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Versatile Fashion: Mix-and-Match Separates

Diane Shewchuk, Curator In October 2017, the Albany Instituted opened the exhibition Well-Dressed in Victorian Albany: 19th Century Fashion from the Albany Institute Collection. Fifty dresses were selected for the exhibition – almost all were two-piece, comprising a bodice and skirt. Some of the highlighted fashions included additional pieces that were left in storage. The idea of mix-and-match separates did not begin in 1972 when the Garanimals brand began selling mix-and-match children’s clothing, but about one hundred years before then. In Paris, during the second half of the nineteenth century, celebrated couturier Charles Frederick Worth pioneered the idea of creating an outfit by mixing and matching bodices and skirts. His elite clientele changed their clothing several times a day depending on the activity being performed. Interchangeable pieces of a garment were cut from a single length of fabric and stitched into outfits that may have included a single skirt with two bodices: one long-sleeved, high necked for daywear and a short-sleeved version with low neckline for eveningwear. These desirable and versatile creations could be worn as afternoon or walking ensembles and then transformed into ball gowns by simply changing bodices.

Brown & Gray Walking Suit Before striking out on his own, Worth was in business with Otto Bobergh between 1857 and 1870. The Albany Institute owns rare examples made during this partnership including a four-piece silk dress (skirt, jacket-like bodice, day bodice, and belt) in a sophisticated combination of brown and gray. Although first purchased around 1869 by Mary Augusta Green DeCamp Corning (1843-1935), the pieces were altered around 1874 so what we see today is a remade dress.

We exhibited the outfit showing the long jacket-like bodice. However when we had all of the dresses photographed for a future publication, we photographed the other bodice as seen here. A matching wide belt with large bow also survives and would have provided a lovely transition between the two pieces.

Violet & White Dress The exhibition also included a white, two-piece dress made of printed silk with a design of sprinkled violets made around 1899. The outfit entered our collection with two matching bodices. When Ethelyn Corinne Hunter (1877-1962) ordered this dress, she probably purchased extra fabric so when styles changed she was able to have another up-to-date bodice made to go with the same skirt. The silhouette of the skirt did not noticeably change during those few years. We exhibited the outfit with the earlier bodice which was sewn to look like a jacket edged with lace worn over a tucked and ruffled blouse that pouches over the waist and we photographed the other one as seen here. The second bodice resembles a blouse with a lace yoke.

Brown & Plaid Day Ensemble One of the most eye-catching and unique ensembles in the exhibition was a brown and plaid day dress made by one of the most prominent haute couture houses in Paris, Ernest Raudnitz. The bodice is dominated by leg-of-mutton sleeves that look like deflated balloons. We did not exhibit the matching semi-circular capelet that would have graced the shoulders of the wearer. These photographs show the dress from the back (because that wasn’t easily visible in the exhibition and we think you should see the amazing fluting of the skirt) without the capelet and from the front with the capelet. Sadly, we do not know who wore this indescribable outfit.

Do Bag and Shoes Have to Match in 2022?

Matching bag and shoes is still in fashion, right? My mother’s girlfriends keep asking me this one question. But it’s not just them guessing if their shoes have to match a purse. Fashion forums, Facebook fashion groups and Quora are full of this one question. Well, two, actually. Is matching bag with shoes in style? – and – Should a purse match my shoes? The answer to both of these questions in summer 2022 is YOU MIGHT have to match the bag with your shoes. Matching bag with shoes is old money and old money is the key trend for summer 2022. Wait, does this mean that matching bags and shoes is a fashion trend bouncing back in summer 2022? Will wearing a matching bag and shoes going to be in style in summer 2022? Scroll down to find out now.

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Since you googled the same question, I guess you wonder whether shoes and bag should match in 2022, too. I feel you. After all, with the Y2K fashion trends bouncing back, wearing a matching purse and shoes is becoming more and more popular on TikTok and Instagram. Furthermore, there are so many brands making matching bags and shoes right now – including some of my favourite brands, Bottega Veneta, Balmain, Dior and by Far.

So yes, the answer is YES. This fashion trend is coming back in fashion. Although, I wish it doesn’t.

No, I really don’t want matching bags with shoes to become a key fashion trend again. After all, I have an academic background in finance and macroeconomy and seeing matching handbags and shoes worries me.

Yes, same as the length of the skirt, matching bags and shoes indicate a change in global growth.

Anyway, more about macroeconomic indicators related to this fashion trend a bit later. You need to learn about how matching bags with shoes even became a thing, first.


Believe it or not, but at the beginning of the 1950s, women didn’t care much about accessories. The post-war lust for accessories faded away by the 50s. And the sale of bags and other accessories gradually declined.

So to bust the sales of handbags and other accessories, the advertisers came up with the idea of setting a new fashion trend – the trend of mix-and-match clothing.

All the fashion magazines, newspapers and TV ads soon became full of women wearing matching outfits.

Not long afterwards, this trend became big, and women all over the USA and Europe began to match their outfits. Including buying bags and shoes in matching colours.

To keep the demand for matching handbags and shoes growing, the department stores started to place shoes next to the handbags, usually on the ground level. Making sure women saw matching bags and shoes the moment they stepped in.

