A new poll from skincare brand St. Ives reveals lots of interesting facts about women and their makeup--including that 15 percent of us would not dream of leaving the house without it. I wonder if that stat holds true among our beauty blog readers. Let's find out by partaking in a fun little Friday poll, yes?


I, for one, definitely am not a member of that statistic. Lately, I hardly ever leave the house with makeup on! I do my writing from home, it's freezing out, and I'm just feeling lazy. When I do bother to apply it, I remember how it really doesn't take that much time/energy to slap on concealer, blush and mascara, so I probably should do it more often--but I just don't. I need to get out of this rut!

How 'bout you guys? Will you leave the house without your makeup? If yes, on what occasions does makeup become a must (work? going out on weekends?)? Vote in the poll and then share your routine below!__

Do you ever leave the house without makeup?(survey software)

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Maryan Barbara
Maryan Barbara

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