The 15 Very Best Jeans for Women

Size range: It can sometimes seem like jeans are arbitrarily assigned numbers, which might mean being forced to choose between a too-big waist gap or a pair that’s just slightly too tight. To help, we asked our denim enthusiasts to detail the fit of their favorites and, as much as we could, we focused on brands offering plus, petite, and tall options.

Cut: There are times when a cowboy-esque flare will do, and other times when you want skinny jeans. Some cuts were more popular (straight-leg styles) than others (sorry, wide leg). But we also went a step further to describe the shape of every pair, whether that’s more slim-fitting, tapered, or cropped (to name a few).

Rise: A note for low-rise lovers: Our panelists preferred high-waisted jeans overall. But we included the rise’s measurement for each, which will oftentimes be based on the size the model is wearing. (Anything over a ten-inch rise is considered to be in the “high” category, as stylist Jessica Cadmus previously explained.) And while we’re on the subject of rises: Most jeans on the market now will have some stretch in them to make them feel more comfortable, especially at the waist. We’ve noted when a recommendation doesn’t have stretch.

Price: Ask around and you’ll hear about how someone splurged on their Rag & Bone or Paige. Factoring in cost per wear, an investment can make sense, but the truth is you can get a pair of great jeans for not that much. (Think of everyone currently scouring secondhand shops for Levi’s 501s.) That’s all to say, affordability was a top priority for us when considering what jeans made the cut. The best of the best are denoted as either $ (under $100), $$ ($100 to $200), or $$$ (over $200).

Best overall jeans

Best jeans for plus sizes

Torrid Bombshell Skinny Jean $90 $90 Sizes 10–30 (equivalent to 6x), with extra-short to extra-tall inseams | Skinny | No rise listed | $ Petite-plus influencers Tinsaye Berhanu and Natalie Craig have both previously called out the Bombshell Skinny Jeans. Unlike every other jean on this list, these don’t list their rise — but we made a special exception, as Berhanu describes the high waist as “really comfortable without rolling down when you’re moving around.” The jeans are rated as a “maximum” on the company’s stretch scale, too. Craig points out that Torrid offers short and extra-short lengths for jeans, something many other plus-size brands don’t offer. (You also can choose between tall and extra-tall options.) Torrid was also the most-mentioned brand in our guide to plus-size jeans, where those who did the mentioning praise just how well the jeans fit curves. That includes style influencer Nikki Apostolou, who describes how her pair “hug[s] my curves, cling[s] where I need them to, and flatter[s] my more apple-shaped figure.” $90 at Torrid Buy

Best jeans for petites

Abercrombie ’90s Ultra-High-Rise Straight Jeans $62 $89 now 30% off $62 Sizes 23–37, with extra-short, short, long, and extra-long options | Straight-leg | No rise listed | $ When we asked petites for their favorite jeans, there wasn’t a consensus on a brand or a particular pair — more than a few referenced standard-size pants instead of ones that were petite-specific. But two women did refer us to Abercrombie, which has become a popular destination for #petitetok and popular among other stylish women we’ve talked to. These jeans were mentioned by both photographer Lizbeth Hernandez and content creator Amy Serrano. Hernandez calls them “perfect for my curvy body,” while Serrano says the pair “hugs every part of my butt perfectly.” In terms of comfort, Serrano points out that these lasted through a round of high kicks with the Radio City Rockettes just fine. But what made Abercrombie really earn this spot is its two types of petite sizes: short for those who are five feet to five-foot-three, and extra-short, which is specifically designed for those under five feet (although this length is only available in sizes 25 to 29). FYI: The jeans are also offered in 17 washes, the most on our list. $62 at Zappos Buy $62 at Abercrombie and Fitch Buy

Best jeans for tall women

Madewell Tall Curvy High-Rise Skinny Jeans in Ainsworth Wash: Raw-Hem Edition $128 $128 Sizes 23–33 (with plus, petite, and standard) | Skinny | 10.5-inch rise | $$ Strategist writer Chloe Anello (who’s five-foot-nine) crowned this Madewell pair the best overall in her guide to jeans for tall women. Former Strategist social-media editor Hannah Starke (who’s five-foot-ten) describes these as the “the only jeans that fit my body correctly,” with a cut that’s more generous through the hips and thighs. This pair comes in a 30-inch inseam, which is enough for most tall folk to cover their ankles, Anello points out. What makes Madewell stand out in this area specifically is its two choices: a “tall” option for anyone five-foot-eight to five-foot-11 and a “taller” offering designed for those six feet and up. The “taller” sizes tend to sell out in the blink of an eye, Anello says — so if you’re especially tall, she suggests going for Amalli Talli. The tall-women-founded company makes jeans with 34- and 36-inch inseams. $128 at Madewell Buy

