Cloth Details that make you look younger than your actual age

Did you know your clothing choice matters in lot? It affect your perception,your mood and even your health. Scientist label this as" enclothed cognition" when we choose our outfits everyday we subconsciously adopt certain characters associated with it. So if you choose styles that looks like that of an old lady you start to feel like one. Simple tips can prevent you from falling prey to common fashion fails that add to your age.

Check them out:

Keep your neck open

If you want to look younger then keep your neck open. An appropriate cut if preferable than turtle neck

No long skirts

Long skirts do not make you look younger,fresh or sexy. Mini skirts aren't always an option either as they make you look under dressed or even vulgar. Avoid them and choose a knee-length skirts instead

Leave your cardigan at home

No matter how much you love the comfy of of your cardigan keep away from them especially if it is dull or dark. Choose jacket or a blazer instead

No scarfs unless it cold

Wearing a scarf makes you look older so try to avoid wearing one unless it windy. Open your neck instead

Avoid wearing too much black

Black is a very styling colour but try to avoid all black outfits. It has a risk of hiding your skin colour. Brighter clothes will bring light to your face

Choose light make up

Excessive make up and very bright or dark lipstick are what draw attention to the wrinkles around your mouth while dark eyeshadows make your look heavier. Natural shades and a lipgloss will make you look younger

Avoid oversized clothing

Over sized clothes makes you look heavier and bigger so wear them to gym only. Wear clothes that that fit your size and highlight your best features

Avoid wearing glasses if possible

Some people wear glasses to feel geeky but they add a few years to your appearance. Take them off and consider switching to contact lenses

Avoid floral print

Dresses and blouse with floral prints makes you look old-fashioned. Choose an outfit in pastel colour instead and leave the flora dress for a retro party

Don't cut your hair short

Short hair might look stylish but it add a couple more years to your actual age. Wear a bob or long hair,if it thick and healthy.

Hope this was able to hint you on fashion sense if any of the following fails is your way of dressing you might want to consider. Like, comment share and follow up. Thank you

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Look Ten Years Younger Instantly

Men, we have a serious problem on our hands, or should we say, in our closets. We’re wearing clothes that don’t fit. Maybe we’ve been watching too many Seinfeld reruns. Maybe we’ve been taking the wrong notes from our fathers. Either way, it’s aging us. And it stops here.

We see it all the time, even on the stylish streets of New York: men in oversized khakis, button ups, and even shoes (usually of the clunky square-toed variety). But even worse, these guys are fit, good looking, twenty to thirty-somethings not dressing to their full potential. (For style inspiration from guys who do it right, check out Street Scenes: New York Fashion Week.) See, dressing younger doesn’t mean digging up your old tees from college and wearing a backwards cap. Surprisingly enough, it just means not dressing older. Here are the top fashion fails that age you—and how to fix ‘em for your best look yet.

Bulky sports coats

A boxy, bulky jacket is about as flattering as a Snuggie. Even if you’d like to drop a few pounds, we promise that a fitted one will look better. The shoulders should rest firmly on the edge of your actual shoulders, the sleeves should fall around your wrists and let ¼ inch of shirt cuff show, and you shouldn’t be able to fit a six-pack of beer between your jacket and your torso. Unfortunately.

Look younger: Bookmark this article and walk into your closet right now. Find all of your blazers, put them in a bag, and see your tailor immediately. You may think they fit fine, but good tailoring is the difference between fine and damn fine.

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Oversized dress shirts

You probably wear a button front to work, right? And you probably want to be seen as confident and powerful, right? That’s not going to happen in a shirt that says, “I’m hiding in a sea of fabric because I’m not secure enough to wear something slimmer.” It not only ages you, it makes you look unsure of yourself. And if there’s one thing CEOs have in common, it’s looking assured . . . even when they aren’t.

Look younger: Look for shirts labeled “slim fit,” like this one from Banana Republic. You’ll avoid a boxy silhouette, flatter your frame, and not make your 175-pound body look like Philip Seymour Hoffman’s.

Clunky shoes

They might look comfortable, but since your foot isn't square-shaped, they're no better than a classic, rounded toe. In fact, clunky, square-toed shoes are the easiest way to destroy a perfectly good look. Even the most tailored, high-end suit will look cheap if you finish it off with a pair of plodders.

Look younger: Upgrading your below-the-ankle style doesn’t mean dropping serious dollars and developing blisters. You can buy a versatile pair of oxfords for under $200, ones that you can wear anywhere and everywhere. Exhibit A: this pair from Kenneth Cole.

Dad jeans

Despite the name, Dad jeans are worn by well-meaning guys of all ages. How do you know if you’re guilty? Your jeans are high-waisted, baggy, and somewhat stiff. Oh, and a belt worn at your belly button takes it to the next level. (In case you can’t tell: This is not a level you want to be on.)

Look younger: The waist of your jeans should fall right around your hipbone. Any higher could make you look like Mitt Romney, any lower and you’ll be flashing strangers every time you bend to tie your shoe. You can’t go wrong with one of these New Jeans for Fall.

I’m 56 – my three simple outfit hacks make me look me look decades younger in seconds

FROM anti-wrinkle creams to hair dye, we are in a constant battle with aging.

And with a few simple wardrobe adjustments, you can take a few more years off your appearance.

2 TikTok user Melissa Gates shared her wardrobe tips for looking younger Credit: TikTok/melissagate25

TikTok user Melissa Gate showed her followers how she dresses young at the age of 56.

The TikToker modeled a black crop top with ripped jeans which she had rolled up to show off her bright white sneakers.

She then added sunglasses to the look, sitting them on top of her hair.

Melissa also accessorized the youthful outfit with a black Gucci bag which she wore across her body.

The 56-year-old knocked years off her age with these simple and fashionable adjustments.

Her followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on dressing your age versus dressing to appear younger.

One user said: "Very nice outfit, sis. You look younger than your age, love it."

"Absolutely stunning and beautiful, you go girl," commented another viewer.

A third person wrote: "Yup, I agree it makes you look young."

However, other followers suggested Melissa embrace her age instead of working to look younger.

"No need to dress like that, ma'am. Dress your age. You are beautiful," they said.

Another person suggested Melissa "choose stylish clothing that makes you feel good without dressing up to be young."

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