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Highly concentrated essence that rebuilds the skin.

Counteracts wrinkles, dryness, lost elasticity and pigmentation.

Strengthens the skin barrier.

Global-Repair Essence is a highly concentrated essence that has intense rebuilding properties that counteract wrinkles, dry skin, lost firmness, pigmentation and tired skin. Contains algae extract that helps strengthen the skin barrier together with other nourishing ingredients.A multi-acting serum that is specially designed for lifeless skin.

Luara Repair Essence

Luara Series Popular No. 1 Poco'ce Best Beauty Award First Half of 2019.

A care essence that enhances the beauty effect of subsequent skincare items when used in addition to usual care.

Luara Repair Essence wraps the skin with a unique gentle thickening and leads to soft, moist skin.

Bipolar and zwitterions temporarily change the pH of the skin, making it slightly acidic to keep the skin healthy.

With the effect of moisturizing the keratin softly, it achieves a greater penetration power than before.

In addition, high-quality placenta extract (derived from horses), which is nice for beautiful skin.

After washing your face, put it on your hand for about 2 pushes, rub it with your palm 4-5 times, and apply gently to your skin. Apply it to the whole skin lightly like a massage, and when the essence of the essence is gone, skincare as usual.


SH-RD Intensive Root Repair Essence (Anti-Aging)

Anti-Aging exclusively for the scalp

Hair Loss Slowdown

Eliminate excess DHT production


Hair growth starts with healthy hair. Hair strands need nutrients to grow strong, giving thinning hair a much-needed boost to guarantee growth

Designed to fight the many causes of hair loss, including poor root circulation, waxy fungal buildup, excess DHT production. Add botanical extracts and vitamins to eliminate the excess sebum and infusing needed nutrients for scalp and hair.


Shampoo, rinse, and towel dry hair. Apply the lotion and gently massage your scalp, no need to rinse.


Maryan Barbara
Maryan Barbara

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