Best raw denim jeans

Imogene + Willie Catherine Indigo Rigid Jeans $225 Sizes 23–34 | Straight-leg with a trouser-style | 13-inch rise | $$$ There’s a certain class of denim enthusiasts who are serious about wearing raw denim exclusively. This denim isn’t just rigid — it’s left in its “original untouched state,” becoming “specific to its owner only, kind of like a fingerprint,” explains former Strategist staffer Lauren Levy. One of Levy’s favorites is Imogene + Willie, which focuses on making raw denim that’s fitted more to a woman’s curves compared to other options out there. She describes these as a “really gorgeous high-rise,” towering at 13 inches. $225 at Imogene + Willie Buy

Best rigid denim jeans

The Feel Studio Genuine Jean $295 Sizes 24–38 with tall inseam | Classic straight leg | 10.5-inch rise | $$$ Even if you like more rigidness in your jeans, raw denim can seem a little extreme. The Genuine Jean from the Feel Studio is a compromise — sans stretch, but doing the work of shaping to your body. It took just a few wears for Strategist senior editor Simone Kitchens’s pair to do so. Kitchens compares them to vintage jeans in their lack of stretchiness but with enough softness to stop them from being unwearable. Dancer Eva Alt seconds this, saying they’re “like the pair you always hope to find at a vintage store, just without the work.” And there’s a reason for that: The Feel Studio was founded by stylist Stevie Dance, who’s a devout Levi’s wearer, according to Kitchens, and the fit of these is inspired by old 501s. $295 at The Feel Studio Buy

Best straight leg

Levi’s 501 Original Fit Women’s Jeans From $59 From $59 Sizes 23–34, with 30- and 32-inch inseams | Classic straight leg | 11.125-inch rise | $ As alluded to earlier, straight-leg was the most-cited cut. In the end, the classic Levi’s 501s took the top spot because of just how often they came up — musicians Aly and AJ Michalka and celebrity stylist Karla Welch specifically name-checked this pair, and several of our other panelists not only own vintage versions of the style but compare their current favorites against them, like Kitchens did just above. This isn’t too surprising considering that the legendary 501s are the fit that literally started it all for the brand. “These are just classic: the fit, the semi-high waist, the color,” Aly Michalka says. “The more worn they are, the better they look and feel.” Her sister AJ agrees: “My booty looks so good in these. Levi’s never fails — they just get jeans and always have.” Since these are non-stretch, Welch (who has collaborated with the company in the past) offers this piece of advice to get them just right: “Wearing them, and wearing them, and wearing them, and wearing them, until I’m like, ‘Ah, these are perfect!’” From $59 at Amazon Buy $88 at Levi's Buy

Best slim-leg jeans

Wrangler Cowboy-Cut Slim-Fit Jeans From $30 $50 now 40% off From $30 Sizes 00–15 (equivalent to 22- to 32-inch waists) with up to 38-inch inseam options | Tapered slim straight leg | 11.75-inch rise | $ Don’t let the “Cowboy Cut” name fool you — these Wranglers are nowhere near a full flare. Kitchens did discover the pair in a cowboy store in Oklahoma City, but they look like “something fresh out of A.P.C.” and do “good things all around for my butt and waist.” The jeans are more of a middle ground between skinny and straight-leg. On the fit front, you can choose between 100 percent cotton without stretch (offered in the medium and bleach washes) or just a hint of spandex in the light wash. Kitchens went non-stretch, adding that after a few washes, the pair gets that “thrift-store-faded patina these jeans are known for. Or wash them a little less and prolong their A.P.C.-like stiffness.” If you needed any more convincing: Kitchens’s ode to her Wranglers was so popular, four of her friends bought them right away. Or you could go for the also-slim-legged Madewell’s Stovepipe Jeans — Hallie Abrams, founder of the Wardrobe Consultant, describes the cut as “if all the jean styles had a baby, the Stovepipe is what would come out.” From $30 at Amazon Buy $49 at Wrangler Buy

Best bootcut jeans

Best overall skinny jeans

Frame Le High Skinny Jeans $189 $189 Sizes 24–34 | Skinny | 10.2-inch rise | $$$ Despite what the youths say, skinny jeans are still worth having in your repertoire — and “the Le High are as skinny as they come,” Cadmus says. “They are so skinny, they look painted on.” But they’re not so second-skin that they’re uncomfortable, she assures us, as they have a hint of elastane that “flatters every curve,” especially accentuating the backside. Having tried one of the six available shades IRL once (and being a Frame fan already), I can confidently say the same — they even made my short legs look toned and longer. $189 at Nordstrom Buy $218 at Net-A-Porter Buy

