Our recent poll revealed that only 16 percent of you plan to hit a tanning bed this season--and tons of you commented that you think the "tan" look is on its way out anyway. But a new study from the American Academy of Dermatology reveals that the vast majority of Americans still think they look better with a tan.


In a survey of 7100 women and men nationwide, 80 percent said they have concerns about skin cancer--yet 72 percent admitted they still find tanned people more attractive, and 66 percent said they think people with a tan look healthier. So even as we're learning more about the dangers of UV exposure and are taking better measures to protect ourselves, it appears our perceptions of tanner as prettier are holding strong.

We've often sung the praises of proudly pale-skinned beauties here on the blog (think: Anne Hathaway), but I wonder whether most of you have really shaken the tanner-is-prettier mentality--so let's do our own poll to find out, shall we? Now I know there are shades of nuance here, but I kept it to just "yes" and "no" for simplicity's sake--so if you think people look better with even a slight bronzy glow, vote yes.

Are people generally more attractive with a tan?online survey

Then let's chat: Even if you're super-diligent about sun protection, do you still feel that most people look better with a tan? Do you find tan guys more attractive? Do you feel prettier when you're more bronze?


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