Stylists share everything you need to accessorize this fall

Accessories are an easy way to elevate any outfit. As we start to turn over our wardrobes in preparation for fall, don't forget to do the same with your accessories to reflect the season's trends!

Stylist Gloria Cospito told us last year that the jewelry trends mirror the larger fashion trends we saw of bright neons and saturated colors, alongside the revival of '60s fashion that features funky patterns and whimsical designs. Personal stylist Gianna Nucci shared similar sentiments, adding that we'd see bolder colors, chunky styles and stacked pieces on the jewelry scene.

"In this new era of dress, sporting updates of the loud Spice Girls fashion we loved in the '90s makes perfect sense," Cospito told Shop TODAY. "It's a way to clothe ourselves in nostalgia and fun."

Many of these very same trends are still at the forefront of the style conversation today. Cospito added that there's two camps of people out there: those who glam up for every event and those who never want to wear real pants again. "I'm very excited for the range of fashion that we're going to see this year in fall/winter," she said.

While there's bound to be a range of styles coming out next season, Cospito is glad to be done with one: the sleek look. "The past way of dressing of trying to be like 'Well I'm trying to elongate... What's flattering? What's slimming?', thank God we've thrown that out the window. It's more about [accessories] being a cool statement piece that I feel great in; that I can walk and actually live my life in, but then also it's almost like an art piece on it's own," she said.

Accessories for fall trends, according to stylists

"My favorite fall piece is always a wide-brim felt fedora," Nucci told us. "Whether it's trending or not, it's a classic fall staple piece that just makes your fall look come together."

A good fedora can pull together an outfit for any outing from a casual shopping day to brunch with friends.

Embrace the retro resin ring look with this bestseller from Etsy star seller Livinlovin. Several reviewers raved about how cute these rings are. You can choose from three different colors for the flakes on top or opt for no flakes at all.

Nucci mentioned stackable jewelry as a hot accessory trend this season. If you want to keep it simple, try these ring stacks from Pura Vida. They'll inspire a little bit of magic in your day-to-day routine. The reviews are filled with satisfied shoppers who love how much cuter the set is when you put it on.

Cospito says acrylic, lucite and resin pieces are going to be seen a lot this fall because they are easy opportunities to incorporate bold, saturated colors into your wardrobe. "It feels really fun and fresh for this fall," she said. "It's almost like your grandma's jewelry, but it's being modernized."

These acrylic statement earrings from Etsy come in four different styles.

The '90s/early 2000s beaded jewelry trend we saw make a comeback last summer seems to be here for the fall as well, according to Lopez. Embrace nostalgia with this set of beaded bracelets from Baublebar. You can buy different initials to spell out a word or name or just rock a single bracelet.

"One thing that I'm seeing a lot on the runway is snoods," Nucci said. " somewhat of a detachable turtleneck or [it can be] one single-loop scarf, so that was really interesting to me and I thought that could be a fun and unique accessory that we haven't really seen a lot of in a while."

Cospito emphasized how much soft, comfortable and voluminous styles are influencing fall fashion trends. This slide sandal from Splendid hits all of those points. Similar to the pillow sandal trend, these puffy sandals are soft and seem super cozy.

"Platforms are back," Cospito told us. "If you want to get some height but don't want the pain of a heel, you can do a flatform."

For a casual everyday flatform, try this elevated classic from Converse. These platform low-tops can easily be dressed up or down and are a fun, modern take on a staple.

Cospito recommends these monochrome rings from BONBONWHIMS, a brand she says is "leading the charge in this jewelry trend" of channeling vintage styles.

"I feel like this summer we saw so many of the candy rings and that's kind of trickling into fall," stylist and fashion editor Audree Kate Lopez told us.

Oversized sunglasses were mentioned by both Lopez and Nucci, with Lopez describing them as "very Paris Hilton-y/early 2000s pop star sunglasses." Nucci noted that she's seen a lot of the skinnier cat eye-style sunglasses lately, so now is the time to expect these oversized styles to be trending. This aligns with Cospito's note about how volume is starting to take over in accessory trends, too.