And the shoes and handbags stayed on the ground level of many department stores for years.

Until 2013 (give or take one year) to be exact; when the global economy recovered after the biggest economic crisis in modern history, the department stores realised people have different expectations nowadays.


Matching bag with shoes is truly a topic that opens many questions and starts women to talk about fashion trends even. But why?

Firstly, many brick and mortar stores haven’t changed yet. Well, at least not in fashionable undeveloped cities. Like Ljubljana, for example, where the biggest luxury department store Galerija Emporium still places shoes right next to the bags.

Surely you won’t see shoes and bags on the same level in Paris. At least not at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche or Galeries Lafayette, two Parisian leading fashion stores. Bags have their spot on the ground level, whereas shoes are usually sold in upper levels.

At Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche shoes are sold in the shoe heaven on the 2nd floor. To make sure you hardly remember the colour of the bag you just bought on the ground floor by the time you enter the shoe heaven on the 2nd floor in the winter garden.

But there is another reason why women know purse and shoes have to match in 2022. And this reason makes even the Parisians wonder whether they should climb up to the shoe heaven after purchasing a new bag.


It’s the most popular fashion brands that recently started making matching bags and shoes again.

Ps. See the widget below to shop for the most coveted matching bags and shoes right now.

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As stated at the beginning, the matching shoes and bags topic is qyite complex. And has a lot with the current macroeconomic situation. But let us go back in time again.


Do you still remember when matching bag and shoes has been fashionable for the last time? Wait, let me ask you this way. Do you still remember your tiny vinyl purse and matching red patent-leather shoes you wore to kindergarten?

Yes, it was in the late 90s early 00s. That is when wearing matching shoes and a bag was fashionable for the last time. A little after (or around) the time of economic downturn in most of the Western countries. After the loss in consumer confidence.

When fashion brands tried to push sales using the same method as they did in the 50s – selling matching bags and shoes.


Do you see the connection? Right after the economic bubble bursts and wars, wearing a matching bag and shoes becomes fashionable again. Since brands need to push the sales of their strongest revenue bringers – accessories, shoes, and makeup.

Anyway, in a few words, when you see brands making matching shoes and a purse, this is a sign they are preparing for the economic slowdown.

Wait, I’m not saying we are on the verge of the new economic crisis. Hell, no. I wouldn’t dare. Besides, there are more fashion-beauty related signs of a slowdown.

Ps. I will speak about them the next time, so be sure to sign up for the new post notification (click the little bell in the bottom right corner of your desktop to get notified when I post the new article).

Besides, these Bottega Veneta pumps and these JW Anderson sandals truly needed a matching bag, don’t you think?


To conclude, your bag needs to match shoes if you want to be the most fashionable. Wearing matching shoes and a purse is a the key summer 2022 fashion trend.

What is more, fashion forecasts say wearing matching bags and shoes will be strong for fall winter 2022 2023. It will be the key trend, yet this edgy fashion trend will come back on the streets and is supposed to overtake SS23 fashion shows.

Brands are preparing for an economic slowdown due to the pandemic and Ukrainian war and pushing sales of shoes and bags. So, as said, wearing a matching purse and shoes is very stylish again. Ps. Be sure to check the shoes that are in style now. And bags to buy in 2022. And match them accordingly.

Now, to clear all your doubts about matching bag and shoes – answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about matching bag and shoes.

What Is Pop Culture Fashion

What Is Pop Culture Fashion – Its Influence

In this discussion, we shall talk about what is pop culture fashion How does the same influence this generation. We all know that fashion is a constant in our lives. We may or may not like some; yet, these are all part of our evolving culture based and anchored upon mankind’s pop culture fashion history.

Pop culture fashion is a fast-moving trend amongst people. It’s changing day by day. In today’s time, everyone wants to be updated with the latest trends and wants to be influenced by the latest things.

It is convenient to learn how individuals’ desires may have affected fashion designs, and vice versa, as well as what to look for in the images we see in the media.

What is pop culture fashion?

Fashion is a creative way and the grandest mode or form of expression. Pop culture is the biggest catalyst of change or may be so. Pop culture influences fashion because it has something to do with our choices and lifestyles and is connected with almost everything that we do in our lives.

The way we dress, the way we talk, and the music that we listen to, these are some of the examples how pop culture influence fashion. People tend to copy or to adapt to what is the trend or how the famous celebrities look like.

Pop culture fashion is today’s trendy clothes and accessories that are inspired by the latest pop culture events and adored by celebrities. -Novander

What people see online affects their personal style. People tend to copy what they see on their social media. What people see in their social media like, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other online platforms affects and influence their fashion and style.

Pop Culture Fashion is fashion that is inspired by the popular culture of a certain period of time. It includes music, art, film/television and many other forms of creative expression. Pop culture fashion designs have been around since the 1960’s and have continued to evolve throughout history. -Novander

How does pop culture influence fashion?

Fashion, with regard to clothing and apparel, changes over time. The fast pace turn out in popular culture affects our outlook and choices in life. Sometimes, the way you dress or style yourself depends on what type of personality you have. The personality of a person can be shown as being depressed and emotional.

