Interior Motives: A Documentary Finds Link Between Fashion And Decor

Last fall I published a book which featured interviews and lavish photos of icons and celebrities from the worlds of fashion and interior design. The book was called Conversations: Up Close and Personal with Icons of Fashion, Interior Design, and Art. I have always maintained that fashion and interior design are closely linked. That one informs the other and vice versa. I have empirical experience in both, having been a fashion journalist and editor for a decade and for the past year I have been producing a home collection under my own name as well as running my flagship boutique.

There are many examples I can draw from to illustrate this close relationship between fashion and interior design. Fashion designers often site architecture and glamorous interiors as starting points for their collections. There are fashion designers who have expanded their visions into home lines like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta and Tory Burch. Interior designers and decorators in turn often look to fashion for color stories, for patterns. Some even adapt dressmaking techniques and details into upholstery and wall covering. The shelter magazine Elle Decor does an excellent job at finding the many threads that link both worlds.

A documentary is currently being produced to explore this fashion-decorating relationship. The film is called Interior Motives and it is being produced PR maven and overall creative Natalie Shirinian. Below I talk to Natalie about this exciting project.

What drew you to the subject matter?

I think it was when I first started my PR+ Creative agency and Mary McDonald was my very first client. While getting to know her, she mentioned how she started off as a successful milliner before transitioning into interior design. As my agency expanded and grew, I noticed that 90 percent of the interior and furniture designers I was representing, from Apparatus to Brett Beldock, Craig Van Den Brulle and Ryan White, all had a fashion component to some degree, or they were collaborating with a fashion designer on some level. With this film I thought why not shed light on my two loves, find the artists and designers that are making a mark, and share it with the world.

In your early interviews so far, where do the subjects draw the common thread between fashion and interior design?

Most have said that the transition from fashion to interiors has been a natural progression versus the other way around. Creative Director Newell Turner says in the film, "If you care about the way you look, you're going to care about the way you live." that has been a very common thread throughout the film as well.

What do you hope to achieve with Interior Motives? What are your goals? Plan for distribution?

My director and I want to reach an audience that may have great interest in the two worlds, along with an audience that do not have knowledge of either one. We plan on making this intriguing with not only the people we film, but with the locations we film as well. We want to have the audience enter a world that will visually and mentally stimulate almost as if the viewer was Alice falling down the rabbit’s hole into Wonderland. After the completion we will be making the film festival rounds, and what comes after you will just have to see.

How did you decide on who to invite to be part of the film in terms of interviewees?

Many of the subjects are friends and people I have worked with or attended dinner parties with, and the others are talent that I have always admired. The level of notoriety most of these designers and creatives have, should be made aware by an audience that may or may not know of them or their work. For example, most people do not know that Michel Lamy, Rick Owens' wife, is truly the creative force behind the Rick Owens furniture collection, some don't even know that Rick Owens even has a furniture collection. This is what I would like people to discover through watching this film.

Can you give us a list of who has participated so far and the target release?

So far we have had Miles Redd, Newell Turner, Mary McDonald, Charles Miers, Gabriel Hendifar of Apparatus, and a list of notables on board including Ryan Korban, Michele Lamy, Olivia Putman, Marie Kalt, Michael Bruno and many more. We hope to release some time in the summer of 2015, the actual date is still to be determined as we are still in the filming phase.

What early insights have you discovered in your filming?

That a great team is crucial for the success of any film. My director Michelle Peerali has been quite an asset creatively, visually and with story, and great to collaborate with. My producers Rebecca Walsh and Elizabeth Baudouin have been exceptional with raising funds, planning, strategizing and generating press. I also have a great DP, and an Emmy award winning editor Chris de la Torre who is brilliant. Not to be cliche but it truly does take a village to raise a child, and this is my child. I am lucky to have every single one of them on board, along with a fantastic group of friends, colleagues, and clients that are not only excited about the project but extremely supportive.

To learn more about Interior Motives and to see a preview click here.

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5 Ways Fashion and Interior Design are Connected in 2019 — Studio Steidley

In today’s digital and tech savvy world, it is no surprise we see a direct correlation between the most popular trends on the runway, and those within our homes. In previous decades, only the world’s elite and fashion industry extraordinaire communities of Paris and New York City were privy to the most recent fashion trends being set by top designers such as Gucci, Versace, Prada, Dior and others. The lack of ease in disseminating this information more broadly meant it took much longer for the trends characterizing the catwalk to trickle down into our interiors. However, with today’s technology, this transfer of information is happening almost instantaneously, giving interior designers, furniture makers and home décor creators insights into the most popular trends from fashion designers right away.

Although fashion designers are often the trend-setters, this is not always the case. There are also moments where trends begin in the home and then trickle out to the world of fashion. Let’s take a closer look at some of the trends we are seeing in 2019 and the links they represent between fashion and interior design.

Interior Design Inspired by Fashion: Plaid Edition

Fashion design trends are not only inspiring my closet but also my couch, rug, and holiday decor — I may have just gone mad for plaid!

Lifestyle influencers across the globe are embracing plaid as this season’s go-to look not only for your clothes, but for your home. Fashion designers and interior designers alike adore this cross-hatched pattern that can range from symmetrical and sophisticated to fun and rebellious. And who can blame them?

This classic, timeless, bold pattern has been around for centuries and is constantly reinventing itself from the preppy Vineyard Vines popped-collar shirt to the casual Hearth and Hand by Magnolia throw at Target. No wonder this pattern’s versatility has no end.

Sourced by: Vineyard Vines

Sourced by: Hearth and Hand by Magnolia at Target

Speaking of no end to inspiration, here are a few unexpected ways to incorporate plaid in to your home:

Sourced by: Caitlin Wilson Design Instagram

Sourced by: Caitlin Wilson Design Instagram

Sourced by:

If you aren’t ready to commit to a big statement piece and just want to dip your toe in to this “plaid mad” craze, try it out as a throw pillow, fireplace screen, or seasonal (that’s even more temporary) holiday decor!

So, next time you are getting dressed and can’t think of what to wear, don’t stare in your closet to get inspiration. Go back to your couch and reimagine looks with what surrounds you because fashion and interiors go hand in hand!

Sourced by: Pottery Barn

Sourced by: Crate and Barrel

Written by: Nikki James

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