Holiday Party Outfits

With the holiday season fast approaching, step into Christmas with boohoo. Whether you're heading to a Christmas party or looking for the perfect stocking fillers for your girlfriends, this collection has all your festive needs covered. On the hunt for a cute Christmas outfit? Complete with sparkly sequins, luxe velvets, and embellished details, our collection of Christmas outfits for women has something for everyone – this season we love all things that glitter and statement silhouettes. If you want to level up on your holiday gifting game, we've got everything from fluffy pajama sets for all the family to beauty must-haves she'll love. Shop the full collection right here and discover all your festive needs in one place with boohoo.

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Fun Gift Items for a School Holiday Shop


Brand New! “Gold Client Plan“. Over 25 FREE services; they all come included for free with the in-school holiday shop program.

New! “No Count Inventory“. You don’t want to have count merchandise for inventory, do you? How does this sound to you? Sell the holiday shop items and send back everything you don’t sell to us and no count a thing. This is perfect for any school holiday store because it can’t get any easier than this!

New! Tight on space, time or volunteers then consider our “Show and Sell” shop. It’s just one of three great alternatives. Imagine getting a big box full of samples of each item we carry. Give the children an order form and let them walk through the shop. They turn in their budget envelopes and then we ship you the holiday gift shop merchandise. This “Wish List Shop” is the newest thing. Teachers and parents say it also reduces the stress of running a standard shop.

Gift Certificate Program:You are going to love our “Gift Certificate” program. Howe does it work? Imagine the parents and children being able to send emails to friends, family, associates who could then purchase gift certificates for them! All they have to do is then print them out and they can be used as real money in the holiday shop. Why do Mom’s and Dad’s love this? They simply print them for their children and pay via credit card. This way you don’t have to worry about your child losing cash money. Even Cooler! Each certificate has its own unique number. This means you never have to worry if your child loses it.

New! You asked if you could accept credit cards at your holiday shop and we listened.Now your volunteers can accept credit cards through our free “Cash Register App” – this means you can now sell more holiday shop merchandise! It also makes it convenient for shops that run at night or on weekends. And finally, you might be wondering, are there any credit card fees? How does ZERO sound to you? There are no fees or extra charges to use this our free cash register app.

School Holiday Shop Ideas and Services

New 24/7 online ordering! – and a personalized web site for any school holiday shop. This means all you have to do is to log into your account at Simply use your school code and pin in the middle of our home page. How does this help you? Here you will be able to view and track shipments, track orders, place re-orders and order additional supplies too. Finally, you will be able to process your own invoice whenever you wish.

Affordable Gifts! offers an extensive selection of very reasonably priced gifts items – many of them priced for as little as $.25 each. We also have a great selection of items to look at. So, if you have any questions feel free to contact us at 800.645.6550 – and as a division of Tracy Hamilton Inc. we will be here to support you in your upcoming plans to run a school holiday shopper. This also means you get to benefit from our 50 years of experience working with schools just like yours.

FREE Coaching! So, if your elementary school is interested in setting up a shop we can assist you. We also have many resources and information about running a school gift shop program. For example, feel free to check out our education section. Furthermore, we suggest downloading our Best Practices / School Board document. And finally, if you have questions about running an elementary school holiday gift shop then please visit our “Questions & Answers” page. It contains answers to many of the questions you are probably wondering about.

Want to talk to someone instead of searching for the answers? We invite you to just give us a call at 800.645.6550 and speak with a school holiday shop customer service person. Let’s plan the perfect holiday shop for your school together.

Ruthie's Holiday Dress

Ruthie's Holiday Dress was introduced to Ruthie's Collection in 2008 and retired in 2014 with Ruthie's archival. Retail cost was $24.


Long sleeved evergreen dress. White collar with rose embroidery and lace trim. Gathered waist with black velveteen bow. Lace trim below waist.


Black velvet headband with bow. Red flower and leaf on bow.


White tights with lace trim.

Maryan Barbara
Maryan Barbara

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