Whether or not you're fluent in emoji, you're going to want to add this brand-new batch of them to your phone immediately. Allow us to introduce ... curly-haired emojis! (Wavy ones too.)


It's almost too much cuteness to take, and this is just a sampling of the 100+ emojis included—plus GIFs, like this amazing hair-twirling one that we'd use like 12 times a day.


This curl-happy, multicultural collection of emojis launches today as part of Dove's #LoveYourCurls campaign, which we, well, love. (Remember the brand's video about curly hair that had even us straight-haired ladies bawling?) The thinking behind them: While standard emojis have gotten slightly more diverse over time, they all still have stick-straight hair. What's up with that? Even among the 184 new emojis launched last month for iOS 9.1, there's still nothing to see in terms of different hairstyle textures being represented.

Thankfully, that changes today—the curly-emoji keyboard is now available for free download on the App Store and Google Play. (Just search for Dove Love Your Curls Emojis Keyboard.) Dove has also partnered with Twitter so that every time you type #LoveYourCurls, a curly emoji will pop up beside the phrase. Fun! Fun isn't all this is about, though. Dove cites some serious research behind why curly emojis are an important step: Its recent survey of 1,500 women ages 13 to 54 revealed that 67 percent agree that "emojis let me express what I want to say better than words," and nearly 70 percent say that when expressing emotions through text, they want to use an emoji that looks like they do.

With that, we're off download some emojis. Don't know about you, but we're way more pumped about these than we were about the much-hyped middle-finger emoji. Oh and PS, the keyboard also includes little baby emojis with curly hair. Run, don't walk.

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Maryan Barbara
Maryan Barbara

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