Here's another thing nobody mentioned to me about pregnancy: At a certain point, the simple act of shaving becomes an almost impossible feat (you can barely see your thighs, and forget about, er, other areas). But I'm about to tell you about a quirky little gadget that's a godsend not only for stubbly preggies but for anyone with a cramped, stand-up stall shower.

Allow me to present the Razor Reach.


It's a long plastic handle (you can add multiple extensions as needed) that your favorite razor snaps right into, so you can easily reach your legs without having to bend down much at all. I tested it last night while using a Venus Divine razor; a little strip of Velcro kept it secured snugly in place at the end of the long handle.



I'm not going to lie: This thing looked pretty rickety once I first got it assembled, and I was sort of concerned I might end up partially severing a limb (pregnancy has not exactly improved my already-iffy coordination levels). At first, I started dragging it super-gently up my leg, and it seemed a little wobbly. However, once I actually followed the package instructions and applied stronger downward pressure against my skin, the handle firmed up and flexed the razor assertively but gently against my leg. I found shaving with it very easy, and it didn't take many swipes to get the hang of it.

I know not all of you are pregnant and can relate to needing such a device, but I bet lots of you use narrow dorm showers and might love not having to acrobatically contort yourself with every pre-date shave! This would also be great if you have back problems, or as a gift for Grandma this Mother's Day. The box also states that the Razor Reach is excellent for "male grooming"--I am assuming they mean back shaving, because utilizing this device on other zones of the male anatomy seems questionable at best.

What do you think, ladies? Would you ever give the Razor Reach a go, or does it just seem too gimmicky for you?

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Maryan Barbara
Maryan Barbara

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