Just when we thought maybe Lady Gaga had run out of ways to shock people, she's gone and dyed her the tamest color ever.

In pretty much the only move that could upstage Miley Cyrus' brave new platinum pixie haircut, Lady Gaga has gone in completely the opposite direction, with this new brown hair color that's almost--dare we say it?--conservative.


Seriously--Gaga might even be able to walk down the sidewalk unrecognized at this point!

She's been Tweeting about her new medium-brown hair color---which she concocted alongside colorist Frederic Aspiras--calling it "Louis Vuitton" brown and saying she's even decided to do away with that one edgier part--the blond streak above her ear. "Definitely feeling a little less blond lately and more progressive brunette," she says (... whatever that means). Here's a photo she took of the new brown hair in a "boring but fun" topknot.


So what do you ladies think? Do you like Lady Gaga's new brown hair? Let's chat about it!

Maryan Barbara
Maryan Barbara

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