Best (less expensive) skinny jeans

Levi’s Mile High Super Skinny Jeans From $30 Sizes 24–33, with 30- and 32-inch inseams | Skinny | 10.87-inch rise | $ For Strategist writer Jenna Milliner-Waddell, the true test of a good pair is a no-gap waist — and the Mile Highs exceeded those expectations: “Not only do they show no gaps, they stretch just enough to get over my hips without being a full-blown jegging, while still giving me that rigid denim feel,” she says. The fit isn’t fleeting, either — even after a couple of washes and much wear, the waist is still tight and the color just as saturated, Milliner-Waddell explains. These are “probably the closest I’ll ever get to love at first sight,” she adds, and considering the pair’s price point, it’s a win-win. From $30 at Amazon Buy $90 at Levi's Buy

Best cropped jeans

Agolde Riley High-Rise Straight-Crop Jeans $188 Sizes 24–34 | Cropped straight leg | 11.5-inch rise | $$ The Agolde Rileys have appeared in several of our guides and counts a Strategist staffer, petite content creators, and a mom-jean maven as devotees. The reason we’re designating these as our top cropped pick is because they aren’t too long on petites (a rarity). Serrano, who’s five feet, previously explained that these hit right at the ankle, “the perfect length for a full-length jean.” Strategist writer Lauren Ro, another petite, seconds this, saying that they just graze her ankles for a truer crop than a standard-size pair. But if you aren’t on the shorter side (and favor a non-stretch option), these work just as well cropped. Filmmaker and former New York photo editor Stella Blackmon calls these a standout in her sea of mom jeans, adding that these are slimmer than traditional ones, but are still “like an ode to the jeans my mom loved when I was growing up.” Note: The pair comes in 14 washes, the second-highest number on our list. $188 at Nordstrom Buy $188 at Agolde Buy

Best mom jeans

Free People CRVY Georgine Mom Jeans $98 $98 Sizes 24–35 | Straight leg, raw hem | 13-inch rise | $ Mom jeans have a reputation of being unflattering, especially when it comes to the backside. The Georgine turns that idea around completely: They have such a butt-boosting fit that U.K. Strategist contributor Monica Heisey calls them a revelation. Even though mom jeans are supposed to be looser, Heisey points out, it’s hard to find straight-size denim that’s actually so. Free People’s CRVY line is made from those with a bigger hip-to-waist ratio, she explains, and “there’s some kind of contouring-seaming situation in the waistband that I don’t quite understand, but it is doing really important stuff for the waist and butt.” The effect is a no-waist-gap, rigid-but-comfortable (non-stretch) pair of pants that are perfect out of the box. $98 at Free People Buy

Best distressed jeans

Best maternity jeans

Best Jeans for Women over 50

Let me proclaim that Jeans are not just the uniform of young women. There are so many various styles available these days that choosing the best jeans for women over 50 should really be a breeze, but once you find a style you like, my advice is to stick with it.

Sure, we shouldn’t be wearing our daughter’s jeans, and why would we want to cramp the style of the younger generation anyway? I believe that women over 50 need to choose elegant jeans that suit our body shape, jeans that have timeless qualities, just like us.

And we don’t need to go all comfy-womfy and always choose elasticated jeans, or baggy fit jeans – no no sisters, we’re aiming for a little pazazz here! But if you like a little comfort, then try to choose stretch jeans.

Before we delve deeper into the sizing, silhouette and fitting, let us accept that jeans are a favourite street-style fashion for women over 50.

Jeans look elegant and chic and can be slimming (How to Look Slimmer in Jeans) when styled properly and are most certainly a trendy look for older women, as well as popular among mature celebrities and style icons.

Best Jeans for women’s body types

This post will cover the best jeans for women’s body types along with essential advice you need to know about jeans, including …

How to choose the best jeans for women over 50

Which jeans not to wear

Best jeans for curvy women

How many pairs of jeans should you own?

Choosing the perfect size jeans

Best jeans for tall women

What you need to know about jeans

Jeans are fabulous. They’ve been around for a long time (read about the history of jeans here). They’re adaptable to style, easy to pack and probably the most low-maintenance piece of clothing in a woman’s fashion arsenal.

How to Choose the Best Jeans for Women

The best jeans for women over 50 are not your daughter’s low rise styles, and many women will not want to test looking like mutton dressed up as lamb in very skinny jean styles.

