The 10 Hottest Jewelry Trends for the 2020 Christmas Holidays

Jewelry is not just something we wear to match our outfit; it’s a type of fashion and personality statement that can enhance the overall look and the confidence of the wearer. And during those special occasions when we want to look our absolute best, it’s only natural to want a special piece of jewelry as well. That said, Christmas fashion jewelry brings some very hot jewelry trends that are bound to turn heads and make you look stunning. Of course, you can also rock the following pieces whenever you see fit; the point is to find a style and trend that you can 100% vibe with.

Crystal Statement Necklaces

Is there anything more festive than large sparkling gems to compliment your Christmas fashion gear? If you prefer to make a statement wherever you go, you’ll love rocking crystal statement necklaces for the 2020 holiday season. Big chains adorned with fancy crystals mimicking the shapes of flowers and stars are among the most popular pieces at the moment. You can choose a “subtle” version by opting for single color gems or go all out with a range of different gem colors. Both options are bound to make you look like million dollars as you sparkle brighter than the Christmas tree.

Gold Chain Jewelry

If you’re interested in the whole statement concept but aren’t too keen on gems, you can find your ideal bling in the heavy gold chains. From the 80s and 90s, gold chain jewelry has made a comeback in recent years, and it’s all the rage in 2020. The simplicity of the design allows the wearer to pair these chains with whatever fashion style they prefer (even athleisure) but the size of the chain is what makes the true statement. It’s easy to wear them as both necklaces and bracelets. A layered look featuring different lengths makes an instant pop!

Yellow Gold Jewelry

It’s not just that gold seems to be the go-to metal for 2020 – yellow gold is where it’s at if you want to look bougie and elegant. In case you prefer to keep your outfits simple and toned down, yellow gold can make you stand out from the crowd like the rarest jewel. Be it rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or brooches, nothing can replace yellow gold when it comes to that high-end look. You can’t go wrong with 24k gold pieces, but even if you plan to go lower make sure that you choose real gold as this will help your bling piece stand the test of time.

Geometrically Shaped Jewelry

Your goal is to blend a fashion statement, newest jewelry trends, and a unique take on jewelry design seamlessly? The answer lies in the geometrically shaped jewelry pieces. From triangles and diamonds to rectangles and other more “interesting” shapes jewelry-wise, these days you can easily find a plethora of jewelry pieces featuring a geometry concept of some kind. Aside from necklaces and bracelets, chandeliers and even stud earrings are also amazing bling additions that can let you pull off this particular trend. What’s more, the whole trend has a dose of modern, fast-paced lifestyle that instantly makes you look more fashion-conscious and put together.

Hand Bracelets

If you don’t like the feeling of something heavy and bulky around your neck you can still make a fashion statement with your bracelet jewelry. That said, one of the most popular Christmas jewelry ideas revolves around the statement hand bracelets. You can go for daintier or bulkier designs. What makes these bracelets so special and interesting is the attachment to the ring worn on your finger. In a way, you get to turn your wrist and entire hand into a work of art with one single piece of jewelry. It’s also relatively simple to exercise your creativity and DIY some of your favorite bracelets and rings by linking them together.

Mirrored Necklaces

No, you won’t be wearing an actual mirror around your neck. The mirrored effect of these amazingly beautiful necklaces is created by the careful blend of different metals that reflect light. Not only is this a truly luxurious and unique addition to your fashion style, but it’s also a perfect example of true holiday bling, as the reflectiveness and delicate nature of the piece are very reminiscent of Christmas ornaments. So, why leave all the job of bringing the light and life to the party to the Christmas tree, when you can do even better with a statement mirrored necklace?

Oversized Chain-Linked & Tribal Necklaces

A true feast for people who value individuality and uniqueness, short-length tribal necklaces and oversized chain-linked necklaces are a huge part of 2020 fashion and are bound to make you stand out during the entire Christmas party. These pieces are typically handmade or designed to look the part and feature a range of colorful beads and pearls. If you can’t decide what style you love more – color or monochrome – you can easily get the best of both worlds by opting for a planer outfit and this type of gorgeous neck décor.

Pendant Earrings

We all know and love wearing pendant necklaces, but the trends for the 2020 holiday season don’t stop there. Rocking pendants for earrings is a unique and interesting way to adorn your outfit and feature your individuality, especially since you have the freedom to mix and match different pendants however you see fit. That said, you can easily transform your favorite pair of earrings, no matter how subtle they may look, by simply adding a pendant you deem perfect for a Christmas party – or whatever other special occasions. Simply take the pendant off afterward, and you’re back to your old set. It’s a truly dreamy trend for creative and artistic souls.

The Single Earring Trend

Rocking a single earring seems to be a trend that will never go away. This holiday season, too, you can show off your unique fashion sense and quirky personality by choosing an eye-catching and elegant earring that will hang straight to your shoulder on just one side. These days there are even earring pairs available with purposefully different sizes and lengths of the earrings if you’re looking for a more cohesive jewelry look.

Three-Finger Rings

Bold rings are where it’s at! The bigger the better trend is still going strong, but the current spotlight is reserved for the triple or three-finger rings that, as the name suggests, adorn three of your fingers at once. If you plan to make a strong impression while sipping your cocktail at the party, this is the bling you want to get alongside!

Adding jewelry to your outfit is a great way to feature your taste, style, and personality. And if you’re looking for Christmas jewelry ideas for 2020, you can’t go wrong with the trends mentioned above.