Heavy metal fashion, usually wears slim fitting jeans and hip-hop fashion. A person’s fashion shapes or style reflects their personalities and shows who they really are and how they live their lives. It also provides people a variety of mode of expression. Some uses it as an expression of their real identity. How people dress reflects who they are and how they relate to the said culture.

The emergence of different fashion style has influenced what people wear on different occasions. Films and Movies have also influenced and have been the source of inspiration of one’s styling. Some tries to portray their favorite character by copying their fashion style.

In 1970s disco music played a big role in fashion trade. Glittery and sparkly, high waist pants and neon colors outfits. There is no social media in 1970s and people follow the celebrities in that period.

That’s how popular culture influence fashion. Celebrities have been a huge influence in terms of fashion of pop culture. It highly affects people’s choices and preferences. In the present time a lot of social media influence has led the fashion trend.

Does pop culture include fashion?

Popular Culture is interconnected with everything that happens around us every day and that includes “fashion”. Incidentally, clothing also serves for our body’s protection from different environmental conditions.

The way people dress changes with the emergence of various styles, designs and colors of dress which represents lifestyle and glamour. Popular culture in the field of fashion activates people’s creativity and enhances ones artistic side.

Pop culture fashion is a combination of what pop culture icons wear and everyday people wear. Although it’s difficult for pop culture icons to start fashion trends quickly because of their busy schedules, some of the most inspiring fashion trends come from them (and also especially from the most popular artists and recording stars).

Because pop culture icons don’t have time to design clothes, they hire designers to make their clothes for them or get some pieces donated from various designers so they will be dressed fittingly for the public eye, hence, the emergence of pop culture fashion brands.

How do you describe pop culture clothes?

People’s fashion and styling became dependent on the trend of popular culture. We, as individuals, are immersed in popular culture as it goes all around us. It can be found everywhere.

What we buy, wear, listen or watch defines us. It shows how fashion has shaped our current fashion trends. With this, you will realized why a certain styles become a trend or popular.

Pop culture fashion in terms and includes may be regarded as an example of the relationship between pop culture and fashion. It investigates design trends, hairstyles, clothing and makeup styles and tries to explain why fans follow these popular culture fashions.

What defines pop culture?

Popular Culture is something most importantly related to everyday average people and their experiences of the world. It is a culture that is relating to the general public that is intended for or suited for the taste and understanding rather than specialists or intellectuals.

Philippine culture is what makes Filipinos different from the rest of the world. Philippines is very rich in historical and cultural heritage consisting various traditions. In every part of the world, the Filipino culture and values are very evident and aspired and appreciated. We are all part of popular culture phenomenon. It influences us every day in a lot of ways. -Novander

It is enjoyed or liked by many. Culture varies from one place to another. It greatly influences our lives and the society. Culture is a way how people are group together based on their common behavior, beliefs and structure. A person’s culture is determined by their geographical region.

However there is a wide variation of culture within geographical region based on their social lives and outlook on the world. It is a kind of culture that is intended to represent the common and everyday experiences of the majority of the people.

Today’s pop culture fashion

The foremost common popular culture classes emanates from movies, music, television, games, sports, politics, fashion/clothes, and technology. Some of the most well known pop culture fashion nowadays includes ukay- ukay. It is very evident how people get fascinated by these types of pop culture fashion.

Another is the World Class Filipino Designers in which they make name in the international stage. The concept of modernization of the traditional attires was highlighted by these designers.

There are gowns made up traditional materials such as barong and Filipiniana which are made up of indigenous materials. This is a wonderful avenue for the Filipino designers to showcase or feature their masterpiece all over the world.

What is culture fashion?

Culture fashion is a representations consumption of different social class. It is not just about imitating someone or their style. It is how people adapt to the fashion culture of the times.

Fashion is also a language and art. If we look at a painting or artwork, we must consider the artist influences in visual and type of canvass it symbolize. Every masterpiece has its own inspiration, history and significance.

When people buy magazine or poster to take a look of their favorite celebrities, some even tear a certain part or page just to keep a picture of them. Magazine is evidently part of popular culture. It can be found in different time period in which it continuously influence the readers.

What makes pop culture popular?

Popular Culture comes and goes along with the shifting trends and fashion. People tend to adopt what they like from all over the world mainly because of the influence of social media and the development of technology. Popular Culture has so much to offer. It is the representation of the lifestyle and the identity of the people in a country.


It is important to study popular culture because whenever you want to know more about a group of people you need to take a look close on how they act or what things they surround themselves every day.

Pop culture is a term used to describe an amalgamation of different aspects of popular culture, relating to the lifestyle, attitudes and ideas of a diverse group of people. In most instances, pop culture relates to the leisure activities and communication methods that are enjoyed by the majority. So, a simple definition – pop culture is ‘a current trend that is popular’.

Our values are shown on what we buy, how we entertain ourselves, and what we spent our time doing. We don’t even realize our thought and beliefs are revealed by our everyday choices. Time is connected to popular culture that documents our lives in a social world. It is used to express ourselves and to show to people what they wanted to know.

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