When you find that an insanely good pair of jeans that fits you perfectly, makes your waist appear smaller, tucks your tummy in, and lengthens the look of your legs – then you’ll probably buy that brand for ever more.

However, to find the best jeans for women you need to look beyond just the size of your waist. You also need to feel confident all day long and for those days when you might worry about ‘eek is that a leak’ moments, ditch the pantyliners which will not bode well after a long day, but rather choose the more comfortable, more breathable option – washable leak proof pants to wear under jeans, such as Modibodi (my favourites).

How to Choose the Best Fitting Jeans for women over 50

Let us help you decide what to consider when you want to buy the best jeans, particularly the best fitting jeans for women over 50.

Our bodies have probably changed, menopause has seen to that, and what looked good on us a few years ago may not fit the bill anymore.

When choosing the best jeans for yourself there are several points to consider and different styles to think about.

High Waisted Jeans

High-rise jeans, or high waisted jeans work best on nearly every body shape – like those on the model below who’s wearing Crazy4Jeans high-waisted-slimming-jeans.

These gorgeous stretch jeans are probably going to work well, if you have an apple or pear shaped body. These are really flattering jeans for curvy women.

Great jeans for curvy women

I’m wearing the same stretch jeans as the model, but I’ve turned them up at the bottoms to wear with my black LAURA FRANKiE4 ankle boots. I’m wearing an Elly top in Navy from Vivid International – Vivid International

High-rise styles have a way of subtly concealing your stomach area and making it flatter as they nip and tuck in the right areas.

If they are a great brand they should also do wonders for your bum too. They really are super jeans for curvy women.

High rise jeans can look really flattering with a t-shirt and a blazer, but avoid tucking in your shirt with high rise waistlines unless you have a slim tummy area.

Mid Rise Jeans

If you’re well-toned in the mid-riff section, you can probably pull off a mid-rise pair of jeans.

The waistband sits on the belly button. You can tuck shirts into mid rise jeans if you like, but make sure you give them a blouson effect over the waistband – and don’t try to tuck them in too neatly or tightly or you run the risk of looking ‘bulgy’.

Which jeans not to wear

Low Rise Jeans

We recommend you steer clear from low-rise cuts when you’re over the age of 50, unless you’re of super model proportions, and most of us are not!

You see, after the age of 50, a muffin top (blame the hormones) is likely to appear just around the waistline – as if by black magic – and it’s hard to conceal this spare tyre with low rise jeans.

Ripped Faded Jeans

Lets talk about ripped faded jeans.

The best jeans for women over 50 probably should not include ripped jeans or faded styles aimed at the 20 something market. It just invokes the idea of ‘mutton dressed up as lamb’ to me.

Best Skinny Jeans for women

The best Skinny jeans for women should have a tight fit with a taperered leg and are skinny from hip to hemline.

Generally they will have a low to mid-rise waistline and will best suit taller women with slim legs and small waists.

Some people think that skinny jeans are probably not the best idea at this point in life but from my point of view I enjoy wearing them.

I think if you do choose them, then go for a longer style tunic top to cover your bum and tum.

Best Jeans for Curvy Women

If you have a large tummy but slim legs then slim leg jeans are a great style for you. Wear a blouse that flatters your top half and covers your bum and tum.

A high waist jean will be your best bet, but try flared jeans too.

If you are curvy from bust to toe then go for loose fitting jeans – try straight cut with a wide leg or go for relaxed jeans.

Try Gap, H&M, and NYDJ

Best Jeans for Tall Women

When it comes to jeans for tall women, you really can choose most styles.

The most important thing when buying online is to know your inseam so that you don’t end up with a pair of jeans that are far too short for your leg.

Try these brands: American Eagle, Paige, Long Tall Sally, Nordtrom, NYDJ and Levi’s.

Easy to carry off jeans

Boyfriend style jeans, mom jeans, straight cuts, and slim-fits are some of the style that are easy to carry off and are a little forgiving too.

They allow you the comfort of being able to move around without worrying about being to low slung or too young, and they can look absolutely gorgeous and trendy.

Slim Fit Jeans

Slim fit jeans are more likely to have a mid-rise waistline. They are straight through the hips and slim on the thighs, with a narrow leg.

Slim-fits can work well because they have a form flattering fit and can successfully make your legs appear slimmer than they actually are.

These type of jeans are also some of the best jeans for tall women because your long legs can rock the look.

Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans are great for making your legs appear slimmer and longer.

They are great to wear with long boots because the bottom area will flow neatly over the boot.

They should fit to be tighter around the thigh area, and then flare out to widen from the knee to hem.

Regular Jeans

These jeans are workhorses.

