Work from Home Fashion: Wardrobe Essentials That Look Professional Yet Comfy

Work from Home Fashion: What wardrobe essentials look professional yet comfortable? Let’s discuss work-from-home fashion and some work-from-home fashion trends.

Perhaps you enjoyed a more flexible schedule by working from home during the pandemic, so you opted to find a new job that allows you to work remotely from home with the flexibility to go to the office on occasion. Now isn’t that a dream job for many? The security of having a job with the flexibility of working from home? If you work for a tech company, you’ve hit the jackpot! Why bother to become self-employed or start a startup when you can work from home for someone else?!

And then it hit you. Does that mean that I can wear pajamas all day? The answer is no…

Unlike when you were in college or university and all you had to do was focus on your studies to make an impression with your professors, wearing a t-shirt with sweatpants and gym socks was sufficient. However, if you’re working from home for a company, what’s the appropriate work-from-home fashion? Is there such a thing as work from home fashion tips or a work from home collection of clothes?

Having worked from home for over the last 15 years, I’d say I’m more than an expert on work from home fashion. You’ll find so many articles on the Internet that highlight wearing overly comfortable clothing as your work-from-home work clothes.

However let’s face it, for some working from home in sweats all day caused a COVID 15 weight gain. So, let’s create a work from home wardrobe essential guide.

The key to looking dressed to impress while working from home is called DRESS-UP CASUAL. It’s not the same thing as business casual or smart casual. It’s dress-up casual. according to image consultant, personal stylist, and style expert michelle t. sterling

So, what is DRESS-UP CASUAL according to image consultant and personal stylist, Michelle T. Sterling? It’s all about assessing your casual clothing wardrobe and taking it one notch up.

For many clients that are accustomed to wearing work attire, this may be difficult for you to understand or conceptualize. However, if you’re one of those people who wanted to wear the following to the office in the past but HR would probably call you in, here’s what’s included in your dress-up casual work from home collection of clothes:

Crop tops and bralettes, certainly trending this year especially for those who spent their free time during the pandemic working out. Oversized blazers Jeans, both baggy or with rips Cropped pants, capri pants, or palazzo pants Leggings Mini skirts / shorts Sandals or wedges Sneakers Casual dresses Leather clothing

Think of this as an opportunity to elevate your casual wardrobe so that you look casually dressed to impress at all times. Because let’s face it, you’re not going to stay home all day, every day. You’ll go crazy.

During the day you might schedule a lunch appointment or a doctor’s appointment. Quickly run to the grocery, or dry cleaners, or pick up your kids.

Working from home doesn’t mean that you don’t need to get ready for work anymore. In fact, you should still maintain your usual morning routine so that you don’t fall into the slump that many self-employed people fall into when they work from home.

When I wake up, first I have my coffee. Then I do some cardio for 30 – 45 minutes. Then I eat a protein packed or Keto friendly breakfast, take a shower, apply my skincare, and get dressed. If I’m staying home all day, you might see me in gym clothes for the majority of the day because I might have pulled out my laptop and started working already. However, if I have to meet with a client, have an appointment, or need to go to an event, I will do my morning routine and get dressed – wearing dressed-up casual attire!

So here are some shoppable links to look casually dressed to impress. work from home fashion according to style expert, michelle t. sterling

Work from Home Wardrobe Essentials

The ultimate work from home fashion tip! If you’re trying to maximize your look from workout to work, try these tops with yoga pants. If you have to meet someone or see them on zoom, you can dress up these relatively sexy and stylish tops with an oversized blazer!

If you’re client-facing or on zoom calls while working from home. It’s important that the top half of your body still look professional. At a minimum, wear a collared shirt. This tip goes for men and women.

If you’re a woman, I recommend wearing puffed sleeves to give you some umph along with a statement necklace. That would be my work from home fashion tips and work from home fashion trends.

It would be even better if you wore a blazer, top, joggers or leggings, and sandals for zoom calls. Notice how these looks are styled with crop tops, yoga pants, joggers and sneakers. Look effortlessly chic and comfortable in these looks. Then you’d be ready to go from the dining room or home office to lunch out or dinner and drinks.

If that’s too many components for you, build a work from home collection of clothes around dresses. Dresses are the easiest way to look dressed with minimal effort. Posted a ton of options for you to buy in fabrics that are easy to wear, comfortable, yet semi professional looking or sophisticated. Dress-up casual! Go fitted if you’re comfortable with your body, or wear something looser for that extra ease. Pair it with an oversized blazer. Add some accessories (like a chunky necklace), shoes or sneakers, and walk out with a handbag and you’re ready to go.

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