Completing a decade of its operations, Noida-based buying house T. Merchandising Service has observed good growth in outdoor home furnishing products for US market and is further expecting same or even more growth. The company also added new vendors with it in recent months. Founded by Kaiser Roka and Tehmina Yadav , the company is now working with more than 60 vendors from across India on regular basis while almost 120 vendors are associated with it. Both the founders have almost 3 decades of experience and working with prestigious brands of US market. “I strongly feel that Indian expertise of hand-crafted products – the kind of niche products like fashion bedding, and cushion covers, are one of the main factor for this 15-20 per cent growth. Looking for an overall business scenario this growth is something that gives us satisfaction,” shared Tehmina.

She further added that customers seem uninterested with basic or whatever products is being offered by China. And for a change Indian craft/hand-made products is a good option for them so demand for such products increased. As far as high price for these products is concerned, vendors support is a supportive factor for the company. Vendors of T. Merchandising do not have too much thrust on high margin which is common practice in such products categories. “First priority for our vendors is regular orders and relationships with buyers; so they work accordingly and are able to survive in a good way. We always try to give them volume orders.” In last six month, the company added 6 new vendors with it from different regions of India and they are producing outdoor products in home segment.

With regards to similar kinds, but machine-made products being offered by China, Tehmina is of the opinion that exact look due to heavy embellishment and focus on design development is hard to make a copy of these products for China.

Maryan Barbara
Maryan Barbara

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