They will generally have a mid-rise waistline and the trouser leg falls straight from the knee to hem with a wider leg opening than both slim-fit jeans and skinny jeans.

Low Crotch Jeans

I’m not a fan of this style, but you might love them.

They are worn low on the waist and have a drop-crotch, which gives them a baggy, saggy look.

Best Colours

We can’t possibly talk about the best fitting jeans for women over 50 without bringing into consideration the colour.

As a simple rule of thumb, darker colours have a slimming effect, so I’d suggest you stick to black, navy or dark acid wash jeans.

White and pale blue jeans work well with the right tops.

If you accessorise well you can really expect to make an entrance with white jeans, but they will generally have the effect of making you appear larger than if you wear dark coloured jeans.

Choosing The Perfect Size Jeans

When it comes to buying the best jeans for women, sizes are all that matter. Each brand may have a different fit, so don’t be vain about your sizing.

Don’t hope to be a size smaller than you really are – all brands have different sizing charts.

If you are buying online then make sure you now your inseam, know your waist and hip measurement, and have an idea of what style of jeans you want to buy.

Don’t be afraid to buy online. You can get some great prices. But tread carefully. Measure well and then follow the brand’s size charts to get the perfect fit.

How to Measure for Jeans to get the Perfect Fit

Measure you inseam – the inseam is the distance between the crotch to where you want the bottom hem of the pants to fall.

A regular inseam is between 29 and 32, longer options offer somewhere between 31 and 34.

Measure your waist. Use a soft tape measure. Place it about 4 inches, (10cm) below your belly button for mid-rise jeans.

Measure slightly above your belly button for high-waist jeans.

Measure around your hips at their widest point.

Measure the front rise from your crotch to your belly button for the rise of the jeans.

Measure the widest part of your thigh.

There is no substitute for trying on jeans. You really need to look at them from different angles, make sure you can sit down in them without your blood flow stopping, but also making sure that they hug, nip and tuck in the right places.

Most jeans are at their tightest the first time you put them on. As you wear them they will probably loosen up over time and become much more comfortable. My advice is to buy jeans slightly tighter than you really want them to be after the first wash or two.

If you’re buying online then read customer feedback and reviews to get a sense for how the pants fit and if they run true to size.

If you’re buying online also check that there is a good returns policy in place if you need to change them, and once you find a style that suits you online, my advice is to buy two pairs … One pair for high days and holidays and one for when you don’t want to be so nipped and tucked.

I highly recommend you always keep two sizes of jeans in your closet – one for the size you actually are and one just a size above for days when you are feeling a little bloated or carrying a little extra holiday weight around.

There are days when snug jeans just aren’t the brightest idea of all time, and that’s when you get to use your one-size above jeans, and still look great but just feel a little more comfortable.

Jeans have become a year round staple to wear in summer and winter, so it just makes sense to make sure you have a couple of favourite pairs of great fitting jeans to pull out at a moment’s notice.

What’s the Difference between Low-Rise, Mid-Rise and High Rise Jeans?

Low-rise jeans will sit about 5 to 10 cms below your belly button.

Mid-rise jeans will sit just below your belly button.

High rise jeans will fit close to your natural waist.

How Many Pairs of Jeans Should You Own?

One pair that fit you like a glove which look great for going out.

One pair a size larger for the days when you don’t want to be nipped and tucked in.

A pair of white jeans for summertime.

A pair of skinny jeans that you can wear with ankle boots or knee length boots or high heels and dress up for going out.

A pair of loose fit jeans, or straight leg jeans for everyday wear at home or away.

A pair of stretch jeans comfortable for long journeys.

A bootcut or flared pair of jeans which will make your legs look longer.

What to wear with jeans when you’re over 50

At Lifestyle Fifty we love asymmetrical bohemian tops, ethnic embroidered blouses, snowy white tees or crisp button-ups and blazers – the options to style jeans are unlimited.

You most certainly don’t have to consider things as banal and trivial as your age to be able to flaunt the bad boys above, especially when you successfully find your right fit and style.

Best High Waisted Jeans for Curvy Women

Crazy4Jeans offer great fitting jeans that hug your body in all the right places, like the ones I’m wearing above. If you’re curvy they flatter you where you need it most by targeting your belly, bum and thighs.

They’re also comfortable and stretchy.

Secretly you’ll be thrilled with the way they offer you a better moulded and more toned looking bottom.

In the photos below I’m wearing gifted CYSM Daphne jeans in AU Size 12, USA 07. They are fabulous three quarter length, black skinny jeans. These stylish push-up jeans with a high waist work wonders on your figure.

