While I had her on the phone for an interview yesterday, celebrity dermatologist Jessica Wu shared the cutest bit of beauty news with me: Apparently, having a pet might just help prevent crow's feet.


My pup Georgia looks on during my wedding. Like her hair accessory? I think she was influenced by Beth's hair-flower phase.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well here are the details via an excerpt from Dr. Wu's newsletter (you can sign up for it here).

*Studies show that people become more relaxed and their blood pressure drops when they're talking to pets, and this is not the case when they're talking to other humans. Facial expressions also appear more relaxed--especially around the eyes--when people talk to their pets. That's right--the loving way you talk to your dog or cat may actually soften your crow's-feet! People with pets even tend to make fewer visits to the doctor than people who don't own pets. *See, now this anti-aging trick, I can work with. In fact, I'm petting my dog (above) as I type this.

Just for fun: How many of you have pets at home? What kind of critters do you have, and what are their names? Do you think they help you relax--or do they leave you furrowing your brow in frustration more often than not?

Not a fan of the furry friends? We've covered lots of other ways to prevent wrinkles; check 'em out here.

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Maryan Barbara
Maryan Barbara

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