many “top 10 lists” of must-have items, that never really go out of style but, let’s face it, sometimes also present the risk of looking overly traditional and aging, if paired poorly or chosen in less than flattering cuts.

A blazer is a timeless classic

Among these must-have classics, one of my favorites is undoubtedly a blazer – in navy blue, black, or otherwise in a neutral, easy-to-match color that makes it, indeed, a “classic.”

I admit that I love a nice blazer with a modern cut even when paired very quietly – with simple skinny or cigarette pants, maybe cropped, a blue or white shirt and a nice pair of pumps – but in this post I would like to propose solutions to make this workhorse of many wardrobes cooler.

(All pictures are from Pinterest)

First, what makes a blazer more or less current and “young” is mainly the cut.

The blazer, for me, must fit right on the shoulders (even in oversized models), have a minimum of structure, possess a feminine and slightly flared cut and have sleeves that are fairly snug, but also comfortable.

Where to find blazers that are great value for money, but also trendy? Turn on your JavaScript to view content

So, if you’re lucky enough to already own a high quality blazer that you love in color and fabric, but don’t wear because it’s “dated”, find a good seamstress and have it taken up at the shoulders, remove any padding and have the sleeves tightened – it will completely change personality!

That said, the ideal way to eliminate the “boredom factor” from this wardrobe classic is mainly one: pair it with edgier garments and accessories with a stronger personality!

The blazer, in fact, will tone down any excesses, while the more characterful pieces will match the blazer in an original and modern way, creating decidedly interesting outfits.

Some of my favorite pairings include these:

#1 How to wear a blazer in 2023? With (faux) leather, of course!

Here are some great options:

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#2 With glittered, sequined and/or slightly low-cut tops, skinny and heels for an evening look

#3 With torn or washed jeans

Here are some great jeans options:

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#4 On short skirts and shorts, if you wear them

#5 sovrapposto a una camicia di denim

#6 Over a graphic tee

#7 Over a slightly “worn” cotton T-shirt

#8 Over a sweatshirt or even a hoodie

#9 Over little boho chic dresses

Shop some of my current favorites:

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#10 In combination with impalpable lace blouses, with ruffles etc.

In this case the rigour of the blazer contrasts pleasantly with the soft character of the shirt or blouse.

#11 Combined with pashminas and scarves with a particular texture, ideally in the same color of the blazer

#12 In combination with statement jewelry

The other important aspect concerns the way a blazer is worn: as with all classics, in fact, its secret and potential all lie in the way it is matched, but also worn.

And to remove that hint of rigor from your blazer, just wear it open, maybe raise the lapels, pull up the sleeves or even tuck them in.

In short, just wear the blazer as if it were a shirt.

As always, I searched for a few photos on Pinterest of gritty, current pairings that use the blazer as the centerpiece. I hope you all enjoy!

Also, if you want to refresh your personal blazer collection, here you find some great options for 2023:

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How about you? How do you wear a blazer in 2023 Turn on your JavaScript to view content

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