Over the jeans I’m wearing an Australian size 10, round necked, Vivid International Tammy Top in Monochrome. It’s short sleeves fall to a flattering level and the plain underlay contrast falls slightly lower than the printed top layer which neatly hides tum and bum.

The Tammy Top is a best seller, and really is a nice loose cut top that covers the arms, has a great layering detail that shapes you nicely and the back panel seam detail adds a nice extra touch.

I really like the turn-up style and cute detailing at the hemline of the CYSM Daphne jeans. It gives them a lovely touch of pazazz. You could wear them with ankle boots or strappy shoes.

I’ve styled them with FRANKiE4 SALLi tan leather ankle boots and some strappy wedge heels.

Below I’m wearing Crazy4Jeans super high waisted blue skinny slimming jeans which I’ve turned up at the bottoms instead of wearing them full length.

I think this style of high waisted, slimming jeans really are the best jeans for curvy women.

Exclusive Discount Code

For a nice 15% discount at Crazy4Jeans online, use the code JO15 at checkout : Click here to see all the styles.

Video : Find the Right Jeans for your Body Type

For more style tips read The Ultimate Guide to Fifty Plus Womens Fashion. Want to know how many jeans women really own? Read “How many Clothes do I need?”

Win a Pair of Jeans

Update 18th February 2019: Competition Closed. The winner has been notified by email.

About Crazy4Jeans

Crazy4Jeans aims to provide High End Denim Pieces with a twist, offering unique styles that fit perfectly and are comfy.

They’re designed to be nicely decorated, cool, trendy and unique.

Each garment is made from shaping technology that integrates a bottom lifting effect, and offers abdomen control features to make women appear slimmer while ensuring optimum comfort levels.

Durable fabrics, high quality manufacturing and creative sewing techniques are combined to produce the latest fashion trends. Find out more about the technology, fit and styles here.

High Waisted Jeans for Women Over 50 That Fit Well.

“OMG Jo, my new jeans just arrived and they are FABULOUS!!! I must admit I was sceptical about them, it’s hard enough to find decent jeans when you get to try them on, let alone online. But – these high waisted jeans from Crazy4Jeans fit PERFECTLY, have lots of stretch in them, and are SO COMFY I can already tell I will be wearing them to death. I got a black pair so now I want to buy a blue pair as well!!! Janet – Middle Aged Mama

What is your favourite cut of jeans – low rise, mid rise or high rise?

Which is your favourite brand of jeans?

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The 16 Best Jeans for Women of 2022

That's where we come in. To save you countless hours, we spoke to celebrity stylists and researched the best jeans for women based on fabric quality, size range, style, and fit. Included are a variety of styles, ranging from skinny, cropped, straight, boyfriend, and beyond — so you can buy one, two, or three of your favorite styles.

It's safe to say that denim is a closet must-have . And with so many jeans on the market, it can be a little intimidating shopping for the perfect pair. You want them to look good and feel good and fit within your budget. But even with those parameters, the options are endless.

Whether you want to believe it or not, low-rise jeans are coming back, partly thanks to celebrities like Addison Rae and Dua Lipa . To ease back into the trend, we recommend this pair from American Eagle. The wide leg keeps these jeans feeling modern, unlike the skin-tight versions from the early 2000s. Despite the slouchy fit, reviewers say the jeans still hug the butt very well. They are just as low rise jeans should be; casually sexy. It's no wonder Rae is a fan of American Eagle jeans, once telling InStyle, "They've always had such a good fit, and are super comfortable while still being really cute."

These maternity jeans from Old Navy are designed to be worn before, during, and after pregnancy. The smooth jersey panel can be rolled up and down as your belly grows. The recycled denim is extra stretchy yet durable, so you can move around all you want without any fears of rips. The jeans come in short, long, and regular sizes for all mothers-to-be.

What We Don't Love: The jeans may not be long enough for tall figures, even in tall sizes.

The opposite problem goes for tall gals. Yes, cropped jeans are super chic, but they may not be the everyday look you're going for. Most of Gap's denim options are available in long sizes and the brand has even extended its offerings with tall sizes. With the High Rise Vintage Slim Jeans, the style's body-contouring design molds to your shape for a personalized-feeling fit. For added support, its high-rise waistband and strategically placed front pockets work together to hold you in and smooth.

Making jeans for petite figures isn't as simple as shortening the length — it's about adjusting all the proportions. Good American has done their due diligence with the Good Petite Straight. The brand brought up the knee, lowered the rise, and hemmed the leg at just the right length for those 5'4" and under. The high stretch fabric has built in recovery to give you more wears between washes and preserve the pants original shape. Plus, they are made from recycled materials. Win-win.