Nucci said a thick statement belt is one of her favorite accessories that we can expect to see this fall. "I think it's great for styling up simple basic pieces, cinching in more flowy silhouettes like baggier tops and dresses and adding a unique twist to those staple essential pieces that people don't really know what to do with," she said.

The Coach Pillow Tabby shoulder bag went viral on TikTok and it looks like the padded pillow and puffy style is here to stay, according to both Lopez and Nucci. This shoulder bag from The Drop has that pillow-y style the stylists mentioned.

Nucci and Lopez both mentioned the return of the hobo bag. "Bags are becoming less structured and more relaxed," Nucci said of the trend. Lopez regarded it as a popular trend from the early 2000s making its way back to the forefront of the style conversation.

This option from Amazon has almost 17,000 verified five-star ratings. "I haven't found any other purse that I like better than this one," one five-star reviewer raved.

Lopez and Nucci both said that one of the trends we can expect to make a return for fall is headscarves. You can pair it with some oversized sunglasses for a "Betty Draper vibe," according to Nucci.

There's more than one way to make use of your headscarf, too! "I wouldn't be surprised, too, if girls were taking the scarves and tying it around their handbags," Nucci said.

Goodbye bucket hats, hello baseball caps. Lopez said she's seen this particular green New York Yankees hat all over her Instagram. "What's kind of been replacing the bucket hat is a baseball cap... a colorful baseball cap. I feel like I've seen so many girls wear this green Yankees hat on Instagram lately," she told us. If green isn't your color, it also comes in navy, light gray, khaki and maroon.

Filipino Fashion Products: The Best Philippine-Made Accessories to Add

Are you looking for a new fashion piece for your wardrobe update?

If you’re upgrading your ensembles and searching for unique fashion accessories to incorporate into your ever-growing, ever-evolving style, you must check Filipino-made fashion products!

Intricate, unique, and perpetually giving an ode to the colorful traditions and culture of the Filipinos, wearing Philippine-made fashion can add that head-turning touch to any outfit you’re wearing.

If you love Filipino fashion products and accessories but aren’t sure how to mix and match them to your current wardrobe picks, keep on reading.

Check out Haraya's versatile woven collection here.

Why Choose Filipino Fashion Products?

There are millions of options out there - why go for Philippine-made fashion accessories?

Reason number one: culture is woven into these products. Most of the famous fashion pieces from the Philippines have been in existence for hundreds of years. They refuse to die because a family or a community continues the tradition of making these products. When you wear Pinoy, you wear generations’ worth of tradition.

Filipino artists are also known around the world for their creativity and their go-big-or-go-home standard for quality. Most of these Filipino fashion accessories are handmade. Just by feeling it, you can already tell it was made with utmost care and attention.

Here are some reasons why buying from Haraya is support to local Filipino artists.

Lastly, when you support Filipino fashion products, you help local artists thrive. Each purchase supports a community of artists and enables a legacy of art to flourish.

Check out below for ideas on what Filipino fashion accessories to add to your wardrobe.

Abaca Shirt

Photo Credits:

What started as traditional wear for formal events has now become a choice for anyone who wants to don an edgy, fresh, and classy top for both casual and elegant outfits. Made from banana fabric, abaca creates that sleek, timeless look on shirts.

How to Style the Abaca Shirt

Dress it up with silk skirts and statement heels. If you want a more day-to-day look, wear it on top of jeans or basic black slacks.

Why You Should Have Abaca in Your Wardrobe

Abaca fabric makes for an easy reach if you want to try something classic and unique to your formal and street style.

Batik Scarf

Batik is one of the most iconic fashion accessories from the Philippines, which you can use all year round. Made in the Southern islands and heavily influenced by the long-running traditions of the hijab and wearing colorful fabric around the neck.

Batik - defined by colorful woven threads and geometrical designs - is the best pick if you’re collecting brighter, warmer, and beautiful scarves you can use any time of the year.

