Match Your Clothes With These Fashion Accessories

When it comes to dress accessories, you can easily put on matching jewellery to make a statement. You can also create unique colour combinations for your dress and learn how to match colours to create gorgeous looks. No matter if it's in the middle of an Australian summer, or if you're going to an event in the heart of winter, accessorising jewellery is one way to pull your outfit together.

Six Ways to Accessorise Jewellery

Whether you want dress accessories or matching jewellery for the office, you should have a few go-to accessories in your wardrobe. You can pull them out and mix and match to create looks that are as unique as you, and, better yet, it's so simple to accomplish. A few ways you can accessorise jewellery include:

1. Add Bracelets

For a fun and beachy vibe, add a few bracelets to your arm. They provide excellent colour combinations for summery dresses, or you can go neutral and wear a white one. These designs are perfect for a day out with the girls or a low-key event. They give off an effortlessly casual vibe, and you can even stack them all together to create a layered look. Mix and match to bring out hues of your dress or clothing, or you can go simple and wear darker colours that allow these bracelets to pop on your arm.

2. Match Your Bag to Your Dress

One fast way to create a seamless and well put-together look is to match your bag to your dress. You can even go one step further and create a colour combination for your dress that includes your bag and your shoes. You can wear more neutral colours and let your bag pop, or you can go the opposite direction and have a classic bag. Either way, you get a sleek and functional accessory that transcends multiple styles. If you don't want to carry a large purse, go for a smaller, statement clutch or bag.

3. Dress Up Your Look with a Hat or Hair Accessory

Hats are in, and with good reason. The Australian sun can be extremely hot, and you want to protect yourself any way you can. Instead of wearing long sleeves or wraps, pair your dress with a stylish hat or hair accessory. Pull your hair back in a gorgeous clip or headband and put on your hat to create a wonderfully messy but put-together look that is effortless. You'll be ready to hit the beach or run your errands while beating the heat and staying cool. You can switch out your hat for a headband once you get in the shade and cool down.

4. Enhance Your Waist with a Belt

Yes, we all love those flowing and flirty dresses in the summertime, but you also want to show off your curves. One of the must-have dress accessories that you should have in your closet is a belt or two. It's easy to cinch it up higher on your body to create a flowing silhouette that looks and feels fabulous. A simple belt can help you accessorise without drawing attention away from your overall look, or you can create a statement piece that turns heads in all the right ways. The choices are virtually endless.

5. Use Earrings to Make Your Outfit Pop

Matching jewellery with your look is easy when you use earrings. You can coordinate colours with your other jewellery or shoes, or you can bring out bright and eye-catching hues. They're a perfect and unobtrusive way to enhance your outfit. You can even add a luxurious feel and look to your outfit but going for something a little more shiny. The best part is, you can put them in and forget them. They won't get in your way, and the right earrings too with almost any outfit or look you want to create.

6. Make a Fashion Statement With a Necklace

Finally, you can add a statement necklace to your outfit and use it as the perfect dress accessory. You can get matching jewellery with your bracelets, or you can let your necklace shine by itself. Necklaces are the perfect way to command attention and draw the eye down your silhouette. Go big and bold or more classic and elegant. Whatever look you wish to convey, a necklace can help you. They're also appropriate for both casual and formal events!

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Tips for Matching Earrings With Clothes

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Should your bag match your shoes?

MATCHING accessories — once a fashion faux pas — is now a hot new trend. So do you or don’t you? Do you match your bag to your shoes?

Working in the media and especially as a former fashion director, it is often assumed that a “fashion authority” must have a special password into a secret style society. That you possess some little piece of wisdom that no one else has.

It is also assumed that you are a beacon of knowledge and information of all things sartorial, which gives people the right to ask questions. And ask they do!

Women want to know “how to” do anything better … but where do I start, the list is endless! How to dress with more dash than cash? How to wear the latest trend? How to wear the hot new colour? Or how to dress like the uber sartorialists?

Should your bag match your shoes?

But two of the most commonly asked questions are: “Should your bag match your shoes?” and “should your accessories match?”

The “art” of co-ordinating an outfit or matching one’s accessories is referred to as “matchy matchy”. Not an extremely fashionable word or even vaguely academic, but it pretty much sums up the notion of those who conform to matching their bag with their shoes. Or anything else for that matter.

For years, anybody who dared to be so conservative as to co-ordinate their accessories, let alone their colour schemes, was met with much disdain. It’s a bit like wearing one label head to toe I guess. Well, kind of, but not really.The general consensus — and contemporary dictates of fashion — would answer “no” and “no” to both questions.

“One of the most dramatic fashion about-turns in recent seasons is the trend of co-ordinating accessories”

However, not everyone agrees. Many women — me included — like to match their shoes, bags and accessories as it finishes off an outfit. It looks more polished and complete. It’s the full stop at the end of a sentence.

But it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, so that might explain why fashion gets away with being so fickle. Therefore it will come as no surprise that one of the most dramatic fashion about-turns in recent seasons is the trend of co-ordinating accessories. During recent collections, many designers sent models down the runway in head-to-toe looks — with bags, shoes and outfits all in matching fabrics — reinforcing, or more to the point, highlighting the trend.

I was in fashion heaven! Not so much about the idea of matching fabric, but more about the validation of my own personal style. This was my “hallelujah” moment because I like to co-ordinate my accessories (shoes, handbag, glasses, jewellery etc). Some might even argue that I have OCD issues!

For me, fashion — and more importantly, style — is all about co-ordinating or matching colour and texture with my accessories. If I wear black shoes, my bag and belt will be black, as well as glasses frames and gloves, necklaces and bracelets. And when it comes to textures, I will match patent leather with patent leather, mock croc with mock croc, saffiano leather with saffiano, pony hair with ponyhair.

“Every woman needs to build a collection of classic basics;

that way you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck”

However, when it comes to prints and patterns it’s a little different. If you love a print or patterned bag (or shoe), you need to identify the base colour and co-ordinate accordingly. For example, if the primary colour of the patterned bag is red, then wear a plain red shoe. And vice versa.

But I also like to take it a step further. I make sure the hardware — the buttons, buckles and studs — on garments and accessories match as well. I’m a silver person, so I generally opt for silver, steel or platinum finishes.

Maryan Barbara
Maryan Barbara

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