What We Don't Love: You may not be the same size in petite jeans vs regular, so be sure to check the size chart.

What We Love: From the rise to the knee placement, these jeans are made for shorter frames.

Unfortunately a rarity in the mainstream denim world, Universal Standard offers jeans up to size 40 in both regular and tall lengths. The Seine mid-Rise Skinny Jeans are one of the most-reviewed pairs on the site, and numerous shoppers say they're obsessed. The fabric is made to be super stretchy and the elegant fit and washes go with just about every outfit.

These wide-leg jeans are like a hybrid between trousers and denim. Its vintage-inspired silhouette adds a retro flair while delivering a comfortable fit that offers support and stretch. In addition to a classic blue and black wash, you can choose between white, tan, and gray shades.

Straight jeans bring out our inner cool girl, and Everlane's '90s-inspired style doesn't disappoint. One of our editors fell in love at first sight with the way they lift her booty and don't create a gap in the back waistband when sitting down. Design details like the raw hem and the crease down the middle are effortlessly stylish. Fans of colored jeans will also love how this style comes in fun shades like lilac, burnt orange, and green. The real question is how many washes will you choose?

What We Love: Look effortlessly cool in these straight leg jeans that lift your booty and come in unique washes.

There's such a wide range of distressed denim. You can buy a pair with one rip or another that's ripped from hip to ankle. We like this design from American Eagle because it has just the right amount of rips. The slim leg and high rise keeps the design from looking too sloppy. The asymmetrical crossover waistband is an unexpected detail that makes the style unique and trendy. The jeans are also made sustainably to reduce water and plastic. You'll look good and feel good wearing them.

This "perfect" throwback style from Madewell is vintage, cool, and chic. It's fitted through the hip and thigh and tapered at the bottom with a raw edge. As a denim expert, Madewell offers the style in petite and tall sizes as well. Like the brand says, these are "mom jeans"...if your mom was a '90s supermodel.

There's so much to love about cropped jeans. You can wear them no matter the time of year, and they pair perfectly with basically any shoe (sandals, boots, you name it). The best part about a cropped style is that you won't have to worry about annoying bagging or gathering when you want to wear them with boots. Reviewers rave about the fit of Topshop's Raw Hem Crop Straight Leg Jeans, praising their ability to successfully feel form-fitting without being restrictive. The raw hem gradually frays overtime for a custom, lived-in look. We appreciate that the style comes in long, petite, and regular sizing but just note that some recommend sizing up from your normal denim size since they're not designed to stretch.

What We Love: The cropped leg goes with all footwear and gradually frays for a lived-in look.

All of Hollywood's It Girls, from Addison Rae to Hailey Bieber, are fans of these high-waisted jeans from Levi's. As the brand's highest rise, the jeans in fact hit you at the ribcage, creating the illusion of extremely long legs and snatching you at the waist. The low-stretch fabric looks and feels like genuine vintage denim. Coming in several washes and two lengths, finding your perfect pair online is so much easier than scouring thrift shops for the ideal vintage Levi's .

Chrissy Teigen, Ashley Graham, and Kelly Rowland are all obsessed with Good American jeans, and for good reason. Designed by Khloe Kardashian, the jeans are made to enhance all body types and sizes. The Good Legs style is a skinny sculpting jean with extra stretch and a flat tummy tech. No matter if you're curvy up top and slim on the bottom or vice versa, you won't experience any gapping in the waistband. They are slim-fitting all the way to the ankle, and women say they look just as great on petite shapes as they do on curvy, plus the style comes in a short and long inseam in addition to regular.

There's a reason both Meghan Markle and Jennifer Lopez both swear by the brand . These cropped flare jeans are perfect for both summer and winter and will show off whatever shoes you are wearing that season. The stretchy fabric is really soft and curve hugging, making these stylish jeans surprisingly comfortable. Coming in bold prints and colors, these jeans will never feel boring.

They're stretchy, they hold their shape, and they look good on nearly every body type. And since these jeans are available in sizes 000 to 20 and short, regular, long, and extra-long length, there's a jean for everyone. And at an amazing price, there's so much to love about these pants. The combination of their relaxed silhouette and high-rise waist makes them comfortable and supportive without feeling slouchy.

When you can find a jean that is cute, well-fitting, and comfortable, you've hit a winner. These soft and stretchy jeggings look like traditional denim, but feel like you're wearing leggings. They have light whiskering and fading to look like real jeans. Coming in petite sizes, you don't have to worry about these skinny jeans bunching at your ankles. With their tight fit, they are perfect for tucking into boots.

What We Love: You get the look of jeans without any possible discomfort.