How to Style the Batik Scarf

One of the best things about batik is its versatility - wear it as a winter scarf in colder seasons or as a beach cover-up come summertime.

Banig Laptop Sleeve

Banig - also known as woven fabric - is now becoming more and more popular outside the Philippines, for a good reason. Woven products made from banig can easily be identified as proudly Filipino products that don't skimp in the fashion department.

Switching your regular laptop sleeves for woven bags can turn your outfit from basic to bombastic.

How to Style the Banig Laptop Sleeve

See Haraya's laptop sleeves here.

You can match the banig laptop sleeves with just about any outfit. If you’re donning a more casual fit, the banig laptop sleeve is a simple but cute accent that leaves a mark. If a power outfit is what you wear every day (skirts, trousers, button-down shirts), you can incorporate the banig laptop sleeves into it. The sleek design of classy banig bags complements both casual and office wear.

Baroque Pearl Jewelry

The jewelry that celebrates beauty in imperfection, baroque pearl jewelry charms people with its unproportionate size and its seemingly rough, unpolished exterior.

Baroque pearls originate from the islands of Davao where flourishing pearl farms can be found. Unlike regular pearls that showcase perfection, these baroque pearl jewelry pieces are quirky - it’s like having jewelry with a personality!

How to Style Baroque Pearl Jewelry

The best outfits to match your baroque pearl accessories are the ones that follow a monochromatic appeal. Baroque pearl jewelry can automatically elevate monochromatic ensembles.

Since baroque pearls make a bold statement, matching them with loud colors and intense patterns might feel and look too much.

Banig Wallet and Wristlet

Earn “oohs” and “aahs” from your friends each time you bring out your wallet - the banig wallet has that magic on people. Banig wristlets carry a unique aesthetic different from the usual products you see in the market.

Express your standout fashion taste even through the smallest details with a woven wallet and wristlet.

How to Style with a Banig Wristlet

Banig wristlets are a big hit to those who carry light whenever they go for groceries or a quick stroll. This accessory is versatile - you can pair it with your office wear (think dresses and flowy slacks) and with your casual, laidback fits.

See Haraya's banig wristlet here.

Woven Earrings

The Philippines is home to the most dazzling of beaches, and woven earrings are a fashionable way of representing the sea and the laid-back, all-year summer vibe of the country.

Even though woven earrings from the Philippines come in both eccentric and elegant designs, they feature one thing - top-notch quality! Since woven earrings are handmade, they look expensive despite being made from indigenous materials.

How to Style Woven Earrings

Choose woven earrings with muted colors if you pair them with a more formal outfit. Go for the loud, colorful options if you want to complete your casual, summery looks with a statement accent.

Buy from Haraya

Philippine accessories don’t disappoint in style and aesthetics. With color, quality craftsmanship, and uniqueness, Filipino-made accessories help you define your style and earn you compliments.

Shop at Haraya if you’re searching for woven or banig accessories. We carry different woven products, including banig wristlet, banig phone case, and banig laptop sleeves.

We partner with various local artisans from the Philippines - we assure you that the products you get here come straight from the Filipino artists.

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Follow us here and stay tuned for more proudly Filipino products coming into our store soon.

The Top 10 Fashion Accessory Designers of All Time

The Top 10 Fashion Accessory Designers of All Time

There are so many famous accessory designers out there that it can be difficult to keep track of them all! Every season, new designers get their big break and manage to make a splash on the fashion scene, but there are also those who have been around longer and are now considered fashion institutions. Here are the top 10 accessory designers in the world right now.


Louis Vuitton’s most famous designer is Marc Jacobs, who launched his own Louis Vuitton line in 1984. Since then, other big names like Michael Kors, Vera Wang and Maria Grazia Chiuri have been named creative directors for Louis Vuitton. But no fashion accessory designer has more star power than French label Goyard, whose owners include Mick Jagger and Beyoncé. The company was founded in 1853 by Jean-Louis Dumas and remains family-owned to this day. It’s also one of few luxury brands that are still made entirely in France—and its distinctive monogrammed canvas bags can cost up to $8,000 each.

9. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a French fashion house, founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton. The house is one of the world’s leading luxury brands, and is known for its leather goods, luggage, shoes, ready-to-wear, jewelry and watches. Its LV monogram appears on most of its products, ranging from luxury trunks and leather goods to fashion items including shoes, shirts, sunglasses and books. In 2012, Louis Vuitton was listed as the second most powerful brand in fashion by Fortune magazine. In 2014, Fortune ranked Louis Vuitton as the world’s most valuable luxury brand. The company operates in 50 countries with more than 460 stores worldwide.

8. Christian Louboutin

Known for his signature red-bottomed shoes, Christian Louboutin has been a force in fashion since he launched his namesake line in 1991. The French-born designer is known for reinventing classic pieces from pumps to boots with unique signature details, including bright soles and ankle straps. His designs have become so popular that they are available at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus—but if you want to get your hands on one of his coveted heels, expect to pay a pretty penny: A pair of his famous red bottoms will set you back about $625.

7. Hermès

The top accessory designer, Hermès has been producing some of the most sought-after pieces for well over 100 years. The classic design house was founded in 1837 by Parisian silk merchant Thierry Hermes, who opened a shop on Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Hermès is best known for its classic handbags, which come in an array of styles and materials—from calfskin to mink fur.

6. Prada

Prada is one of Italy’s most famous accessory designers, known for its high-end men’s and women’s handbags. Founded in 1913, Prada focuses on quality, craftsmanship and luxury details. Prada also creates clothing, watches and eyewear. The company is privately owned by the Womenswear arm of Kering SA. It had sales over 1 billion euros in 2014. Headquartered in Milan, Italy, Prada has around 500 stores worldwide. It operates retail stores in key cities including: New York City, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris and London.

5. Chanel

Gabrielle Coco Chanel, known as a fashion designer and founder of modern haute couture, was born in France on August 19, 1883. Her real name was Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel. She began her career as a milliner in Paris at Mademoiselle Hutins boutique. Soon enough she was designing for elegant women who desired an original style. In 1910, she opened her own shop Chanel Modes. In 1913, she introduced her first perfume called Chanel No. 5, which is still one of the most popular perfumes today. Today, Chanel is still one of top fashion accessory designers in history.

4. Fendi

Among other accessories, Fendi’s most famous accessory designer is Karl Lagerfeld. Aside from his designs, Lagerfeld is also a photographer and director of many Fendi campaigns, making him one of Fendi’s most important designers in their history. The brand has launched many successful accessories lines featuring Lagerfeld’s name over time, including key chains, scarves and earrings made with Swarovski crystals.

3. Cartier

There’s a reason why just about every woman has at least one piece of Cartier jewelry. The company was founded in Paris in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier and grew to be one of France’s largest jewelry companies, creating pieces for royalty and debutantes alike. In 1911, they created their first wristwatch; almost 100 years later, it became their most famous product when Princess Diana chose to wear one on her wedding day. Since then, many celebrities have chosen to accessorize with Cartier watches.

2. Gucci

Gucci was an Italian company who, with his brand, revolutionized and renewed entirely Italian design. Created in 1921 by Gucci. Gucci and later directed by his son Aldo Gucci, it has always been one of top 10 accessory designers for women. There are a wide variety of quality brands available including perfume, accessories and handbags that fit any woman’s style. These range from small clutches to larger totes. The line also includes shoes, jewelry and watches. The best thing about these items is that they come in many different colors so you can find something you like no matter what your personal taste may be.

1. Hermes

Hermes is an international luxury goods brand owned by LVMH, which is short for Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy. The designer and president was Gaston-Louis Vuitton, who ran a luggage store in Paris. His son, Alphonse opened his own store in 1854 selling trunks and travel bags. He decided to add silk scarves to his line in 1870 as an accessory, with success. By 1924 they were offering ready-to-wear clothing as well. Their logo is based on their original symbol, a horse head. In 2013 they had sales of $6 billion. They have boutiques around the world, including one at Fifth Avenue in New York City.

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