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Jewelry gift ideas for Christmas - Blog

Christmas is a special holiday and a time when everyone loves to receive gifts. It is not always easy to surprise with a gift that takes people’s breath away.

Jewelry gifts have the right glow! The materials and craft expertise showcase jewelry as immortalized gifts that will be remembered for many Christmases ahead.

In this article, we offer several tips for choosing the perfect blend of contemporary fashion and high jewelry. Now, you just have to decide which marvel to put in her Christmas stocking!

1. Necklaces

Necklaces are powerful jewels. The different lengths and thickness make them versatile items that transform entire outfits.

If you’re looking for jewels your loved ones can wear on every occasion, chose adorned pendant necklaces. Remember every woman will love a necklace embellished with precious details because they are always on-trend.

Necklace gift ideas:

· Rare blue-green sapphire necklace with a halo pendant

· Dashing John Hardy’s modern chain silver necklace

· Cushion halo tanzanite pendant

2. Bracelets

Bracelets evoke sparkle and admiration, especially among contemporary women. This can be a wonderful gift for ladies with a taste for bold jewelry. Do you want to surprise someone close to you and give them something special? Bracelets are chic, fashionable, and stylish!

Bracelet gift ideas:

· Tsavorite & diamond bangle bracelet

· John Hardy’s modern chain diamond link bracelet

· Nelson diamond bangle bracelet

3. Earrings

When you are not sure about which type of jewelry a woman enjoys, bet on stud earrings. They are delicate and work very well with all pieces of jewelry.

If your sweetheart likes a certain color, explore drop earrings with gemstones like peridot, aquamarine, opals, or even yellow diamonds. Make a splendid surprise for the women you love with diamond jewels that carry a gemstone full of meanings and that can be seen from afar.

Earring gift ideas:

· Vintage opal stud earrings

· Diamond door-knocker earrings

· Morganite and aquamarine drop earrings

4. Fashion rings

Fashion rings, like bracelets, are one of the few pieces of jewelry where their owner gets to see them all day long. In this way, this gift will always remind people of your surprise and thoughtfulness.

Presenting someone with a fashion rings is trickier when it comes to size, but specialized jewelry stores like Lamon’s are always ready to make any adjustments you may need.

Rings have been used to hallmark special occasions since the times of kings and queens; make this a Christmas to remember with an incredible fashion ring!

Fashion ring gift ideas:

5. Timepieces

Looking for jewelry gifts for men? Invest in the luxury and technology of timepieces. They are elegant jewelry and often come in limited editions, making them ultra-original!

Whether you are looking for a gift for your father, husband, or a dear friend conquering a milestone, timepieces are embellished with features and can be a personalized gift.

Timepieces gift ideas:

· Ball Watch Co. Engineer hydrocarbon AeroGMT II

· Citizen’s two-tone stainless steel watch for men

· Ball Watch Co. Engineer master aviator II

Jewelry gifts in Knoxville & Maryville, TN

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Jewelry Gift Ideas on a Budget - Christmas 2022 | JOYAMO - Personalized Jewelry

Shopping for a loved one around the holidays is a lot of fun, but if you don’t know what to get them, it can be really stressful.

Luckily, most people love getting Christmas jewelry under the tree. Buying from a reputable and quality company like JoyAmo Jewelry is a great way to give your recipient the perfect gift they’ll love. When choosing between Christmas gift ideas there are a few things you’ll want to take into consideration so you can get the perfect gift without going over your budget.

Jewelry Gift for Christmas 2022 – Consider the Metal

In the past when shopping for Christmas gift jewelry you would often be forced to go over budget because of the metal of the piece you chose. This is no longer an issue when you can buy from reputable companies like JoyAmo Jewelry. They have figured out a way to provide their customers with quality 925 sterling silver, yellow gold plating, or rose-gold plating that is gorgeous, lasts a long time, and won’t cause you to go over budget. Knowing the metal that your recipient prefers will allow you to buy the perfect piece without accidentally spending more than you needed to.

Choosing Christmas Jewelry Gift your Girlfriend

While many men feel pressure to get their girlfriend a ring for Christmas, there are other ideas that work better. In fact, the best jewelry gift ideas for girlfriends for Christmas aren’t rings at all. Not only can it be difficult to find a ring she will love, but sizing it if you make a mistake in what size to buy will add to the final cost of your gift. You are much better off choosing a necklace, bracelet, or even earrings. These can easily be personalized with initials or names for a gift that is not only one-of-a-kind, but something that she will cherish.

Christmas gift jewelry – Consider the Quality

One thing you need to think about when you are buying Christmas jewelry is the quality as you want to make sure it will last for a very long time without being damaged or breaking. When buying a gift for another person, you do not want them to accidentally break it, and lower-quality jewelry can easily be broken, which is why you want to make sure that you buy quality pieces from a reputable company that are made to last.

Check out our christmas gifts for your family

personalized mom christmas gifts

christmas jewelry for her

christmas gifts for a grandma

christmas gift

At JoyAmo Jewelry, we have partnered with some of the most talented designers to make sure that all of the jewelry we provide our customers is amazing, high-quality, and fashion-forward. When choosing between Christmas gift ideas, you won’t ever have to worry about whether or not you made a good decision when you buy from us, as all of our jewelry is made to last and will wow your recipient. Buy now for jewelry that will stand the test of time, show your recipient how much you care, and ensure that your gift is one that they want to wear day after day. JoyAmo, your choice!

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