Although there aren't many denim styles that are universally flattering on various body shapes and types, stylists agree that Everlane reigns in the denim game. ​​The brand's Original Cheeky Jeans are super high rise to elongate the legs while the raised back hook seam lifts and tightens your backside. The back pockets — which the brand calls Happy Pockets — are placed higher and closer together for a bouncy, lifted look. The Japanese denim has just a touch of stretch, so you still get that rigid denim feel without any sagging. Available in ankle and regular lengths as well as a curvy fit , everyone can find their favorite cheeky jean.

What We Love: The brand's signature 'Happy Pockets' are strategically placed for a lifted look on your backside.

What to Keep in Mind


Both ends of the jean rise spectrum have their shares of pros and cons. High-rise jeans are beloved for their ability to highlight the smallest part of your waist as well as create the illusion of long legs. They go great with crop tops and can even convert a bralette into a blouse. However, they can be tricky to style with longer tops and sweaters, especially if you can't easily tuck the top into the jeans. And some folks just aren't a fan of the look and feel of a pant that goes above their belly buttons.

Low-rise jeans are slowly making a comeback after what feels like a decade of being canceled, and celebrities are here for it. "I love a low-rise moment, and everyone is going to realize that low-rise jeans are superior in the near future," Rae once told InStyle. Rae recommends pairing a tank top with a low rise pair to show a some skin while Karla Welch, celebrity stylist and co-founder of the styling app Wishi, suggests pairing them with sneakers. As for the low-rise jeans themselves, Welch says "the baggier, the better."

If you can't decide between the two extremes, a mid-rise jean is a good compromise. You won't feel like you are drowning in a high-rise or baring it all in a low- rise. Plus, a mid-rise goes with just about any top.


It's smart to have jeans in different washes to go with different occasions and seasons. Dark wash jeans tend to look more sophisticated, so they can be easily dressed up for the office or for a date night. They also tend to be more slimming, so it's no surprise that black jeans are models' go-to for their off-duty uniform.

If you like to wear jeans in warmer weather, having a few light wash pairs is a must. They give off a casual, laid back vibe that's perfect for vacations and weekend plans. White jeans are the quintessential summer denim, but there are plenty of ways to style them all year long. And like the mid rise, a medium wash jean is the perfect in between shade that can be worn regardless of season and occasion.

Fabric Content

Not all denim is created equal, and when it comes to its make up, there seems to be two camps — those who want some stretch and those who want no stretch at all. If you prefer the look and feel of rigid denim, go for styles made from 100 percent cotton. Overtime, these jeans will stretch out to your body, achieving that customized fit you often find in thrifted jeans worn by previous owners.

If the thought of breaking in your jeans does not sound fun, go for blends that have a little bit of spandex or elastane. They will be comfy on the spot, and offer stretch and recovery throughout the day. Paige Adams-Geller, co-founder and creative director of Paige Denim, once told InStyle that jeans made from mixed materials are better at holding you in and retaining their shape.

Your Questions, Answered

How do I find the right fit while shopping online?

Finding jeans that fit right is hard enough in person — shopping online is a whole different feat. To make it easier, Welch says it's important to look at the inseam, rise, and model's measurements. The inseam tells you the length of the jeans from the base of the zipper to the leg opening. The rise is the distance from the waist band to the crotch seam. In other words, the inseam tells you where the jeans will hit your legs while the rise tells you how high they will go up your torso.

To conceptualize these numbers, many sites list the height of the model and the size they are wearing. Based on how the pants fall on the model, you can decide what size to choose and if you should consider a short or long version.

How do I take care of jeans to make them last?

Once you find the perfect pair of jeans, you want them to last forever, right? The secret to extending their life is not to wash them too often. In fact, Levi's recommends that you only wash denim every 10 wears at most.

When you do wash your jeans, follow these rules: "Wash jeans inside out, then hang them up to dry," says Adams-Geller. "If you don't like the crispy texture that results from air-drying, throw them in the dryer for 10 minutes on the tumble setting. It's not hot, so it won't blow out the Lycra and cause stretching." To prevent the color from fading, especially black jeans, always use cold water and the gentle cycle.

How do I dress jeans up or down?

These days, jeans are as acceptable in the boardroom as on the beach. For more casual outfits, Welch suggests going with distressed styles and pairing them with sneakers. To dress up a pair, switch to heels or sandals and add a belt.

The top you wear immediately changes the formality of an outfit. Nothing says casual more than a simple tee paired with jeans. For a night out, consider tucking in a bodysuit or corset with some jeans. Throwing on a blazer or leather jacket can instantly elevate the look too.

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